Dell's Website Prices Are Based On Caprice And Whimsy

Reader Tom noticed something weird as he was checking out Dell’s online store: Dell’s website can’t seem to get its facts straight and keeps spitting out different prices for the same computer. So Tom ran a test in which he accessed Dell’s website with two separate computers, using the same browser, login info, and navigation process. He checked the prices for Dell’s Vostro system on their Small Business Desktops Dell Deals page, as well as their Vostro page. As you can see, there were some anomalies.

Tom said he “tried to control all the variables: Same date/time, same browser, same external IP address, same Dell login, same navigation process (>Small Business Desktops>Dell Deals) & (>Small Business Desktops>Vostro), and exact same visible URLs.” Here are screenshots from the Dell Deals page: as you can see (with some squinting), there is a sizable difference between the dual-panel Vostro system. Computer 1:delldeals1.jpg
Computer 2:
Next, Tom tried to check the price on the dedicated Vostro page. Again, the prices were different. Computer 1:
Computer 2:
Pretty bizarre. Do any of our helpful Dell-employed readers have an explanation for this?

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