Man (and Comcast employee) gets laptop and XBOX back after unleashing mobs of vigilante internetters on the thieves. [Philly Daily News] (Thanks, Markus!)


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  1. TechnoDestructo says:

    “I called police to ask why they’d seemed so blase about the information that McPherson says he tried to share with them.”

    We’re talking about Philadelphia. Duh. It’s a damn war zone.

  2. cde says:

    Anonymous strikes again…

  3. humphrmi says:

    @TechnoDestructo: I don’t disagree. The problem is a self-feeding spiral: relatively minor crimes beget bigger crimes. The who had the XBox apparently bought it off a crack dealer. It’s been a long time since I hung out with the underbelly of society, but when I did I remember drug dealers always carrying guns.

    So by ignoring this “minor” burglary case, the cops also ignored a potential drug case and weapons case. Second amendment and NRA folks will hopefully pardon me when I say that drug dealers carry weapons for one reason, and it’s not shooting wild boar.

    So the police could have taken a potential future murderer off the streets if they had chased this up. They might still, but only because of the media coverage.

  4. forgottenpassword says:

    And this is one of the reasons why the internet is one of man’s greatest modern inventions! Where a nobody can get a potential audience of millions & concievably get something done about an injustice.

    Almost makes me shed a tear.

    Sad that the police are so overwhelmed by crime (and understaffing) that they basically ignore or dont even bother attempting to solve what’s concidered a lesser crime. No wonder so many nonviolent crimes go unsolved/uninvestigated.

    I understand that because there are so many violent crimes that fingerprint checking divisions are backlogged for years & years & only the serious crimes are given priority.

  5. Buran says:

    @TechnoDestructo: So? No matter where you live, you don’t deserve to be ignored by the police if you have been the victim of a crime. Especially a violent one (as people can and do die when burglars find homeowners home).

  6. christoj879 says:

    Anon delivers.

  7. TechnoDestructo says:

    It isn’t like they’re sitting around eating donuts while they’re ignoring calls like his. They REALLY DO have more important things to do than investigate this kid’s stolen notebook.

    Most other cities, there would be a case to be made for the “well this burglar could be a potential murderer” argument. But they’ve got their hands MORE THAN full with actual murders.

    Would you rather they ignored some of those to investigate more burglaries?

    Christ, watch Cops when they do Philadelphia sometime. Even if you miss the opening, or can’t see any identifying insignia, you can tell when they’re in Philadelphia or some other extreme-high-crime city just by the tone of voice. They are a lot more tense and a lot more serious than places like Fresno or Las Vegas. (And you know you’re going to see more than your run of the mill “that ain’t my crack, man!” arrest.)

    It’s lamentable, but I’m not going to lay any blame on the police in this case.

  8. spinachdip says:

    @TechnoDestructo: Actually, the funny thing is that they *do* sit around eating donuts. I once had a car broken into at on a Saturday night/sunday morning. Two hours after I called the police and the dispatcher told me someone would be there in 15 minutes SO STAND OUTSIDE THE DOOR, and getting nowhere on the phone, my roommate decided to go out and see if he could find a cop and see what was going on. Sure enough, he found a bunch of cruisers parked outside the donut shop – all units were on “club duty”, Saturday night and all, but since nothing was happening, they were all just hanging out.

  9. humphrmi says:

    @TechnoDestructo: I don’t buy that they don’t have time for smaller crimes. It’s called prevention, and every crime-ridden city (that wants to deal with it) is dealing with it.

    New York City is a prime example of this. Once a crime hell-hole, they are now the fourth safest city over 500,000 population.

    Rudy Giuliani started by kicking loiterers off the streets. Then he worked his way up the chain. He didn’t accept the argument that “we’re too busy fighting real crime.” Now they have less crime to fight.

  10. mike says:

    @TechnoDestructo: There are some great officers out there. I know lots of them. The problem here is not the fact that the police didn’t investigate the crime. It’s the fact that the kid did his own investigation, got the clues, came to a conclusion, and the police still didn’t do anything.

    I understand that the police have more important things to do. Most petty thefts end up being reimbursed through insurance and so there really isn’t need to investigate them. However, if someone came to you and said, “This guy stole my stuff and here is the evidence”, the police should have verified the evidence and got a search warrent.

  11. uberbucket says:

    Emo Jesse wants his stuff back, can’t you see he’s hurting?

  12. orielbean says:

    I definitely like how NYPD walk the beat. That seems to me like it makes a whole lot more sense than having everyone sitting in a cruiser. It is much more difficult to hide your shady behavior when someone is walking up to you from five feet away, vs driving past at 25 mph with traffic on both sides.

  13. rellog says:

    The mom was adamant that her son had bought it from a crack dealer…?!? WTF?!?! That moronic mother deserves a caining for her parenting skills alone. What a scumbag!