Starbucks To Debut New "Everyday" Coffee Blend

The “something big” tomorrow at Starbucks is a new “everyday” drip coffee blend called “Pikes Place Roast.” If you’re feeling curious, free samples of the coffee will be handed out tomorrow at all Starbucks locations. Supposedly, the coffee will feature “subtle, rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts.” Sexy.

BusinessWeek says:

Consistently, customers kept saying: “Give us a coffee we can count on every day, all day, all week,” Andrew Linnemann, Starbucks master coffee blender said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters.

Starbucks says it will begin changing the coffee every 30 minutes, rather than letting it sit around, and that locations will also begin grinding the beans in-store (rather than using pre-ground vacuum packed beans,) thus taking Starbucks one tiny step closer to achieving the same quality I get in my kitchen for a fraction of the price.

New At Starbucks: An ‘everyday’ brew

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