You Call To Cancel Your Zune Account, Microsoft Deactivates XBOX Live

After he called Microsoft to cancel his Zune account, reader Will noticed that his XBOX Live account was suddenly silver instead of gold.

He let loose an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb) and CC’d us so we could listen in:

I’m writing an email because I’m extremely frustrated by your companies phone support at this moment. I called in to 1877GETZUNE to cancel my Zune Pass Subscription because I wasn’t using it enough. A lady with an indian accent came on and got my information and then placed me on hold for approximately 6-10 minutes and then warm transferred me to a gentleman who then confirmed I wanted to cancel my zune account.

Here is where the trouble begins. I get off the phone and login on my XBox 360 in and effort to purchase points to pay for the soon to be released COD4 map pack. After inputting my credit card info I get a message that states it is unable to validate my CC info. I called into 18004MYXBOX at 12:53PM on 4/3/08 trying to get them to remove the old credit cards on my account and add the new one. She starts working on that and when she pulls up my account she says this is showing as a Silver account. Well knowing I had just paid for a year of XBox Gold I informed her that was incorrect. She says it was moved to Silver today and I said no I called to cancel my Zune Account today. She then has me delete the account off of my Xbox and restore it which does nothing, she then tells me to just try it again later. I ask to speak to a supervisor at that point and after another 5-10 minute wait I get Patrick who tells me basically I have to wait 7-10 business days and gives me a reference number of xxxx. He also tells me he can not cancel my Zune account which wasn’t canceled and has no answer as to why Zune can cancel my XBox Account which I at no time gave them permission to access.

In this day and age I find it completely unacceptable that it would take 2 weeks to turn my XBox Account back on.

Please get back to me as to how to fix this situation.


We’re trying to figure out why it would take 2 weeks to turn someone’s account back on. We’re picturing like, two weeks of intense button pushing. Sort of like tech people on that show 24. Lots of yelling.


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