Time Warner Sends 12 Techs To Home, But "High Speed" Cable Remains A Fantasy

Thomas writes in to ask why Time Warner needs to send 12 different technicians to his home to get his Roadrunner speed up to the 10 mbits/sec that they promise in their advertising, as opposed to the 2.5 mbits/sec that he averages. He tallied up some of the more interesting facts from his recent experiences.

I’ve been using TimeWarner’s road runner service for a few months. The bill is for a speed of 10 mbits/sec, but their tech people confessed that their server is unable to deliver more that 8 mbits/sec in the area; marketing is stretching their capabilities by 20% !
They sent 12 people to my house, all but one totally incompetent.
Here’s the story in numbers:

  Advertised speed
Real speed in dry weather
Real speed during rain
Average speed
Computers tried
Modems tried
Cables laid out
Technicians dispatched
Time on the phone
1 to 7 mbps
<1 mbps
2.5 mbps
1 original + 3 new sets
>15 hours

Here are some of the gems coming from their tech people:

  • Can you sign up my work sheet? My friend is waiting for me to go to lunch
  • to have high speed, you need a fixed IP
  • 3mbps is fast enough!
  • why don’t you sign up for a slower service? That way you will pay for what you have right now
  • I removed the old cable, but I don’t have the right drill to put the new one so I cannot finish today
  • this is a free world, there are other internet providers. If we haven’t managed to fix it so far, it will continue
  • I see the problem, it is the splitter! (a new splitter later) I have no idea why it doesn’t work
  • Do you know a website to check the speed?
  • it’s the router causing the problem! (I show the router is not plugged in) I have to call my supervisor to see if he knows
  • It doesn’t rain anymore, so your internet will be fine!
  • Why do you have a router if you don’t use wireless?
  • the wireless signal is slower, that’s why it’s slow (no it’s not slower and I don’t even use it)

“Time Warner is sorry” [Sibylle and Thomas]
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