Reach Orbitz Executive Customer Service

I’m just getting situated here and it’s amazing how many unfounded complaints there are in the old Consumerist tipbox about Orbitz. It’s really not fair, so, to counteract that and the negative stories Consumerist posted, here’s the number for their HQ: (312) 894-5000. Ask to be transferred to the office of Steven Barnhart.


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  1. mackattack says:

    Now that’s a funny last line.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Whenever I see Orbitz mentioned, my first thought is the drink (which I don’t think they make anymore). It had gummy dots floating in it.

  3. jk09 says:

    Huh? Didn’t Orbitz just tell all of its customers holding tickets on Aloha Airlines to NOT CALL them for help rebooking – that they should call United Airlines instead and deal with the nightmare with that airline?

  4. EmperorOfCanada says:

    Yeah I remember that stuff. Always had to remind yourself that slimy chunk that just slid down your throat was *supposed* to be there

  5. Beerad says:

    @AlteredBeast: I think of the gum, but I totally remember that drink now that you mention it! Yeah, it was kinda funky, and not terrible.

    I’ve had decent service from Orbitz (the travel company) before, but they always have some bizarre $5 fee tacked onto all the flights — like, every other site lists the same flight at five dollars less. Anyone else notice this?

  6. scootinger says:

    …and I bet this number is going to be a rick roll too.

  7. dale3h says:

    @scootinger: I called and they answered, “Jeff Clark’s office, this is Gladdice, may I help you?”

    I just hung up. I was expecting a rejection hotline or something.

  8. I spoke with Gladys today. She was very nice. I asked for the Executive Customer Service number. She said she could get it for me. She gave me 888-656-4546. That’s the regular customer service number for Orbitz TLC. When I told her that was the same number, she took my number, asked me for a locater number (I don’t have one, this is a “they placed hold on my credit and ATM card for travel unbooked” type thing), and said she would email them with my number and have someone get in touch. We shall see.

    Meanwhile, after talking to a supervisor yesterday, I am still seeing an $800+ gap between credit line, my available credit, and my balance. Oh, and $456+2+2+2+2 on my debit account. For something done on Sunday. It’s now Wednesday.

  9. I think my comment just got ate.

  10. pimbres says:

    Travelport no longer owns Orbitz so this is not the correct number to call if you are having a problem. This should be corrected.

    The customer service line for Orbitz is 1-888-656-4546, or (001) 1-312-416-0018 from outside of the US.