Top Posts Of The Week

BMW Dealer Refuses To Honor eBay Sale
“…this guy had the nerve to condescendingly laugh and say we are a multi-billion dollar company, ebay will definitely side with us.”

The Man Who Owns Knows All The Secrets Of The World
“…He blogs about the most interesting ones. Companies embarrassed by having their e-mails posted online can get him to pull the entries from his blog for a small payment. The normal fee to be removed from the site is proof of a donation to an animal protective league or humane society.”

Best Buy Calls Cops On You For Telling Fellow Customer Jawbone Headset Is Overpriced, Sucks
“Best Buy called the cops on Alex because he told another shopper that the Jawbone headset he was considering was poor quality and marked up $30 from the manufacturer’s price.”

Qwest To Workers: Pee In A Urinal Bag
“Qwest ordered field workers to pee in urinal bags so they wouldn’t waste time trying to find public bathrooms.”

BMW Denies Test Drive Because You Are Not A “Serious Customer”
“We went inside the dealership and after waiting a few minutes the salesman came back and said the manager wanted to keep the miles down on the demo, therefore I wouldn’t be able to drive the car unless I demonstrated I was “a serious customer”. I’m not sure what could have indicated that we weren’t serious, and the salesman wasn’t clear on what we needed to do to demonstrate “seriousness”.”