Interview: Ralph Nader Says We're Living Under Corporate Fascism

Ralph Nader, running for President in 2008, sat down with Red Tape Chronicles to talk about the current deplorable state of consumer affairs. The video kicks butt and reminds me why I get up in the morning. Highlights:
On the derailing of the consumer protection movement: Laws aren’t being enforced, not enough prosecutors on the corporate fraud beat.
On the other candidates: Their campaigns are based on law and order. Not one has put the words consumer and protection together in one of their speeches.
On unfair contracts: A common clause now says that the seller has the right to change terms of contract at any time, that’s the end of contract law.
On the sub-prime meltdown: It’s the government’s job to force credit rating settings. There should be a plain-language law mandating that mortgages are written in a language average people can understand
On education: Spend so much time teaching students to use computers but we don’t teach kids how to shop for their maximum health safety and economic well-being… what’s the point of earning money if you’re just going to lose it to corporate scams?
On activism: You want a better country, you’ve got to spend more of your time more time away from american idol, and more time on your members of Congress. We’re millions of people, but corporations don’t have a single vote, and members of congress are there because of our votes, so make those votes count.

Video inside.

Note: Anyone ranting off-topic in the comments about how Nader threw the election may get a visit from *~El Bandito~*

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