38.6% Of Reported Debt Collectors Demand More Money Than Is Legal

Debtors have rights, and sometimes they get violated. The FTC released its annual Fair Debt Collection Practices Act report, part of which documents the number of complaints they get about debt collectors violating consumers rates. FTC received 70,951 DCPA violation complaints in 2007. Of them:

38.6% demanded more money than allowed by law
19.7% harassed consumers with repeated calls
9.2% used obscene, profane, and abusive language
2% called before 8am or after 9pm
.3% threatened violence
6.5% falsely threatened lawsuits
13.2% called third parties repeatedly to get information about the consumer

Here’s more information about the FDCPA. You can lodge complaints with the FTC about FDCPA violations by calling filling out this online form or calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.