Orchard Bank CSRs Go Home For The Night And Let The Phones Ring

Reader J says:

I used to work at HSBC’s call center in Tigard, Oregon.

I just wanted to let you know that they shut down the call center for their small balance credit cards (Orchard etc) at 5pm PST but they won’t tell you that when you call for customer service.

The voice will tell you to wait for the next available representative, and then the line will just ring and ring. It could ring all night and no one would ever pick up because there’s no one there, they don’t shut off the bank, and they don’t put up a message saying the call center is closed.
I thought you might want to let their customers know.

Gosh, would it be so hard to set up a recording telling people to call back during business hours?


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  1. Wormfather says:

    Well perhaps had the customer called during business hours


  2. Wormfather says:

    …or had a bigger balance


  3. timmus says:

    If anyone wants to run up the balance to get into the higher card tier, I’ll be happy to provide my Amazon wishlist location.

  4. sleze69 says:

    God love disgruntled whistleblowers :)

  5. MissTic says:

    Their “small balance cards”? Must be the ones for under $500 with the sky high interest rate. Orchard is in the subprime category. They cater to high-risk, shaky credit customers.

    Sounds like they think these types of customers (our ‘small balance’ card holders) can go jump in a lake.

    Most credit cards have 24/7 numbers on the back. I don’t own an Orchard card (never have) so I don’t know if they do as well.

  6. Dobernala says:

    Orchard has a good 2% cash back card for all purchases, which is what I use to supplement my Chase Freedom card that provides 3% for some purchases but 1% for the rest.

    My only beef with them is their absurdly low credit limit ($750) that they refuse to increase, despite having a good credit score.

    The question is, what happens if your card is stolen and nobody is around to shut it off when you call?

  7. I-Like-Cheese says:

    @MissTic: I have one, it’s a $300 balance with 8.9% interest. I think I have used it once in a year.

  8. azntg says:

    @Dobernala: Let the fraudulent charges post to your account and call during normal business hours. Orchard/HSBC will conveniently bill you for the phone call, a replacement card and the fraudulent charges at the end of the month. Have fun fighting it out!

  9. Rando says:

    It actually should be programmed in their vectors to play a closed recording when there are not enough phone reps.

  10. SuffolkHouse says:

    Why not give us their phone number so that we can BLAST them with phone calls to complain?

  11. jblake1 says:

    I used their secured credit card for a few years to build up my credit and then they eventually converted me over to a regular account. I have had nothing but great service from Orchard Bank. I’m surprised to see this sort of behavior.

  12. econobiker says:

    @Dobernala: They market the cards for small balances only. If your card is stolen you should call back the next day – the card would max out quickly anyhow…

  13. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Yeah, I’d like the number posted…so I can test this…

  14. Dobernala says:

    @econobiker: Their loss..

    My Chase card gets the big purchases. I pay off in full every month and never miss a payment.

  15. creamsissle says:

    @MissTic: Most cards do have 24/7 customer service, but Orchard indeed has some cards that are restricted to business hours only. And their automated systems determine which type of card you have based on the cardnumber. So if your card doesn’t offer round-the-clock help, but you manage to locate one of their 24/7 service centers, you’ll only get routed to a recording telling you that offices are closed.

  16. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    Verizon and Sony do the same thing. No one will be there…yet they’ll tell you to please wait for the next representative.

    At least Comcast says “We can’t connect you…please call back.”

  17. oakie says:

    @I-Like-Cheese: what’s the point of having a card with such a low limit?

    anything under a grand and i’d rather just pay cash.

  18. I to used to work at that call center and it doesn’t surprise me that they did this. When I used to work there, we had a promotions called “Fish”.

    Yeah… Nothing I want more then to play a game of operation because of my skills as a collector. I mean, it’s not like cash or some such would be good. :)

  19. valarmorghulis says:

    Just to make this clear; no, it is not at all difficult to setup a message. That is of course incumbant on which application you are using (it could be pretty difficult on some equipment from the early 80’s or before), and the person implementing the change to not be a complete idiot.

    That last one might be the sticking point.

  20. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    After some hard times I got an Orchard card. the interest rate isn’t terrible and the credit limit is higher than I care to spend, at least after they increased it 6 months into the term (I guess they wanted to see if I would stop paying it in full every month).

  21. jenl1625 says:

    @oakie: A low-limit card is useful for holding a reservation at a hotel, or renting a car for a couple of days, or even dining out at a restaurant . . . .

    You get the usefulness of a credit card, but (as has been pointed out above) if someone manages to get hold of that card number and use it fraudulently, at least it’ll max out fast.

    And if you’re just starting out and need to build a credit record, it’s great.

  22. mblackburn says:

    My only problem with them was that they charged me a $59 annual fee when my one year was up. I called in to cancel my card due to this, which I really did not want to do. However, the lady refused to waive the fee to keep my business. I just got my statement after my account was closed, and low and behold my fee was reversed. That really pissed me off.

  23. twinklebean912 says:

    @oakie Some people, like me, have low balance cards or secured cards with banks like Orchard because they are trying to improve their credit rating.

    So far, it’s helped immensely. I, too have had nothing but great service from them. And considering my line of “credit” (a secured card) is only about $200 not having their offices open 24/7 for someone like me is understandable…not that it’s right but they hardly get their money out of someone like me as I pay it off every month AND my $200 is earning interest in some bank in Denver so really, they haven’t yet made a dime off me. I expect people in my boat repairing their credit scores and such act the same way so if they aren’t making much money off us, they’re not going to devote the manpower to it.

  24. gwaring says:

    Another reson not to do business with them, HSBC or Capitol One. Id rather hear ringing than a babbling Paki.