CVS Underfills Your Prescription, Treats You Like A Junkie

CVS underfilled Shannon’s prescription and then treated her like a junkie when she complained. According to her email, after Shannon picked up her regular monthly batch of 60 Kolonopin pills, an anticonvulsant, she realized CVS only gave her 30. She called CVS and they insisted they gave her 60 pills. Shannon encouraged them to check their inventory, which CVS said was impossible. Shannon then asked them to fill one of the refills for the script. CVS told her that insurance wouldn’t cover more than 60 pills in 30 days. Shannon said that was fine, seeing as it’s dangerous to suddenly stop taking the drug, she would pay out of pocket. CVS then told her they would not do the refill “under any circumstances” and they would note her record for “drug-seeking behavior…”

Shannon told her doctor and he called in a prescription to a different pharmacy and took care of the insurance. The doctor now tells all his patients to avoid CVS. “Now I go to a local independent pharmacy where the pharmacist knows me by sight,” writes Shannon. “When you get a prescription filled, particularly at CVS, have them watch as you count the pills in front of them. You count your change, you check the bag to make sure you get the two apple pies you ordered from McDonalds, so it makes sense to make them wait and watch while you make sure you are getting what you pay so much for.”

(Photo: Sexy Fitsum)

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