Morning Deals

  • Adorama: Refurbished Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS SLR Lens for $149 + $7 s&h
  • Linen’s n’ Things: Black & Decker Toaster Oven for $23.99 Shipped with coupon code 26620000008
  • GoGamer: Rock Band Game for PS3 for $32.49 Shipped
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  • Dell Business: Dell Vostro Core 2 Duo PC & 19-inch Widescreen LCD $449 Shipped
  • Fantom Drives USB Dual Layer DVD Burner Drive with 100 Free Blank DVD-Rs $70 Shipped
  • Samsung 2032NW 20-inch Widescreen LCD $210 & Free Shipping
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  • Amazon: Motorola RAZR2 V9 Phone free AR with AT&T plan
  • Old Navy: Spring Sale up to 40% off
  • Shop Adidas: End of Season Sale up to 40% off


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  1. mgy says:

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why you would need Rock Band – but not the peripherals?

  2. CRNewsom says:

    I think that Rock Band for PS3 can use the Guitar Hero 3 Controller, a USB Microphone, and there was the guy who modded a real drum kit for use with the game. I suppose if you had all the items beforehand, you wouldn’t need the whole kit…

  3. DrBologna says:

    A long note…for a lot of camera junkies who live outside of NYC (and therefore can’t visit the bricks and mortar), Adorama is like a bastion of poor customer service. Some of the typical, frequent complaints against them (check their Amazon “seller feedback”):
    1. Charging too much for shipping items
    2. #1 + not shipping w/in the promised time frame (so you pay extra for 2-day, but don’t get it for 6 days)
    3. Selling brand new items, but then shipping out old, used, refurbished items (often, they sell “new” glass filters, then send people old, scratched ones; another trick is sending out opened, usually broken memory cards to people who purchased new ones)
    4. #3 + forcing the purchaser to pay for shipping the defective product back before issuing an exchange or refund (and of course, charging shipping again to ship the correct product to the purchaser)
    5. Being very difficult to get on the phone (a lot of complaints suggest they just don’t answer or that their “customer service” is staffed by one person who can’t keep up with the volume of complaints
    6. Not responding to customer e-mail inquiries for weeks, and then, only responding with unhelpful (sometimes unrelated) customer service-ese
    7. #5 + #6 +being terribly rude and abusive when you do finally get them on the phone

    I ignored the negative feedback for them on Amazon, purchased something, and then personally experienced #1, #2, #5, and #6. I never did get them on the phone, and their only response to my “my order is 2-weeks late” email was something like “thank you for your email. we are looking into your concern.”

    So, you may be able to get a mediocre lens right now for $20 less than most other places; but, is it really worth the headache? Never again for this shutterbug.

  4. mopar_man says:


    I’ve always wondered the same.

    And I’m also wondering why there’s Dell and deals despite their less-than-stellar standing on this website.

  5. auto_exec says:

    FYI – apparently newegg has that samsung monitor for the same deal []

  6. henchook says:

    $156 for a $50 lens? You must be joking!

    This is the kit lens that comes with EOS Digital Rebel models, and it worth about $50.

  7. f0nd004u says:

    @DrBologna: It can also be noted that the lens they have on slae is absolutely awful. Those lenses came stock with the original Digital Rebels (I don’t know if they do with the Xts or Xtis) and they’re pretty much made out of plastic.

    If you’re going to buy a cheap zoom lens for a Canon, get a used 28-105 or 28-135-IS. Both are much sharper, much better built, and much longer-lasting lenses.

  8. DrBologna says:

    @f0nd004u: I was going to mention that, but after reading a bit more, I realized that it is *not* the kit lens. The kit lens isn’t an IS lens. The added IS may make it worth a bit more. I would agree, though, that it is probably garbage…