We Post, SONY Replaces Long-Languishing Laptop

After Daniela’s SONY laptop was stuck in a warranty repair purgatory for months and a SONY tech screamed at her over the phone accusing her of warranty fraud, her story appeared on The Consumerist. Now she happily writes:

Almost immediately after my article was posted on the consumerist, I received a friendly and extremely apologetic call from a Sony exec. Before even calling me, he had reviewed my case and agreed fully that they were in the wrong. He apologized and offered to have my notebook repaired immediately!

Since it took an unfortunate 9 months to come to a resolution, I believed I deserved more than just what was stated in my extended warranty. After a couple calls back and forth, I was offered a brand new notebook that was comparable to the one I previously owned. That offer went above and beyond my expectations. Each representative I spoke to after that was extremely courteous and helpful. Without the Consumerist I don’t believe that I would have gotten through to Sony as well as I did. I also do not believe my case would have had such a successful outcome. Thank you to Sony for finally stepping up to the plate and treating your customers the honorable way. And a special thank you to the Consumerist, who helps innocent people like myself get what they deserve!!

I hope you can post this on your site and get the word out there. I want to inform others in my position and how I went about resolving my issue. If unsatisfied Sony customers have an issue that needs to be addressed, there is definitely a way to get through to them. I have learned that they are willing to help. Thank you Ben for your attention, your help and you dedication on my case. I have faith that you played the lead role in resolving this horrifying experience.

Pleased and a forever Consumerist fan,

Daniela Z.

And that’s the power of public humiliation.

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