How To Haggle

The pricetag is no longer the final word, stores are playing “let’s make a deal,” and haggling is in. Consumer Reports Todd Marks tells The Today Show the secrets to haggling success:

  • Be open and friendly in your discussion with the salesperson, ask for them to “work with you” on the price
  • Be discreet, don’t broadcast to other shoppers that you’re getting a deal
  • Escalate to a manager if the salesperson isn’t empowered to make a decision
  • Do your research so you know the fair price to ask for
  • Be creative, ask for free shipping
  • Offer to pay cash so they don’t have to pay a credit card transaction fee

Still sound hard to do? When Consumer Reports surveyed its readers, even if they were embarrassed by the process, they reported being successful more than half the time.

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