Top Posts Of The Week

LEAKS: Best Buy’s Internal Customer Profiling Document
“…our exclusively obtained document contains several brand-new Best Buy personas, including “Maria Middle America” and “Empty Nesters” Helen and Charlie.”

Woman Sues American Airlines Over Masturbating Passenger
“When the woman opened her eyes, she saw that an unknown man had moved into the seat next to her and was staring at her as he masturbated…”

RIAA Pockets Filesharing Settlement Money, Doesn’t Pay Artists Whose Copyrights Were Infringed
“Lawyers who have represented artists such as The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, and Christina Aguilera say artists and managers are upset that they haven’t seen any of the settlement money the RIAA received after suing the popular file-sharing services.”

Should American Airlines Have Flown Five Overbooked Passengers Across The Atlantic In An Empty Plane?
“Friends of the Earth is outraged that American burned 22,000 gallons of fuel for five passengers. Great customer service or eco-scandal?”

Circuit City Will Access A Secret Panel In Your TV For $104.74
“…they have access to a service panel that your normal everyday consumer can’t get to. They’re supposed to tweak the settings according to ambient light in the room, and an end result is they also reduce power consumption making the TV last longer.”