Man Gets Comcast To Honor 16mbps For $52.95 Price

Comcast wanted to charge Daniel $69.99 for 16mbps internet access, or “Blast” level service, but he knew that he should only be paying $52.95, as he already had TV service with Comcast. No amount of wrangling could convince the customer service reps otherwise. The deal also couldn’t be found when going through the main Comcast pages and price plans. But then, after searching on the Comcast site, Daniel found documentation of the price and forced Comcast to honor it. Now he shares the PDF with us so others can get this deal as well. He was also able to get a $79.99 credit on his account to buy a new cable modem since the 16mbps service needs Docsis 1.5 or higher technology in the modem, so that’s something to shoot for as well. Note, Blast is only available if you’re in one of Comcast’s the “select” “competitive” markets, i.e. wherever Verizon FiOS is. Inside, the full contents of the PDF splayed out…



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  1. B says:

    A link to the relevant portion of the Comcast site would be much appreciated. Although since I’m not in a “competitive” market, it doesn’t matter for me.

  2. smirky says:

    It’s always fun to make a company do what it says.

  3. Cyco says:

    I’m with Comcast, so a link or where to find it would be nice. Thanks.

  4. B says:

    @B: Uhhh, nevermind.

  5. jaydez says:

    The only downside is that he still has to become a Comcast customer to get the deal.

  6. Logan26 says:

    Verizon is still faster and cheaper than that deal, it isn’t worth it people. And you will almost never see those speeds in reality from comcast. I have 15/2 from verizon and get that every single day.

  7. pwillow1 says:

    We’ve just gotten Verizon FiOS in my area and I have an appointment next month to have that installed. But if Comcast has the Blast speeds available, I’m wondering why I should switch.

    Yes, a link to the page would be most helpful. I’d like to parlay this into a price war.

  8. Logan26 says:


    I’ll give you a few. first you’ll only see those speeds during none peak hours of use and it’ll be for short period of time. Second, FIOS is constant so the only real factor to your speeds is how busy and type of connection the website/server you accessing has/is.

  9. ZackMather says:

    There is no such thing as DOCSIS 1.5. The only versions of DOCSIS that Comcast deploys are 1.0 and 1.1. You probably mean PacketCable 1.5. PacketCable is the technology that allows for Voice Over IP on a cable system.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    The links are already in the post. Look for the red words.

  11. stinerman says:

    Not to mention that if you use certain programs on their network, including but not limited to P2P, your connection speed will degrade.

  12. johnva says:

    Will this “16 Mbps” connection really be more like 4 Mbps, since my “6 Mbps” connection is more like 1.5 Mbps most of the time (at least after the initial burst of speed Comcast gives you)?

  13. Tank says:

    @Ben Popken: wow

  14. gnubian says:

    As long as you have TV service, you should always get those prices. The only time the prices will be higher for cable broadband access is for customers who don’t have TV service.

    I pay $72/mo for my Comcast service. 8mbit internet + limited basic programming. 52.95 + 14.99 + taxes

    (limited basic was a trick I heard about when i signed up for service four years ago. if you got limited basic + internet, it ended up costing the same as a stand alone internet package. At the same time, because it made you a TV subscriber, you got the upgrade advantages that were given to TV subscribers. There were several speed increases early on that you only got if you had a bundle.)

  15. knyghtryda says:

    hmm… this might be a good idea once my $24/mo comcast cable runs out. 16Mb sounds pretty enticing, though I’ll have to see if I’m in their “competitive” market. I have received mailings for FIOS, but since I’m in an apartment… thats a no-go.

  16. Spinfusor says:

    Blast is a load of crap. I did a download and upload test from my server and some speed tests before and after the upgrade. There was not ANY increase in speed.

    I know the advertised speeds aren’t guaranteed (which is the excuse I got when I called Comcast), but I expected some speed increase. At least they credited my account when I downgraded the next day.

  17. johnva says:

    @Spinfusor: Yeah, I find it hard to believe that it would give me much of an upgrade in “typical” speed when I rarely even get the 6 Mbps that I’m currently paying for. Of course, this probably depends on how congested their network is in your local area.

  18. Starfury says:

    I had Comcast 6mb service and I’d consistently get about half speed. The few torrents I did download, usually during off peak hours, were VERY slow. I switched to ATT Elite (6mbit DSL) and consistently get 4.5+ downloads. My torrents come in about 4x faster than with Comcast.

    I’ve seen the commercials here in the SF Bay area but we don’t have a FIOS type option yet.

  19. Logan26 says:



  20. Buran says:

    @Logan26: And what is it worth to you to not have your house burned down?

  21. EE2000 says:

    Maybe I’m one of the lucky few, but I’ve had the Blast service for about 5months now and I’m paying the normal $52.95 /month. AND I do notice a major speed increase in download speeds.

  22. elislider says:

    @smirky: agreed. i love finding loopholes for the sheer fun of forcing them to comply with their own rules

  23. winiden says:

    According to the CSR I just spoke with, the 16mbps is only available in Arkansas. Is this what other folks are hearing?

  24. Logan26 says:


    Sorry, I have FIOS from Verizon and the install went completely smooth without any issue. So stop taking 1 incident and making a mountian out of it.

  25. DSMcL says:

    I have the 16 Mbps service from Comcast and get 16 consistently. I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, so it isn’t Mayberry, but not LA either. I have had Comcast since they took over and have always gotten consistent speeds. Of course YMMV, and I am in no way endorsing them, just to let people know it is possible to actually get 16 Mbps from them, although upstream is NEVER near what they claim.

    I could have Fios, but in my case anyway it is considerably more expensive in the short term and only equal in the long run.

  26. deviationer says:

    This guy has to have had a really old cable modem for it to not be DOCSIS 2. Old as in probably 6 years or more.

  27. snacky99 says:

    I use Comcast for my Internet and two weeks ago got a call from a telemarketer. I was about to rush her off the phone but the offer sounded pretty good. Basically, she said they could double my bandwidth from 4MB to 8MB speeds and I would pay less $55 to $42. Okay, sign me up. So we sit on the phone for a while and she tells me that the Comcast installer would be coming by my house on Monday from 12PM – 4PM. Guess what? No Comcast installer and haven’t heard from them since. Really, why do they bother?

  28. dalejo says:

    I always get my 6-7Mbps

  29. Logan26 says:


    With Comcast, I find that very, very, very, very, very hard to believe.