UPS Is A Sh*tty Easter Bunny

Reader Sarah writes in to show us how UPS treated her Easter Basket.

Heartless smashers of candy.


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  1. IphtashuFitz says:

    Frankly I’m surprised we don’t hear about this sort of thing even more, especially during the Christmas season. Back when I was in high school I worked as a part-time UPS drivers assistant for a few years during their Christmas rush. It was a great way to earn extra money. I was making something like $10/hour + overtime, and you were pretty much guaranteed a ton of overtime that time of year. And this was back when minimum wage was somewhere around $3.50, so compared with a job as a waiter or stock clerk it was a veritable gold mine. But I digress… Every morning when I met the driver I was working with his truck would be stuffed to the gills with packages. At times it was obvious that additional packages were wedged into already full trucks. And when the trucks are that full all the drivers care about are emptying them as quickly as possible. Any sorting done in the trucks basically meant throwing a package from one end to the other, regardless of the size, weight, or if it said “fragile” on it. Occasionally we’d meet up wtih another truck in the middle of the day to transfer some packages from one to the other. This was also typically done by just tossing packages between the two. The bottom line is that the packages were never treated very well, and they were pretty much all treated the same no matter how they were labeled.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    One of my replacement Xbox 360 (shipped from microsoft) had a massive dent in the box, and a large chunck of the console’s case was broken off. MS was quick to replace it, but it was clearly UPS that damaged it.

  3. nadmonk says:

    Yeah, that looks about right for UPS. I used to work in an art gallery and we would receive smashed, bashed, and squewered packages all the time. Boxes prominantly marked as containing glass or being fragile. The most common was having some of all of the corners smashes in, not unlike that box. Although once we did have a $1500 glass sculpture whose box looked like someone had thrown a javaline through it.
    Fedex may not be perfect, but I haven’t seen anywhere near as many incidents like this with them.

    13 years later I still won’t use UPS unles someone gives me a pre-paid shipping label.

  4. Hmm. I must just be really lucky (or have a really good driver), because I’ve never had a single UPS package bashed up. My regular driver IS pretty cool though, so it may very well be him.

  5. IphtashuFitz says:

    @edicius: Yeah, some of the drivers are really cool (and, no surprise, some couldn’t care less). I grew up in a rural part of CT and our driver was a pretty senior guy at UPS. He was able to pick whatever route he wanted so he picked ours since it was mostly single family homes well outside a busy city. Not only did he get to know us fairly well and always treated our deliveries with care, but he also had a good rapport with our dog. We’d know he was coming up to the house about 30 seconds before he got there thanks to they way our dog would react.

  6. Asvetic says:

    It’s not UPS, USPS, FEDEX or an of the other shipping services responsibility to makes sure a package is handled with the utmost care. They ARE responsible for delivering that package in a timely manner. If you want the contents of your package to arrive in tact, you best make sure the sender knows how to package. There are several ways to ensure this.


    You can also take your item to a certified ship center and have them package it for you. This will guarantee that it’s packaged for less than optimum handling enroute. Buying insurance doesn’t guarantee it’ll get there safer, but if it doesn’t, you’ll be reimbursed.

  7. Asvetic says:

    Anyway, the blame should be on where ever Sarah got her package from. Their packaging prep department FAILED.

  8. cinlouwho says:

    In all my (won’t reveal my old old old age) years I have never had a problem with UPS. My dad had a repair business and UPS delivered packages to him every day with no problem. Hubby and I never had problems with them either.

  9. DCGaymer says:

    I ordered a small predecorated Christmas tree from an online florsit…and when it arrived….UPS had crushed one side of the box…much like the box seen in the picture. It didn’t end up looking like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree….but it was real darned close.

  10. austin99 says:

    I worked for UPS for 5 years and used to handle claims reduction research for a local area. I’d say 4 out of 5 claims were caused by bad packaging, not bad handling.

  11. timsgm1418 says:

    definitely not UPS fault, whoever packed it didn’t do a good job. When I used to work in a Laboratory supply warehouse, we packed beakers, flasks, chemicals etc. We packed them very well, because even we knew that “fragile” just means throwing it underhand instead of overhand. We had bins where the boxes went for whatever shipping company we were using and we threw the boxes all the time. If something broke, we weren’t blamed, the packer was. All of us shipping clerks would take turns packing so we could see how they usually packed things and could throw accordingly. When we saw on the paperwork it was nothing but rubber stoppers we knew we could even drop kick that thing..We were pretty careful with the chemicals though, we weren’t completely stupid

  12. mrbiggsndatx says:


    one of your xbox 360 replacements? sorry, its funny because i know how you feel. LOL

  13. arch05 says:

    @Asvetic: Seriously?

  14. spiderman1369 says:

    @Asvetic: I can agree that if it’s packaged wrong and it moves around inside the box and gets broken, then it’s the shipper’s fault. But is the box comes smashed or crushed in, then it’s definitely UPS’s fault.

    I’ve had very sturdy boxes with holes punched through them upon delivery. How did that happen? Hmmmmm? The shipper did it before they shipped it? I don’t think my mom is that strong!

  15. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    @mrbiggsndatx: Yep, one of several. I think it was my third out of 5. :P

  16. DikembeMeiztombo says:

    As an employee of a reputable UPS Store in Wisconsin, I can say it’s definitely not UPS’s fault. Its the clown that packed it. If the package is properly packed, a big, heavy box can smack into it on the conveyors and not damage it.

    And no, UPS Store employess are not affiliated with UPS.

  17. serreca says:

    @Asvetic: Sarah here. The box was sturdy. I couldn’t even “un-smash” the box myself, even after opening it! Nothing was damaged, though, I just thought it was kind of funny.

  18. Asvetic says:

    @spiderman1369: Yes, seriously. @spiderman1369: If it’s broken enroute, and there was insurance, then you’re fine.
    @serreca: Yeah, some boxes are built surprisingly well, like a good ol’ double wall. A single package goes through a lot of hands while getting from one person to another. Direct is ideal, but not realistic. Usually the first place a package goes is the back of a pick up vehicle, off to a sorting facility. After it’s off the truck it’s onto a conveyor belt with a hundreds, maybe more other packages. All of varying weights and sizes. The sorting facility determines the destination and shipping method then it’s sent to a larger shipping vehicle (like a 16 wheeler, or airplane). The loader takes the packages coming down the conveyor and loads them into these vehicles building walls until the vehicle is filled. Smart loaders use larger, heavy packages as the base and build up until the packages get smaller. This is ideal, but not realistic, since the packages coming down the conveyor aren’t sorted by size or weight. And since nobody knows what’s in the packages, just because it’s heavy doesn’t mean it’s solid (so proper sturdy packaging is important.) After everything is loaded, it’s either sent to another sorting facility where things are done in reverse and out for delivery, or the process is repeated until it gets to the final destination sort facility. Depending on how the package was loaded, anything can happen to it in transit. But, that’s out of the shipping company’s control. The loaders are usually poorly skilled due to the turn around at these facilities (which are just college kids for summer jobs…) and all the training is on the job, so you’re either good or your not.

    I work for a government consulting company that deals with how things are shipped. If there’s anything we can guarantee it’s that how well a package is packed determines how well that package will ship. Cardboard is not steel, it will break, leak, bend and tear. Smashed boxes are inevitable.

  19. adamondi says:

    The UPS driver should have never delivered that package. I would be embarrassed to deliver that if it was me.

  20. matto says:

    I’ve had problems several times with orders from Cheryl and Co. They really don’t seem to give a damn there, and while their cookies and stuff are tasty, the customer service there (and apparently shipping) just isn’t worth the hassle.

  21. AlphaTeam says:

    @serreca: Good to hear everything is good.

    I’ve had times where I got a box that smashed despite the fact that it’s stuffed to the top with packing peanuts or bubble wrap (So I end up with flattened peanuts or popped bubbles). Don’t they ever wonder why there is a loud pop noise?

  22. Aw :o(

    This looks about like the Easter basket I sent my boyfriend last year. I spent sooo much time arranging it juuust perfectly only for it to arrive as one giant ball of chocolate, marshmallows, and jelly beans. Still tasty! Possibly tastier?

  23. YouCanEatMe says:

    Looks like you’ve been “Browned”