10 Things To Remember When Shopping At Best Buy

An employee of Best Buy apparently thinks too many days have gone without us posting something about the store, so he sent in his list of 10 things he thinks every customer should know when shopping there. Items 10 through 7 are all about warranties and service plans, so the usual caveats apply (make sure you know what’s really covered, and that it’s worth the extra cost to you). #4, however, is good to know: “Its pretty much pointless to call Corporate/Customer Service Hotline—they can not override a store’s decision. Best bet is to call or email a District Manager or higher.”

10. If you have purchased a product from Best Buy and it is under MFG Warranty (As long as it is Serviceable), you can send it to be fix from the Best Buy store. You do not have to call the MFG directly or ship it to them. Example: Computers/Cameras/Printers/TV’s. Most of the time it will be forwarded directly the MFG.

9. Most items that are store brands(Dynex,Insignia,Init,RocketFish) are covered instore, even after the return/exchange period has passed. Also if you purchase a ADH PSP on the product it then covers physical damage.

8. If a product is exchanged under the PSP within the first year it automatically transfers over. You DO NOT have to purchase a new PSP.

7. If you purchase a Camera/ Computer with ADH you can accidentally drop it and break it, in some cases beyond repair, thus getting credit for a new one. Broken screens and motherboards are nice.

6. If applying for a Best Buy card never sign up for account shield, it is pointless and its just something Reps try to add on to better the store CC rating. Furthermore if you are spending a considerable amount of money ask for better financing. Typically works in Home Theater the most.

5. Do not buy any cables from Best buy. Most are highly marked up and basically suck in terms of quality. Amazon Anyone?

4. Its pretty much pointless to call Corporate/Customer Service Hotline. Most people who work there ill advised and cant make any real decisions. Furthermore they can not override a stores decision. Best bet is to call or email a District Manager or higher.

3. Best Buy recently started a customer care survey at bestbuycares.com. If you feel you got shit service then go on there and rant about it. Most morning meetings go over the surveys. Also use peoples names, always fun.

2. Always get employee names that helped you. Just in case they so happen to bend the truth. Also if the person who helped you rang out your item, there employee number is on the receipt to the far right next to the time of the sale.

1. Yelling a people gets you no where. I have seen one customer yell and not get there way. The next who has the same issue, get taken care of. Its simple, don’t yell. Keep your cool and stay calm. Yelling only gives Managers and employees a reason to make you leave, not help you.

(Thanks to [redacted]!)

(Photo: Ian Muttoo)