10 Things To Remember When Shopping At Best Buy

An employee of Best Buy apparently thinks too many days have gone without us posting something about the store, so he sent in his list of 10 things he thinks every customer should know when shopping there. Items 10 through 7 are all about warranties and service plans, so the usual caveats apply (make sure you know what’s really covered, and that it’s worth the extra cost to you). #4, however, is good to know: “Its pretty much pointless to call Corporate/Customer Service Hotline—they can not override a store’s decision. Best bet is to call or email a District Manager or higher.”

10. If you have purchased a product from Best Buy and it is under MFG Warranty (As long as it is Serviceable), you can send it to be fix from the Best Buy store. You do not have to call the MFG directly or ship it to them. Example: Computers/Cameras/Printers/TV’s. Most of the time it will be forwarded directly the MFG.

9. Most items that are store brands(Dynex,Insignia,Init,RocketFish) are covered instore, even after the return/exchange period has passed. Also if you purchase a ADH PSP on the product it then covers physical damage.

8. If a product is exchanged under the PSP within the first year it automatically transfers over. You DO NOT have to purchase a new PSP.

7. If you purchase a Camera/ Computer with ADH you can accidentally drop it and break it, in some cases beyond repair, thus getting credit for a new one. Broken screens and motherboards are nice.

6. If applying for a Best Buy card never sign up for account shield, it is pointless and its just something Reps try to add on to better the store CC rating. Furthermore if you are spending a considerable amount of money ask for better financing. Typically works in Home Theater the most.

5. Do not buy any cables from Best buy. Most are highly marked up and basically suck in terms of quality. Amazon Anyone?

4. Its pretty much pointless to call Corporate/Customer Service Hotline. Most people who work there ill advised and cant make any real decisions. Furthermore they can not override a stores decision. Best bet is to call or email a District Manager or higher.

3. Best Buy recently started a customer care survey at bestbuycares.com. If you feel you got shit service then go on there and rant about it. Most morning meetings go over the surveys. Also use peoples names, always fun.

2. Always get employee names that helped you. Just in case they so happen to bend the truth. Also if the person who helped you rang out your item, there employee number is on the receipt to the far right next to the time of the sale.

1. Yelling a people gets you no where. I have seen one customer yell and not get there way. The next who has the same issue, get taken care of. Its simple, don’t yell. Keep your cool and stay calm. Yelling only gives Managers and employees a reason to make you leave, not help you.

(Thanks to [redacted]!)

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  1. jwarner132 says:

    I don’t believe #4 is true, unless things have changed. When I worked there in 2001-2002, the corporate customer service hotline could and would override store manager decisions. The managers would get really annoyed by that too. They’d go into the office afterwards and fume about it.

  2. coreyk72 says:

    11. Before dealing with a Best Buy employee, bang yourself in the head several times with a hammer. This will allow you to effective communicate on their level of logic.

  3. persch5 says:

    Number 1 is the biggest one here. As a manager for Best Buy, I would always treat people exactly how I got treated. Yes, I know, Probably not the best management style, but it is how I did it. If I was called to customer service by an employee that was getting yelled at I would be a lot less likely to bend. They make 8-12 dollars and do not get payed enough to be called dumb fat bitches or a faggot. Yes, both terms have been used by customers to get there way.

    But always remember, the store is a reflection of the GMs personality. Whatever his standard is rolls down. If he is concerned about his CS score, things should be easy. Always deal with the SM or GM they are affected most.

  4. persch5 says:

    @jwarner132: THey have changed that. GM’s now have final decision. They have to answer for their numbers.

  5. dirk1965 says:

    My first rule would be to not shop at Best Buy!

  6. jeffrey115 says:

    @persch5: maybe if bestbuy didn’t suck so much I wouldn’t have called you those things.

  7. mopar_man says:


    That’s the only rule I follow for Best Buy.

  8. leprofie says:

    Number 0 – Remember that at Best Buy you are dealing with people with limited education and intelligence. This post is so full of grammatical and spelling errors that it is hard to read. We get into trouble when we assume that the employees actually know what they are talking about!

  9. johnarlington says:

    Ten things to remember when shopping at Best Buy

    10. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    9. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    8. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    7. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    6. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    5. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    4. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    3. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    2. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    1. Don’t shop at Best Buy

    Numbered from 10 to 1 for some reason

  10. scarysnow says:

    i was once shopping for theatre speakers. i told the employee that it was a very small room and i wanted the cheapest speakers they’ve got.

    the next thing he does is say, “well, I recommend these ones here, they are top of the line.”

    “did you just listen to a word I just said? does it sound like i need top of the line speakers?”

    i had to walk away and help myself.

  11. freshyill says:

    I’ll say it because somebody has to: Buy your cables at monoprice. [www.monoprice.com]

  12. jaydez says:

    #12. Open all purchases before leaving the store. You need to makes ure what you bought is acutally in the box.

  13. freshyill says:

    Actually, I’m going to add to the cables thing. When I used to work at Best Buy in Home Theater, management would tell us to tell customers to buy better cables because because the ones that come in the box suck.

    This is absolutely true. But it doesn’t mean that you have to buy better ones from Best Buy.

    Cables, service plans, Netflix (do they still push Netflix?) is where the real profit is. They push these because there’s money to be made. Don’t feel bad for Best Buy.

  14. koath says:

    [www.monoprice.com] for cables instead of Amazon. Great site.

  15. jk09 says:

    Good story, but it would be nice to know what these stood for:

    – ADH
    – MFG
    – PSP

    Consumerist should do a better job of making their reports easier to understand.

  16. stageright says:

    “10. If you have purchased a product from Best Buy and it is under MFG Warranty (As long as it is Serviceable), you can send it to be fix from the Best Buy store. You do not have to call the MFG directly or ship it to them. Example: Computers/Cameras/Printers/TV’s. Most of the time it will be forwarded directly the MFG.”

    So you take it to Best Buy, where it sits in the back for 3 days. Then they ship it to the central warehouse, where it sits for 4 days. Then it ships (finally, over a week later) to the manufacturer. Repeat on the way back from the manufacturer.

    Oh, plus it will sit at the local Best Buy for a few days before anyone calls you. You’ll effectively be adding a minimum of 3 weeks to the turn around time on the repair.

    Instead, I always call the manufacturer directly. For warranty repairs, I always request they send me a box and pre-paid shipping. So far (Sony, Microsoft, Canon, Dell and Samsung) they’ve all happily done this. I get door to door service, and cut weeks off the time I have to do without.

  17. beavis88 says:

    @johnarlington: Thanks for saving me the trouble of making that post :)

  18. @jk09: A quick Google search tells me that PSP refers to BestBuy’s four-year extended warranty, MFG is “manufacturer’s” (so “MFG warranty” is “manufacturer’s warranty”), and ADH is BestBuy’s “Accidental Damage from Handling” warranty.

    When in doubt, google.com.

  19. ncboxer says:

    Why are cables so expensive at Best Buy, Circuit City, and other places- because that is where they make their real money. For instance with computers and printers- margins are razor thin, so they could make more money by selling you several cables than what they are making off the hardware. When I worked there it didn’t matter how expensive the computer is we sold them- there was no incentive to push the most expensive computer on people. The key things to push were accessories- cables, ink, paper, etc and the worthless service plans, which were pure profit. That is where the real money was made.

  20. satoru says:

    MFG = Manufacturer
    ADH = Best Buy’s warranty service that covers accidental damage and stuff (in theory….)
    PSP = Warranty extension for product, which covers warranty-type of repair costs. ADH is separate because the original warranty and PSP doesn’t cover stuff like you dropping your camera into the toilet.

  21. thedude2u says:

    +1 on monoprice.com

    This info should be given to you in a manual at birth. But then again…that is what natural selection is for :)

  22. datruesurfer says:

    10. True. We did this for a lot of people to prevent returns.
    9. In house brands are covered for one year, like everything else. You cant return anything past the 14/30 day limit unless a manager decides to do an overide. Overides are tracked at every level of management, and I think we lost our GM because they were granting way too many.
    8. Yes
    7. Yes, however keep in mind that most damaged crap gets send to a repair center so they can try to fix it. This usually takes months and many customers I dealt with were pissed off by the time they had to pick a replacement.
    6. The part about better financing is bogus. As soon as a Best Buy card is authorized, the register asks which payment plan the customer wants. There are always the same three:

    6 Months No Interest
    90 Days No Interest
    48 Months at {Interest Rate} Fixed

    These financing offers are handled by the bank who runs the best buy financing, HSBC and not the store itself. We dont have the power to increase your card limit, nor can we give you more months to pay/a lower interest rate.
    5. Amen. $30 USB cables are a RIPOFF. We would trick people into buying, just by saying “Your going to need it for your printer, are you sure you already have one? you can always return it within 30 days”. Yeah right.
    4. I cant comment, havent dealt with corporate directly except for their IT Staff, which wasn’t too bad.
    3. We put more emphasis on mystery shoppers than those surveys.
    2. If you have a problem with a purchase, and make a return trip to the store, you will be dealing with a low level CS rep or if necessary a manager, not the salesperson directly. After a resolution has been made, the manager might talk to the sales rep but not much more than that.
    1. Couldn’t have said it better

  23. satoru says:

    I recently bought a new Sharp LCD tv and got all my HDMI cables through Monoprice.com. I did try to price compare with a local bargain electronics shop, but monoprice just had a better price and I’ve heard many people recommend them.

    Though I did get my Wii and Xbox (no not the 360) component cables somewhere else because it was cheaper.

    Really for 99% of the population these inexpensive cables are the way to go. The only way I can see expensive cables making a difference, was if you were to setup a multi-room video setup from a centralized location. It has been shown that for really long pulls, that better quality cables will perform better.

    Yes yes I know that its ‘digital’ but that’s an illusion. The interpretation of the signal is digital, but the signal itself is fundamentally analog, and thus, is subject to all the horrors that happen with analog signals over long distances. Digitally representing the data, just makes differentiating between the 1s and 0s easier on the other end, and makes the signal more robust in dealing with noise/interference/etc. But if you pull a 100ft cable, if its poorly made, the output at the other end could be unusable, or have a high error rate that will throw off your equipment.

  24. kenblakely says:

    @loquaciousmusic: I think the point is that if Consumerist was doing anything more useful than just regurgitating this semi-literate cretin’s letter, they would at least expand the terms. Doesn’t seem like that much to ask….

  25. Anonymous says:

    Who the heck wrote these 10 tips? The grammar is terrible. I guess that just goes to show the type of people that Best Buy employs.

  26. thesilentnight says:

    Tip for making tips for shopping at best buy: learn to speel and betr grammer make.

  27. thesilentnight says:

    @ CaptainCynic – Kudos, you beat me to it.

  28. radio1 says:

    Well, since monoprice is being pushed.
    I’ll push ehdmi.


    Great prices, reasonable shipping and excellent quality.

  29. Bloberry says:

    I’m sorry, but I have a lot of trouble taking advice from someone who spells so poorly and who uses the grammar of a first-grader. Yuck.

  30. scoobydoo says:

    Let me confirm what datruesurfer says: THE ACCIDENT PROTECTION PLAN DOES NOT WORK LIKE PROMISED.

    The scum at BB will sell it like it’s a miracle plan that’ll hand you a new camera if the current one breaks. They’ll tell you that you can just walk in and grab a new one. But it’s all LIES.

    In reality, even under the accident protection plan, they will always send it in to see if it can be repaired.

    In my case, a $500 camera was dropped, the lens snapped right off, so I walked into BB with my ($109) protection plan fully expecting to walk out with a new camera.

    Their response was that it would have to be sent in, that it would take 1-2 months and that I MIGHT get a new camera. After reading the fine print I also discovered that you are only eligible for ONE replacement during the entire plan length.

    Thankfully I remembered the sales person, so told him to come over to the desk and repeat how he sold me the protection plan. I left with a new camera.

    Even this Bestbuy “insider” conveniently forgets to mention that major detail.

  31. sgodun says:

    Item #0: Don’t shop at Best Buy and you’ll find your shopping experience will be much better.

  32. scoobydoo says:

    @radio1: That IS monoprice. Same site, same products, same prices. I’m guessing they just run a second site with a different name.

  33. robocop is bleeding says:

    I made a huge mistake of using Best Buy’s In Store Pick-Up service this Sunday. I wanted to buy a copy of Smash Brother with as little hassle as possible, so for some reason, I thought Best Buy would be a Good Idea.

    I know, I know. I hadn’t had any coffee yet. Maybe I caught The Stupids in my sleep, who knows.

    Anyways, I order online and get my emails that I’m all set to pick up my game at my local store. Great! Sure, it’s a little annoying that said store does not open until 11 and thanks to daylight savings I’m out and about running errands before that, but I figure I can take my time, swing by Best Buy at 11, get my game, and go.

    How wrong I was.

    So not only did I find the game I ordered widely available at many of the stores I stopped in at while running errands, but I also found it for less. I shook my fist and gnashed my teeth, but hey, I figured at least I’d have an easy and quick pick up, right?

    How wrong I was.

    When I stopped by Best Buy at 11, I found they were in the midst of a Wii-sale. There were 50 people lined up to buy a Wii (and I even saw one guy get back into line after buying one, so much for “one per customer”) at the Customer Service desk. I show my email to the door dudes and they tell me I have to wait in that huge line to pick up my game. That I had already ordered. And paid for. They could not separate the concept of ‘Wii Game Ordered For Pick Up’ with ‘Line For Wiis’ in their heads.

    After waiting in the line for five minutes and not moving at all, I ask again if I really need to wait in this line. They say yes, I again point out that I’m just doing in-store pick up. They point out that I’m picking up a Wii game. I ask if I was picking up a microwave, would I have to wait in this line?

    They say “No” and a light dawns in their heads. I get sent over to the register with a copy of the game I already paid for in hand. Great I just have to show my email and credit card and I’m gone!

    How wrong I was.

    The register-bot says that I have to go wait in the huge line. I say that I was just sent over from that line to her. She says I have to go back. I say no, I don’t, I’m just checking out. I already paid for this game. She insists that I have to go to customer service in order to leave with the game I already paid for and have in my hand. I ask her if I was just buying this game off the rack, would I have to wait in that line?

    She says “No” and slowly, slowly a light begins to dawn.

    But she doesn’t know how to check out my in-store pick up, she says, so I’ll have to go wait in that line anyways. “Good news,” I say, “Today you get to learn!”

    She wanders off and the check-out line grows. See, they have like five employees loitering around the door with Wii tickets and checking receipts, but only one person on register. So I’m left alone with the game and I seriously consider just walking out with it. But then I imagine being tackled by the five people at the door for not showing a receipt (Thanks, Consumerist!) and think better of it.

    Eventually she returns, picks up the game, my card, and my email from me and wanders off again. In this time, the register line has grown and is completely ignoring the queue that leads people around all the impulse-buy stuff. There are some developmentally disabled adults standing in the midst of the line, holding hands and cooing softly to each other (they must had been abandoned there so their keeper/guardian could get a Wii).

    So the register girl returns, I sign my pick up slip, and am good to go. I ask about my 10$ gift card for not having my pick-up filled in ten minutes. She looks panicked and says I’d have to wait in the line for that.

    I give up and leave. I go home and play my game, figuring that I would be naturally awesome, a savant, with Meta Knight.

    How wrong I was. I stink on toast, but hey, at least the game worked!

  34. zapfdingbats says:

    Yeah, what’s missing from this list is that prices on just about everything are 15%-20% higher than online. TVs, Cameras, everything. Plus sales tax. Best Buys are for browsing, web sites are for buying.

  35. stevegoz says:

    My fave Best Buy experiences ever:
    — Bought a Sony Vaio desktop there about five years ago, and had sales rep tell me that I shouldn’t because it “doesn’t have a fan.” Also, two of them denied that it came with the WordPerfect Office suite that it did in fact have
    — Had a salesman tell me that I needed to buy the gold-tipped AV cables for a DVD player because “the standard ones corrode within a year and destroy your connection”
    — Foolishly waited 20 minutes a few months ago for a sales-tard to generate a raincheck for The Godfather II. He somehow put the wrong sales price on, which he corrected in pen when I pointed it out, and I never received the promised call to let me know when the item was once more in stock. That’s what I get for making my annual foray into BB!
    — Ordered a 20″ tube telly online for in-store pickup about six years ago; when I picked it up, they had given me the “flat screen” version instead of the cheaper one that I had ordered. $100 in my favor, cha-ching!

  36. Angryrider says:

    Best Buy for me is just like Circuit City. Overpriced items until sale day or clearance on DVDs or games. I never do my other shopping there…

  37. tevetorbes says:


    I’m going to go ahead and re-iterate this for those people who are unable to comprehend the order that you put your list in.

    Ten things to remember when shopping at Best Buy

    10. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    9. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    8. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    7. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    6. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    5. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    4. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    3. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    2. Don’t shop at Best Buy
    1. Don’t shop at Best Buy

    Note that I changed the order of 3 and 4 because I thought it made more sense that way. Also, I thought that maybe we should emphasize number 6 a little more as I think that it really speaks to the issue at hand.

    Seriously, if you think there is some magic bullet to shopping at Best Buy, then you are already lost to every thinking, rational human being. Go have fun at your shithole store and don’t complain when they stick their fist up your ass.

    As for the manager that claims people have been abusive to him, I’ll say that yes that is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. However, I seriously doubt that a customer just strolled into your store, picked up his copy of the new Queens of the Stone Age and said, “Ring me up, you fat faggot.” He was probably subjected to the Best Buy Book of Stonewalling Strategies(TM), and while a reaction like that is inappropriate, I can’t say that I’m completely surprised.

  38. spunky_redhead15 says:

    one comment on the service plans…standard service plans DO NOT cover accidental damage. if you have a service plan without accidental coverage and you drop your laptop, you’re out of luck.

  39. there != their != they’re

    They’re all different and there is no reason (short of a learning disability) that someone should not have this knowledge in their head.

  40. lonewolf333 says:

    @jaysonwhelpley: Who cares. No one cares about your little rules. Language is always changing G.

  41. XianZhuXuande says:

    These ‘tips’ seem to have come from someone with inside knowledge, but without sufficient experience to truly understand the mechanics behind Best Buy’s policies and practices. I will elaborate on errors I see as best I can.

    10. Best Buy differentiates between ‘DEVO’ items (non-serviceable items) and ‘service’ items. If your item has failed under the manufacturers warranty AND it is a service item, they will ship it to service for you. Unfortunately the item very rarely goes to the actual manufacturer. Almost all cameras go to Precision Camera (where terrible things happen to them) and most everything else goes to a Best Buy service center (where different terrible things happen to them). Some items are forwarded to the manufacturer for various reasons (adds delay to your turntime) and this is common with some items (e.g. HP printers), but it is not the normal case. Best Buy bills the manufacturer for the work they do under the warranty (when they service it themselves). Turn time through Best Buy is almost always slower than service through the actual manufacturer, but the manufacturer may not be willing to service the item in the first place.

    9. Dynex, Insignia, Init, RocketFish — these are Best Buy brands. When they are NOT service items, they can actually be exchanged for you, in the store, right on the spot (yes, this is a good thing). Make sure you have your receipt. If the person you are speaking to does not know about this, politely request a manager. They will offer you this exchange as long as the item is under the MFG Warranty. If it is a service item, you will have to ship it out to service. They will not exchange.

    8. If your product is exchanged within the MFG WARRANTY it will carry over. If parts is 90 days and labor is 30 days, that means anything after 30 days voids your protection plan and you have to buy a new one. If both are two years, your warranty will carry over at any point in that period, but unfortunately this also means you will not be able to buy a new one to replace your expiring current warranty.

    7. Obvious intentional damage may be rejected, but that won’t come into play if you drop it. So just don’t run it over with your car or anything. And do not assume that they will replace it. They are supposed to exchange any item which is ‘uneconomical to repair’ (i.e. the cost of repair exceeds the value of the unit), but that does not happen very often. If you take this gamble make sure you are thorough, or you might get back a ‘repaired’ unit which won’t ever work quite like it used to again.

    6. Account Shield is similar to services offered by other credit card companies. Read about it and determine if it is right for you. If you are a responsible person, it probably isn’t. Applying for your card in-store generally gets you a better credit limit than you might directly through HSBC. The cost of the item you intend to purchase can influence the credit limit you are given. Aim high when applying for a better limit and buy only what you need. DO NOT let the representative max out your card when you make a purchase. These people rarely understand how credit works, but you sure will when other credit companies crap on you after FICO score tanks.

    5. Correct. Do not buy any cables from retail stores unless you need to. They ARE highly marked up. If you can buy online, do so. But if you are going to buy cables in a store, Best Buy’s prices are about what you might expect elsewhere. Keep away from Monster.

    4. Correct.

    3. Correct. If you want something done about it, though, write a letter to corporate AND the general manager, and use names. But if you want to get the maximum benefit for the smallest amount of effort, that survey works great.

    2. Well… instead, verify what they are saying with paperwork. If an employee lies to you about something (often-times just because they were trained incorrectly or because they don’t know) you probably WON’T get anywhere complaining about it later. If you have questions about the warranty or want to verify something fishy which you are being told, speak to someone in Geek Squad. Odds are they will actually be extremely honest with you about the policy and will also be happy to find someone on the sales floor misrepresenting policy. They are the ones that have to deal with you later when you are angry, and it is not in their best interest for you to be misinformed about sales.

    1. This is what you should do when complaining anywhere. And yes, it really won’t get you anywhere in Best Buy. They can actually do almost anything to take care of you but if you yell you will immediately turn the employee against you, and that will be bad if the manager asks their thoughts (which they will probably do if it is a good employee). Similarly, don’t be feeble. You’ll get trampled that way, too. Be honest, courteous, but firm. Decide what you expect and hold your ground. You may be brick walled in the store. Get the general manager’s contact information and follow up through them. Make sure your expectation is realistic or you still won’t be taken care of. And as a bonus, when dealing with Geek Squad be extra careful of how you present yourself. Odds are the manager doesn’t know anything about what is going on and will simply do whatever the Geek Squad employee suggests they do.

  42. SomeoneGNU says:


    It’s funny you mention about opening boxes. I bought a high-end video card there and on the box it said, “Cashier, please open box to confirm contents.”

    When I asked the cashier to open it, he was rather stunned and confused. Even called his manager over. They were both shocked that someone would ask that but understood and verified the contents.

    I realize there’s a lot of Best Buy hate but I rarely have bad experiences there. Circuit City, Staples, CompUSA, horrrible experiences.

    *wait patiently for the barrage of why do I shop at Best Buy comments*

  43. shammer says:

    In all honesty, there is a lot out there worse than best buy. I live in Canada, we have this store called Canadian Tire, basically it combines a Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and Napa Auto parts, along with low grade kitchen supplies and hunting stuff. If you ever walk in there, you’ll understand the meaning of poor service. There is literally no one to help you, and those that are walking around don’t give a damn that you shop there. I would have to argue that BB is the best of the worst when it comes to electronic shopping. If you have had a poor experience, don’t blame it on the brand, blame it on your own attitude towards the salespeople and managers. I work in retail, and the moment someone yells at me or personally attacks me in any way, I refuse to help them. Instead of complaining, yelling and telling salespeople were full of shit, calm down, speak respectively and you’ll almost always get what you want.

  44. mike says:

    I hate Best Buy as much as the next guy. And I’ve set this before and it’s worth saying again.

    Sometimes, you’re only option is Best Buy because they’ve priced the little guy out of town. It sucks, but it’s true.

  45. lemur says:

    @scoobydoo: Thanks for the report about the reality of those extended warranties. It’s been my understanding that BB and similar stores totally misrepresent what the warranty covers and then when you need to use it you find the terms are much worse than what they told you initially.

  46. Orv says:

    For what it’s worth, the markup on Fry’s on some types of cables — especially ethernet cables — doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as at most retailers. If I can’t buy online, I try to go there. Of course, then you have to deal with the charming quirks of Fry’s, which include items stocked one week and not the next, items reshelved in random locations, employees that have no clue what’s carried in their own department, and displays that look like they’ve been ransacked by looters.

  47. MyPetFly says:

    There – their – they’re… etc. What has happened to basic education in America?

  48. Radoman says:

    @lonewolf333: LoL. Those aren’t jaysonwhelpley’s personal rules. They are simply common English words that are often misused. It’s an easy mistake. I even catch myself misplacing one occasionally.

    They’re = short for, “they are”
    Their = possessive, “their tools”
    There = locative, “over there”

    Language does indeed evolve, creating new words all the time. However, wrong is wrong, even for slang.

    Don’t feel bad, even that Best Buy manger guy, persch5, got it wrong. “Yes, both terms have been used by customers to get there way.”

  49. ? graffiksguru says:

    @XianZhuXuande: should have your comment in the post! nice work

  50. invader-zim says:

    yelling never gets you anywhere with anyone… it just makes you look like a jerk. raise your voice at me, i dont care… it just makes me less likely to give in to your requests. now if you’re polite, on the other hand… then i’ll go out of my way for you.

    i’m not a best buy associate… but nobody responds well to getting yelled at.

  51. Trai_Dep says:

    @loquaciousmusic: No, when in doubt, the editor of a story should define these weird terms in [brackets – ed.]

  52. MeMikeYouNot says:

    I’m not defending BB but have to say that my experiences there (their?) aren’t as life shattering as most of yours. This week I went in to buy a new laptop case. I found one (more like a sleeve, without handles)and bought it. Turns out it wasn’t big enough so I went yesterday to return it, had my receipt and was expecting a major hassle, since I seldom return anything. The girl behind the returns counter was friendly, processed the return without even asking me why and then returned cash (I had used my debit card) and she told me they typically return under $250 in cash when a debit card is used. The last major thing I bought was an old-school TV when I moved into my condo in 2005(I paid like $350, which is what I could afford at the time). I had a friend with a truck come to help me bring it home and at least 3 BB guys were helping us load it on the truck and did a great job. PS–they wouldn’t take a tip–I tried.

  53. yesteryear says:

    i dont understand why BB is even still making news on this site? anyone who has ever spent 10 minutes reading posts here should know the three cardinal rules of being a consumerist:
    1. don’t shop at best buy
    2. understand that comcast/at&t/verizon/dell/apple/sprint,etc. suck
    3. if you shop at best buy,or use comcast, or have at&t, verizon, apple or sprint products and you encounter a problem, be prepared for commenters to call you stupid for even patronizing these companies in the first place. oh, and also be prepared for commenters to spend more time critiquing your spelling, grammar and english usage than actually remarking on your experience.

  54. greensmurf says:

    Before dealing with a issue with Best Buy take a xanax then you can deal with them in a calm and laid back manner.

  55. warf0x0r says:

    10. If you have purchased a product from Best Buy and it is under MFG Warranty (As long as it is Serviceable), you can send it to be fix from the Best Buy store. You do not have to call the MFG directly or ship it to them. Example: Computers/Cameras/Printers/TV’s. Most of the time it will be forwarded directly the MFG.

    Which means you have no control over shipping or tracking your product.

    You add a middleman who can screw up by misdiagnosing the problem or returning it unserviced if they cannot reproduce.

    8. If a product is exchanged under the PSP within the first year it automatically transfers over. You DO NOT have to purchase a new PSP.

    I’ve heard differently. I believe this is up to managers digression. Can you provide the line from the PSP about this?

    A more helpful post might include a list of what items are and are not “DEVO”. What type of employee is the source of this article. After working there for 3.5 years I know one thing you can go to one store and get one story and you can go to another and get something completely different. I’m honestly supprised this is even a post on consumerist.

  56. Canoehead says:

    “As for the manager that claims people have been abusive to him, I’ll say that yes that is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. However, I seriously doubt that a customer just strolled into your store, picked up his copy of the new Queens of the Stone Age and said, “Ring me up, you fat faggot.” He was probably subjected to the Best Buy Book of Stonewalling Strategies(TM), and while a reaction like that is inappropriate, I can’t say that I’m completely surprised.”

    At a certain point you might as well vent, since they are not going to help you anyway. While I generally would not comment on the salesdrone’s gender preferences, I think I may have used the term “smelly hippy” and mentioned something about sexual congress with his distaff parent. At that point I knew that the only satisfaction I would receive was the look on his face, so if you are expecting actual retain help later in the trasaction, this approach is not recommended.

  57. Part-Time-Viking says:

    I second all of these, but then again, I work at a store that is actually staffed with people who know policy, and who have managers that generally don’t care if you bend or break it to benefit the customer depending on the customer.

    Most importantly though, if you want to get good customer service, be a good customer. Don’t stroll into the place with a temper because employees are instructed that they don’t have to help someone who is out of line like that.

    I have seen DEVO thrown around a couple times here, and it’s true that if Devo, the store can replace the unit if still warrantied either through the MFG or the PSP. Other stores in my district have no idea about what that means and what we can do with it. Generally if it comes from abuse, we won’t do anything about it if bought without a ADH, but if it’s a MFG issue six months after purchase, and the unit is Devo, we will ALWAYS swap it out regardless of if the customer has purchased the PSP or not. Again, not all stores know about this so I recommend the few readers of Consumerist who still shop there to ask about it.

  58. eBay is a godsend for both cables and (camera, phone, etc.) batteries.

  59. marsneedsrabbits says:

    @jaydez wrote:
    #12. Open all purchases before leaving the store. You need to makes sure what you bought is actually in the box.

    Absolutely, 100% correct. Do it at the register, in sight of the check-out person. If they refuse to allow you to do it, don’t leave without a refund.

    This all assumes that anyone has to shop at Best Buy.
    Which they don’t.
    So don’t, already.

  60. FLConsumer says:

    @satoru: On the cables, the “better” cables BB sells are crap as well, especially if you’re doing custom wire jobs. Clark/Belden/Cardas wire only for those type of installs.

  61. drjayphd says:

    Hey, wait, did everyone get their plugs for Monoprice and HI-larious “tip 1: don’t go to Best Buy” cracks in yet? Just checking.

  62. coold8 says:


    Did anyone happen to mention this one? DONT EVER SHOP AT BEST BUY! Very simple.

  63. AlphaTeam says:

    So I can buy a computer, but ADH for 2 years. Back up my stuff in like 18 months, and throw my computer out the window, then douse it with gasoline and light it and get a refund? So is this refund original price or current worth.

  64. wellfleet says:

    @warf0x0r: The line in the PSP brochure goes something along the lines of “if your product is replaced outside the MFG’s warranty, your service plan is considered fulfilled.” It’s the same for Product Replacement Plans, i.e. PRPs. If your XBOX360 gets replaced under the PRP during the first year, you get to keep your PRP. If it’s replaced in the second year, you need to buy a new one. It’s not at the manager’s discretion at all.
    @AlphaTeam: We have to send up ALL ADH claims, these are still SERVICE plans, not replacement plans, and if the service center gets a whiff of your abusive behavior, i.e. the pyro stuff, they will deny the replacement. It needs to look legit.

    As a manager at BB, I must +1 the “be a good customer”. I recently realized that my job will lead to severe ulcers because customers who have every right to be upset also feel they have a right to scream at me and call me names. Yes, I’m sorry the laptop has been at service for three weeks, but melting my face off is not going to get it back to you any faster. If anything, customers who smile at me and realize that I have no incentive to make them mad get the fastest service. I have bent all kinds of rules for people who were kind to me, didn’t yell, and understood that I was trying to make them happy.

    I swear to the CS community that you CAN get amazing service at BB, that you can get honest salespeople, and a good experience, it happens in my store every day.

    Also, real quick, the people talking about DEVO and Junkout clearly have a limited understanding of how this process actually works and are misleading you all. In any given month, each store will have a set budget for how many dollars they can spend on “DEVO” (basically, FUBAR items). When they max out that budget, items that were DEVO become serviceable items because the store cannot afford to throw them out anymore because they will not get credit from the MFG. Don’t count on an insider to tell you to buy something because they can junk it out and give you a new one under a PSP, they may be wrong.

  65. corvi_yallis says:

    Agree with point no. 5. 6-foot geeksquad crossover cable for 27 bucks. Ouch. Never make that mistake again.

  66. Derp says:

    OP is completely correct on #4, except the mailing a district manager thing. All decisions stop with the store GM, no one will override him/her. Its called “owning your box” and the district staff is there as a support service only, except the district GM, but he/she will always let the store GM’s ruling fly. On the other hand, if you complete the survey at the bottom of your reciept and wish to log a complaint, theat store’s GM must respond to the complaint within 48 hours. Usually, they rule in favor of the customer.

  67. Michael Belisle says:

    @tevetorbes: @Canoehead: It doesn’t matter how the employee treated the customer. There’s no excuse for insults. None. Not even to vent.

    As the manager pointed out, the employees make $8-$12 an hour. Launching an ad hominem is like child abuse: it does nothing but confirm that the customer is a bad person.

  68. ninjatales says:

    BestBuy employees are noobs when it comes to gadgets from my experience. Maybe I’m a bit too old but that’s jus my 2 cents.

  69. SwarupaCadizzle says:

    @jk09: Comment on 10 Things To Remember When Shopping At Best Buy ADH = Accidental Damage from Handling (If you drop/damage your shit)

    MFG = Manufacturer Warranty (The warranty from the manufacturer)

    PSP = Performance Service Plan (The extended service plan that Best Buy
    offers, usually available in 2-4 year plans depending on what you buy)

  70. rikkus256 says:

    Never shop at BestBuy. They are called WorstBuy for reasons.

  71. rikkus256 says:

    Edit to my post above. Never shop at BestBuy unless you know absolutely what you are doing and what you want at exact what price. If you go there unprepared, those blood suckers will scam you in any ways.

  72. Bruce says:

    When shopping at Best Buy, there are some unwritten rules that are easily followed by both customer and the friendly, helpful staff at Best Buy.

    Rule 1a: The dis-satisfied customer with the AK-47 is right 99.9999% of the time.

    Rule 1b: The Blueshirt that insists that he or she is right…. Well, let’s just say we call that Darwinian natural selection around here….

    Rule 1c: Only window shop at Bestbuy, leaving all forms of monetary instruments at home before entering the store. Poke, prod, measure, examine and compare to your hearts content and then go home and buy it from Newegg, Chiefvalue, Zipzoomfly or Monoprice.

    Rule 1d: bestbuy.com should be blacklisted in your firewall/router or HOSTS file.

    Bonus rule!

    1e: Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball!

  73. wellfleet says:

    @Bruce: wow, classy.

  74. antirem says:

    I dont agree with rule 1.. I worked at geek squad and the pissed off customers got there way while best buy walked all over the nice ones. Dotn yell i guess.. but dont be nice.

    • Hill says:

      I didn’t get any satisfaction from Geek Squad, they sell you a a contract (Best Buy) along with another tech support package that are always trying to sell you something else to fix a problem that you shouldn’t have. That’s what they mean by bundling as it cost you a bundle. So I bought a IYogi support package which I’ve called about 25 times at least. They do fix whatever you say is wrong but it doesn’t work the next day. Just yesterday I found out they are run by the same company. A good marketing technique, They spend a lot of time doing whatever they do and then when you are worn out they switch you to a supervisor, he gives you a heavy sales pitch and by this time you are so worn out you are ready to buy anything to fix what you called for. Then the next day they do it all over again. At least the B/B tech support tries to sell you right up front, all in all it’s been 2 months and things still don’t work as advertised.

  75. Michael Belisle says:

    @Bruce: Speaking of blocking bestbuy.com, my sister works at Best Buy corporate. Hilariousness ensued when she tried to send me an email from work because the campus mail system blacklisted all mail from bestbuy.com.

    I like to think that countless kids started getting Best Buy spam after IT whitelisted bestbuy.com for me.

  76. drjayphd says:

    @wellfleet: He kind of does have a point about Happy Fun Ball, though…

  77. YouCanEatMe says:

    I’m an Avid Editor by trade so I kind of know what I’m taking about when we get into the technical guts of video.
    So I went into BB grab a PS3, I was asked if I needed an HDMI cable. Told the kid no, I already had a few and he told me this little gem as he pulls a $108 3 meter cable from the rack…

    “Is it this kind dude? ‘Cuz if it’s not, it’s going to increase the total harmonic distortion in the signal to picture ratio and you don’t need that kind of grief.”

    I broke out laughing and said, “no DUDE, I don’t need THIS kind of grief.”
    Left without buying anything.

    HDMI cables on eBay. 6m $7.99

  78. jess1985 says:

    @Part-Time-Viking: from what I understand, manufacturers have a set percentage of their products that can be returned as defective (for example, if canon sells 3 milion SD750 cameras, they may take back 3% of them without charging the retailer). So if a product is DEVO the store can return it with no problem. Once that limit is reached the product changes from DEVO to service, in which case the product cannot be returned and must be sent to service for repairs. (unless it is within return policy)

  79. Anonymous says:

    I understand the mentality of “big box” stores such as Best Buy simply out to make money and the hell with the customer. Of course, that does not mean I have to agree with their corporate philosophy—I can and have refused to purchase items there because of the insane markup on items (indeed, cables are the worst).
    However, having purchased speakers, a blu-ray player, an XBox 360 Elite, a Pioneer Elite receiver and other items from the store in Downers Grove, Illinois, I must say that once the floor staff knows you, they will go out of their way to help you. Staff have gone to the back of the store to find an XBox 360 with a holiday game bundle enclosed to sell to me (and the bundled consoles were not stocked on the floor yet). A manager took a return on a faulty Denon reciever after six weeks had passed when I informed him I did not want to go three weeks without one until it returned from a service center (that is when I purchased the slightly more expensive Pioneer). The Definitive Technology speakers I have drooled over for months went on sale, then went off sale and the rep. guaranteed me the price when I was ready to purchase.
    So, get to know the staff. They are in most cases knowledgeable and will help in any way once they get to know you. It’s like any business relationship.

  80. Douglas Keachie says:

    All of the below are terms for which it is next to impossible to find much information on Google, especially when combined with “terms and conditions.” Do you suppose the industry pays Google to just forget about them? Adding “contract” shrinks the pool too.

    Accidental Damage Handling
    Accidental Damage From Handling
    Accidental Damage Plan

    The sales people say if you drop the camera, cool, it’s covered. The blurb on the Sony site says “under normal conditions” I don’t normally drop cameras, is that an out for them? Seems to me there should be way more activity on the web for these topics, and that the “terms and conditions” for all the major company’s plans should be findable. They are not.

  81. Douglas Keachie says:

    Take it out of the box, if necessary insist on charging the battery, look for warranty cards, note to cashier if not there, and make note. Put in memory card and take a few pictures, make sure zoom works smoothly, in short, spend about two hours road testing before leaving store.

    Also, dress you most lawyerly best, suit and tie intimidate well. Let it drop that you work as an attorney, photograph the box and the seals, look for tampering, broken seals.