Uhaul Dealer's Tips For Happier Renting

A U-haul manager shared with us his tips for having a better experience when you rent with them:

  • Book well in advance( at least a week) with a MAJOR credit card
  • If you reserve through the 1800 number, get your reservation number and call back a day or 2 before to find where to pick up your equipment. Do not wait for someone to call you.
  • When you pick up, bring your drivers license and credit or debit card. It makes things easier for everyone.
  • If you know a location that you prefer to pickup or drop off, let uHaul or the dealer know.
  • Take the insurance, but only if you are not covered by your auto policy. No credit card will cover damage.

What about all those tales about broken and poorly maintained trucks? His thoughts, inside…

“I have read many of the horror stories on the web and consumerist, and have this to say… Every situation is different, when you get a good or bad experience it can be isolated to a single person or location. We think we have a partnership with Uhaul, we let them repair the equipment, we take care of the customers. Speaking for our location, I honestly never want to send someone out on a rental if I feel the equipment is unsafe, and with our primary business, there is NEVER a need to lie or treat people poorly.

“Overall, their equipment is in much better shape than when we were a dealer a few years ago, we are contributing to our bottom line with their product on our lot, and I would not say they are a bad company. Their software could use some streamlining and their intractable attitude as well.”


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  1. Xay says:

    I wish U-Haul people would stop the booking in advance lie when the fact is booking a truck does not guarantee receiving a truck no matter when you booked it.

  2. homerjay says:

    I’m not a UHaul dealer and I have the BEST tip ever: Don’t rent from UHaul.

  3. BrewMe says:

    What do they mean by a MAJOR credit card? Does UHaul take Sears?

  4. agdTinMan says:

    All these posts by managers sharing “tips for having a better experience when you rent with them” really get on my nerves.

    Why doesn’t U-Haul just fix the problems that plague their whole company, instead of telling the customer what they’re doing wrong, and how the customer can make things easier.

  5. Bladefist says:

    @xay: It’s the same with enterprise. I booked a car like a month in advanced, when I got to the rental location, I got there about 5 mins early and they didn’t have my car. I asked where it was and it was at an enterprise at the airport. I had to wait while they went and got it. I asked why they didn’t get it earlier and they said ‘We don’t get them until last minute in case you cancel.’ Douche bags.

  6. billbillbillbill says:

    I have decided after renting a couple of Uhauls and Budgets that I will use Budget from now on. My reason is that at least around here, Budget has a policy to only rent trucks that are under 3 years old. Once the truck reaches that age, it is sold. Both the Uhaul trucks that I rented had over 300,000 miles on them and seemed to be way past their prime. I was doing in town moves and figured that they rent the new trucks to the one way long distance moves and leave the old trucks near a repair shop and to let them die here. I don’t know if this is the consensus around the country.

  7. jigbim says:

    I recommend that you do not use the website to reserve your truck. They queue the website reservations until the day before then look for a location with the equipment you are trying to get. If all the local centers have reservations, you are out of luck. Call a center and reserve with them so they can get the equipment and have it waiting. I ended up with a smaller truck and an 8 hour delay because I submitted my reservation online. I kept thinking I was in a Seinfeld episode as they gave me one excuse after another. The truck I ended up with couldn’t fit all my stuff and I had to leave appliances and furniture behind.

  8. arch05 says:

    fuck uhaul.

  9. ThomFabian says:

    “Book well in advance( at least a week) with a MAJOR credit card”

    LOL. Heck, why not book 3 years in advance. You stand just as much chance of having the truck actually there when you go pick it up.

  10. Bladefist says:

    I’ve rented 3 U-Hauls and never had an issue really.

  11. LorneReams says:

    “Take the insurance, but only if you are not covered by your auto policy. No credit card will cover damage.”

    Mine specifically says it covers Uhaul BY NAME.

  12. beavis88 says:

    I have one and only one tip for having a better experience with U-Haul:

    1) Rent from Penske

  13. apotheosis says:

    The few experiences I’ve had with them have been more or less positive.

    I concede that my dissatisfaction meter might be skewed by a 24-foot Ryder truck that died and left me stranded on the interstate at 3am, requiring a six-hour wait for a tow into Wichita and a complete transfer of the truck’s contents to a different truck. On a Saturday morning. With zero assistance from the Ryder staff on hand.

    The few gripes I’ve had with UHaul pale by comparison.

  14. nursetim says:

    He certainly does read The Consumerist, since many of those “tips” can be translated as Blame The Consumer, the new theme here.

  15. CapitalC says:

    @homerjay: I’ll second that.
    There’s a reason I avoid Uhaul vehicles on the roads at all cost and it’s not because their renters didn’t have a “happy rental”.

  16. Bladefist says:

    @apotheosis: bummer man.

  17. savvy999 says:

    No problems here with UHaul either. Rented from them many times over the years (last in 2005), it was all good. Maybe they have gone downhill since then, it happens…

    (*cough* Sears! *cough*)

  18. Xay says:

    @Bladefist: I’ve had mixed results with U-Haul. Their equipment has been fine. My main problem is that no matter how overbooked they are, they continue to take reservations. Then they give out the trucks to whoever gets to the office first, no matter when the reservation was made.

  19. Starfury says:

    A friend rented a U-haul years back. The tank showed 1/4 tank, enough to get us to the gas station so we could put enough in to move him.

    It ran out of gas 5 blocks from the rental place.

    I’ll never use U-haul; there are other rental places plus I have family/friends with pick up trucks.

  20. thirdbase says:

    U haul is the best buy of the truck rental industry

  21. arcticJKL says:

    Book at the local location not the 800 number. National didnt even list three local places when I called.

    The local store got me the truck I wanted on the date I wanted it because they wanted my money.

  22. Brie says:

    @agdTinMan: All these posts by managers sharing “tips for having a better experience when you rent with them” really get on my nerves.

    I love these posts, especially when there’s something preventing them from doing a good job for the customer that the customer wouldn’t otherwise know about (like call center metrics). The tip about bringing your DL and credit card made me giggle, because I’d like to think people don’t have to be TOLD “bring something to pay with,” but there it is.

  23. Eric1285 says:

    @Starfury: Nothing like having a friend with a monsterous Ford F-350…runs on biodiesel too, so we don’t feel bad driving it around town schlepping stuff. Sure, it only gets about 8 mpg, but the exhaust smells like freedom fries!

  24. Shadowman615 says:

    So, no booking with a MINOR credit card?

  25. sp00nix says:

    me and a buddy got one to move some stuff from storage to his house, it had a bad alternator and it stalled, it needed to be jumped every time it needed to be started. u haul said deal with it.

  26. greensmurf says:

    Its called Uhaul for a reason, because when the trucks break down U Haul your crap with a Dolly!!!

  27. billbillbillbill says:

    I also hate their fuel policy, the tank has to be returned at the level it was when it was rented. So with prepay pumps, you swipe credit card, put in a couple of gallons, stop pumping, go start the truck, nope, not enough, OK, swipe credit card, pump some more, etc. Just give me the dang truck full of gas and I’ll return it full. Add that to the list of why I hate uhaul.

  28. lemur says:

    From the OP:

    “Speaking for our location, I honestly never want to send someone out on a rental if I feel the equipment is unsafe, and with our primary business, there is NEVER a need to lie or treat people poorly.”

    That’s all nice and fluffy and everything but given that no company representative will ever say that they send people out with unsafe equipment or that they tell their employees to “lie or treat people poorly”, I think this is an information-free statement.

    As to whether U-Haul is worthy of our business, here’s the bottom line: my wife and I have had issues with U-Haul every time we rented with them. We never had an issue with Enterprise even after multiple rentals. Guess which company we now patronize?

  29. snead says:

    I’ve rented several times from U-Haul. The most recent time they tried to give me a truck with over 300,000 miles on it that was visibly leaking fluid, and that died as they were pulling it out of the garage for me. The only other truck they would offer me was a size too small, forcing me to move in two trips. Never again.

    If you actually go ahead with U-Haul for some reason, bear in mind that, at least in the NYC metro area, the communication between their corporate offices (800 number) and local offices are complete crap. Do not expect rentals made through the 800 number to be there when you get there. Bug the crap out of the local office and make sure they have your reservation. One-way rentals are the most problematic because they keep the 1-ways and local trucks in separate pools; if your one-way truck isn’t available (b/c the last person using it is returning late) they may not have an extra, and they won’t give you an extra truck from their pool of local vehicles.

    Try Penske.

  30. chocobo24 says:

    I don’t think this manager is right by just saying it is based on each location. On 3 seperate occasions in 1 year, I had each UHaul truck break down on me at some point (each with helping different people). This was even across 2 different states.

    Each time, once the vehicle was turned off it just didn’t start again. UHaul’s solution was usually just finding a way to turn it on and then never turn it off….great service.

  31. sirwired says:

    The U-Haul “reservation” system is a joke. All you are “reserving” is the opportunity to be first in line, should you show up at the same time as somebody else. The “reservation” contract clearly states it reserves nothing and guarantees nothing except for the fact that U-Haul will charge you a fee if you don’t show up. If you do show up, and they are out of trucks, too bad for you; you get your money back and nothing else.

    My credit card insurance (which is exactly the same for all Visa cards) clearly covers two-axle trucks. For this manager to state otherwise clearly shows he has never read the credit card’s policy.

    And what the heck is a “MAJOR” credit card? As opposed to what? Diner’s Club? No $hit, Sherlock.


  32. marsneedsrabbits says:

    he must have forgotten Tip # 6:

    Rent from anyone else and forget UHaul.

    Because, more likely than not:
    “Anyone else” won’t conveniently forget your reservation.
    “Anyone else” won’t gouge you on the price once your carefully made reservation has been lost and it’s the day of your move.
    “Anyone else” will rent you a safe truck that has been inspected during the current century.
    “Anyone else” probably won’t require that you return the truck in Timbuktu.
    “Anyone else” wouldn’t respond to documented safety concerns with claims that the safety stickers must’ve fallen off the trucks.

    “Anyone else” may not be better, but they are not likely to be worse than UHaul.

  33. gamehendge2000 says:

    Last time I rented at U-Haul, I filled out all of the rental paperwork and they handed me the keys.

    As I was driving out of the lot, the employee stopped the truck and asked to see my receipt.

    Rather than start down a slippery slope of eroding consumer rights, I decided it made more sense to run the guy over with the truck.

    Tread marks over what was formerly his face and everything.

    It made me feel good that I was standing up for the rights of the common man.

  34. Rachacha says:

    My experieces with U-Haul have not been great:
    1) Their $29.99 truck actually costs you $39.99 (+ applicable fees). When I asked why I could not get the 24′ truck for the $29.99 price listed in all of their advertisements, I was told it was because the location only had the 24′ truck of the $39.99 variety (but could not be told what the difference was between the $29.99 or the $39.99.

    2) A 24 hour rental is actually only 8 hours long. If you want the truck overnight, you need to pay for a second day (even if your drop the truck off the minute that they open their doors.

    3) Receive equipment with the “Check Engine” light on and thick blue smoke blowing out of the exhaust.

    All of this was at different locations around the country, and subsequently, I will never rent from U-haul again

  35. TheSeeker says:

    “When you pick up, bring your drivers license and credit or debit card. It makes things easier for everyone.”

    Never, ever use your debit card for anything like this unless you want to jeopardize your bank account.

    If the retailer screws you around you are out real money if you use your debit card. Use a Credit Card to protect yourself.

  36. Blueskylaw says:

    “I honestly never want to send someone out on a rental if I feel the equipment is unsafe”

    But that does not mean he won’t

  37. Blueskylaw says:


  38. lowlight69 says:

    i have never had a good experience with uhaul, ever. rented a several times. one time they didn’t have a truck at all. one time i was left waiting at their shop for 3 hours for a truck. another time the truck was reported stolen by uhaul, even though i had all my paper work. i could go on and on. simply put, uhaul sucks. if my only choice was uhaul again, i think i’d just sale everything on craigs list and buy it new when i got to where i was going. uhaul is full of liars, cheats, and death-trap vehicles. bare in mind i’ve rented their trucks in 3 different states, they all suck.

    but hey, that’s just my luck, your millage may vary…..

  39. cockpuncher says:

    Ive got a tip for all of you… use PENSKE. They are the best always have new trucks and friendly people. I have always used them and NEVER had a bad experience.

  40. AD8BC says:

    @Bladefist: Neither have I. I rented a 5×8 trailer one way from Michigan to Dallas when I moved to Texas. It was a great experience!

  41. ecwis says:

    @sirwired: Actually, U-Haul does take Diners Club as they now have an alliance with MasterCard.

  42. Allstop says:

    Just make sure that you bring you Auto Insurance with you for proof of insurance or you are “required” or forced to take min coverage. That is what I was informed of when I rented a vehicle from them this past weekend, even though I wanted to waive the insurance I could not.

    Anything they can do to suck your wallet dry they will do it.

  43. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @apotheosis: I’m sorry for your pain, but…
    “…zero assistance from the Ryder staff on hand.”

    While it would have been nice for them to offer, I’m not sure that you would want to do it if you were the staff. 1. They’re not paid to do any heavy lifting, and if one of them were to get injured while ‘helping’ I don’t know where the liability would lie, but I’m pretty sure they would try and get you on the hook.
    2. What if they dropped or broke your stuff while transferring it? Would you have just laughed about it or tried to hold them liable?

    I’m not sticking up for them, but try to see things from another perspective.

    The only rental company I like would be National, and that is because they have gone above and beyond on several occasions.
    UHaul is just above enterprise on the seventh level of hell (just below Budget)

  44. Sasquatch says:

    After my hellish U-Haul experience (rented a truck 4 months in
    advance of my move; day of move, no truck… anywhere in the greater
    Boston area) I will never use their service again. If I make a
    reservation 4 months in advance, you damn well better have my truck on
    the day I need it. U-Haul is the worst, and you’d be better served
    finding a different company with which to do your business.

  45. AMetamorphosis says:

    About 5 years back I rented a U-haul to move some furniture and odds & ends out of my parents house to move to my house about 35 miles away. When I got to there, the vehicle in question was dented and had graffiti on it.

    I mentioned this to the associate and made sure he marked it on the rental agreement.

    I had no problems when I returned it.
    Guess from what I’m reading I’m lucky.

  46. LibidinousSlut says:

    @beavis88: Penske is expensive. Uhaul is dirt cheap, in comparison. And I’ve done two one way hauls. Also, penske isn’t everywhere (like in my rural vt town), uhaul is far more ubiquitous.

  47. humphrmi says:

    The only thing I ever need a rental truck for anymore is getting stuff home that I buy that’s too big and they don’t deliver. I’m glad to see that home improvement stores now offer rental trucks, that’s about all I use them for anymore anyway.

  48. Anitra says:

    It’s a franchise, and a loosely-controlled one at that. Your experience will heavily depend on the owner/management of the location(s) you go to. That said, my experience with U-Haul in central Massachusetts was sleazy enough that I now use Penske or Ryder when I need to rent a large truck.

  49. puka_pai says:

    “Their software could use some streamlining and their intractable attitude as well.”

    Gee, ya think?

    The last time we ever rented from UHaul, it was because my husband’s company paid for it. We brought the truck home, just a few blocks away through a congested residential area with a 25 MPH speed limit. That’s why we didn’t discover that it only had two gears — first and fourth — until the truck was completely loaded and we were getting on the highway. UHaul was nice enough to replace it with a truck that was less than half the size but agreed to eat the mileage “as a courtesy”. Many trips later, we returned the truck and they tried to dun us for a huge bill for mileage anyway. We got that worked out — or so we thought, until a couple of months later when my husband didn’t receive a paycheck, because his employer took out the “excess fees” for the truck rental from his pay.

    Contrast that with Penske: They’re a lot more expensive, but we were moving clear across Texas and they have free mileage. Hey, they couldn’t be worse than UHaul, so we thought we’d try it. We were moving during the week before Christmas and expected to return the truck on Xmas Eve. My son got seriously ill that week and we fell behind. We called to ask how much it would cost to keep the truck an extra day. “Hey, don’t worry about it. We’re closed the next day anyway, so just have it back to us by opening time on the 26th.”

    Penske has my business forever.

  50. apotheosis says:

    Valid points, to be sure.

  51. marzak says:

    i used to work for uhaul. anytime the trailers would come back with any defective lighting, i would rewire the whole trailer. car dollys were great. one comes back with a broken wheel cover i would redo the whole trailer. i had a customer wait on me to finish fixing one so he could rent it, her even let me test the lights out on his vehicle when i was finished.

  52. tvmitch says:

    Stay far away from U-Haul. Last time I used them I made the mistake of relying on them for a truck on my moving day…and I had to move that very day, with no buffer time.

    I get to the office – I had reserved the truck at the office – and guess what, no truck. “The guys came in yesterday with no reservation and needed a truck, and they said they would have it back by 9am.” (This was 8:55am.)

    Lo and behold, the two self-absorbed morons who rented the truck showed up with it at 11am. The truck died as it pulled in because there was no gas in the truck left. We sat and waited AN HOUR for the attendant to go over the truck, clean it out (there was wet soggy mess inside) and head down to the gas station two miles away to get a gallon of gas, and come back. By this point, half my moving day was gone, and I was leaving my family in the lurch without a truck.

    So once we got the truck, it wouldn’t go over 30 mph and had 275K miles on it.

    I refused to pay for the truck when I returned it. I eventually got a hold of some higher-ups and had them pay for every cent of my gas, too.

    The previous time I rented from them: I chose the location where I wanted to pick up, halfway between my move from PA to NJ, and they called to tell me that the rental truck was moved 50 miles to the north, completely out of my way. I had them reimburse for the extra mileage. Not to mention this truck had 300K+ miles on it and wouldn’t go above 55…and we were on the PA and NJ turnpikes!

    Never again, U-Haul. A trashy, completely unreliable company. One of the worst, if not the worst, in America.

  53. Buran says:

    How are Enterprise and Lowes at their rent-a-truck/van programs? I intend to rent from one of them if I need a pickup for a day to haul something large and the friend whose mom has a Tundra can’t help, or mom and her CR-V can’t help, and whatever I’m hauling can’t fit in my VW GTI with the seats folded down.

  54. Orv says:

    I’ve had mostly good experiences with U-Haul. All of my one-way moves have been in good equipment — in one case I actually got a brand new truck with 300 miles on the odometer.

    My in-town moves have been a more mixed experience. I suspect when they have a truck that’s too worn-out to make it across the country anymore, they make it an in-town truck. That said, I’ve gotten good service from my local franchise. On one occasion I had reserved a 14′ truck, but they didn’t have it because that truck had suffered a transmission failure the previous day. Not only did they set me up with a 17′ truck instead, they gave it to me at the same price as the 14′ *and* gave me a credit for the extra gas I’d use driving the bigger truck. I call that good customer service.

  55. Orv says:

    @Buran: One issue with companies like Enterprise is they usually won’t let you tow anything. If you don’t need to tow a car or a trailer with the truck, and you don’t need a one-way rental, then it’s probably all right.

    I will say I’ve never rented a car from Enterprise and found the car I’d reserved actually there, but that’s true of every car rental company I’ve dealt with. I now always reserve the cheapest car possible because I know they almost certainly won’t have it and will bump me up to something bigger for free.

  56. Pibe38 says:

    Funny thing is I rented a U-Haul truck this past weekend, and booked in advance online.

    Their website will charge you a $5 convenience fee, just like Ticketmaster does (as explained by the person working the U-Haul store counter), that will not count towards your rental fees.

    The person working the counter told me to never book online, unless I wanted to waste $5, and to just go to the center.

  57. Ragman says:

    My one UHaul rental started with the only available on a July 4th weekend had a broken A/C. In Texas. We went to the next closest UHaul, had to get a 20 ft truck, since it was all they had. The same time we were picking it up, another couple was in the office complaining about how they’d reserved a 24 ft truck for that morning.

    One other consumer hint they forgot: If possible, don’t rent at the end/beginning of the month, especially holidays (July 4th, etc). That’s when most people are moving in and out, since leases are monthly. When we moved into our house from an apartment, I made sure to overlap my lease with the closing date by a week.

  58. theora55 says:

    I rented from UHaul recently. The rep leaned on me really hard to get the insurance, and (inaccurately) assured me that my auto insurance would not cover a truck. Really didn’t want to take ‘No’ for an answer. The check engine light was on, and it was pretty beat up, but it got the job done.

  59. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I’d say that all truck rentals have the same good/bad points. I just rented a truck from Budget. I did the online reservation 2 days in advanced for a 10 ft truck. When I showed up (on time) to pick up my truck, the guy informed me that they didn’t have any 10 ft trucks to rent. So they gave me a 16 ft truck for the price of a 10 ft.

    The good thing, was that it was a brand new truck. It had a little over a 100 miles on the odometer. The bad thing, was that I really didn’t want to drive such a large vehicle, especially in city traffic. Overall, the experience was average. Even though I got the free upgrade, I wish they had actually had a 10 ft truck ready for me.

    @sirwired is right.. online reservations are a joke. The only thing it reserves is, your first pick of whatever truck is on the lot that morning.

  60. TechnoDestructo says:


    More like the Radio Shack.

    I doubt U-haul would still exist if Penske and Ryder had a presence in smaller cities (if you aren’t near a city of 100,000 people or larger, you can pretty much forget using them).

  61. lemur says:

    @Buran: The only vehicles we’ve ever rented with Enterprise were cargo vans. They’ve always been available to us on time. They’ve always been in good condition and Enterprise has never substituted it for something else. At the locations we rented from, cargo van was the biggest thing they had. The lack of something bigger was a feature for us because we did not want them to give us something bigger with the pretense that they were giving us more for the same price.

    Just about every single time we rented with U-Haul, they pulled that switcheroo crap on us. In their head, they were giving us a freebie by giving us something bigger than we reserved but we had to pay more gas and got headaches with finding parking or driving the vehicle in tight spaces so for us it was no freebie at all but a huge pain in the ass.

  62. RevRagnarok says:

    Oh my where can I start? ;)

    Same as what others say – #6 – ANYBODY ELSE.

    I was in a co-op program and had to move every 6 months for 3 years, plus another 2 or 3 around it. That’s 6 moves in a 3 year window. And not once did I have a good experience with U-Haul. However, they were the only game in town. Like somebody else said – their concept of a reservation is your spot in the bitch-line. Not once did they actually have what I had reserved. And I was so young and stupid that I had them install a hitch on my car once – took over three hours, the guy had busted at least two drill bits on my bumper, and they drilled into my spare tire (smooooth).

  63. Reason says:

    @lowlight69: Agreed, 100%. I’ve *never* known anyone personally who has had a good experience with U-Haul.

    I’ve rented from them a couple of times, and both were unpleasant experiences for reasons that others have given (dirty truck, bait-and-switch on price, awful service, tricky day-counting to overcharge, etc.). But considering what others have gone through I consider myself lucky. I had an old roommate who got a truck with no emergency break, which is deadly in San Francisco. Finally, another old roommate had his breaks fail in his U-Haul, and he has pins in his body to this day from the accideent. The only consolation is that I think he got a good settlement from his lawsuit.

    After my second bad experience I’ve sworn off U-Haul and only use Penske, Hengehold, or Home Depot.

  64. LionelEHutz says:

    My tip for happier renting at U-Haul — rent from someone else.

  65. dweebster says:

    Thank god for the Consumerist. I last rented Uhaul some twenty years ago – don’t recall many details, but I do remember it was a junky old truck.

    After reading this article and the last one, it’s pretty apparent that you may even be safer walking into a “Best” Buy than renting from Uhaul – THAT’S pretty damn bad!

  66. groverexploder says:

    “…with our primary business, there is NEVER a need to lie or treat people poorly.”

    Implying that they DO need to lie and treat people poorly in other aspects of their business?

  67. gbgirl says:

    As a former reservations agent at U-haul’s corporate office, I can tell you that this manager’s tips are of negligible value. Booking in advance with a credit card does not mean that you will get a truck. The computer system does not track inventory in any way and agents will continue to make reservations until a general region is flagged as having limited equipment (which is a pretty rare occurrence- at that point, they will charge you a fee to be put on a waiting list and tell you that you will be called on the day of your move when equipment becomes available. Don’t hold your breath waiting on that.)

    The manager is right about never waiting to be called. I used to hear all day long: “The regional office never called me…” Be aware that making the call yourself doesn’t mean that your equipment is going to be remotely close to the pickup time or location that you wanted; you’ll just have more time to cope with matters if your plans go totally awry.

    Knowing a location where you prefer to pick up is useless when calling the 800 number. The agents will make note of your preference, but note that it is “a preference only”. If the equipment doesn’t happen to be dropped off there, they will send you miles and miles away, if need be. Your drop off location is usually wherever you choose in your destination city, because… no inventory tracking!

    My advice- go directly to your local dealer to make arrangements. Do not call the 800 number, or use the website to make reservations under any circumstances.

    Oh, the horror stories I could tell Consumerist from my time spent sitting in that dismal gray office with a busted phone and ancient computer…

  68. testing123a says:

    Based on personal experience with the thieving scumbags at U-hell (who intentionally overbook their trucks and then simply show their middle fingers to all the folks who thought they had a binding contract) I’d recommend that you never, Ever, EVER consider entertaining even the wispiest notion of a hint of thought of renting from them.
    I mean it. Seriously. No kidding. Never…