Someone Stole Your Tmobile Phone Now You Have To Pay $1500

Tricia asks:

Tmobile is not budging regarding $1500 dollars worth of charges on a SIM card that was stolen from my lost phone and put into another device. Its so obvious the phone was stolen, my bill is typically $40 a month, the person took someone out of my “Fave 5” and put in someone named Mostofo. I called Mostofo who said he wants to help “find the criminal” but Tmobile says they don’t really care about the fact that it was stolen, that I owe the total amount regardless. Super annoying! Anything I can do? I get that Tmobile says, until I officially report it stolen I’m responsible for the charges, I just think that’s ridiculous when its SO obvious the charges aren’t mine.

That’s a tough one, that is most cellphone company’s policy. The only thing we can suggest is raising a ruckus with this contact information in these posts, “Email Tmobile Executive Customer Service” and “Contact Tmobile Executive Customer Service. Maybe they will go halfsies on it. Or you could move to California and become an AT&T customer. Until the laws change, cellphone companies will continue to make a profit on calls made by thieves and unauthorized users, at your expense. Credit card companies have fraud detection and mechanisms, how about some for cellphones?

(Photo: JasonJT)