How To Go 30 Years Without A Credit Card

Consumer Reports staffer Greg Daugherty has gone 30 years without a credit card. Why? He doesn’t need one.

I recently reached what I bet is a rare milestone: I have now gone 30 years, basically my entire working life so far, without a credit card.

This may make me seem like some kind of nut, or at least an anachronism. You know, the type of person who still isn’t convinced that indoor plumbing is worth the investment.

I do have what’s sometimes called a “travel and entertainment” (as opposed to credit) card, in my case American Express. I’m not here to plug Amex, but I believe a card like that, which has to be paid off in full each month, imposes a certain restraint that could keep many of us out of financial trouble.

30 years without a credit card [Consumer Reports]

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