Personal Finance Roundup

Spending Gone Wild: What’s a Spouse to Do? [Wall Street Journal] “How do you deal with a spouse who is a runaway spender?”

8 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill [Smart Money] “With a little legwork, savvy shoppers can keep their grocery bills at pre-2007 levels — if not lower. Here’s how.”

How divorce hits your 401(k) [MSN Money] “If your marriage is breaking up, here’s one more thing to think about: The major effect it’ll have on your employer-sponsored retirement plan.”

Six Ways to Figure Out What Your House Is Worth [The Street] “Here are steps to get a reasonable idea of your house’s worth.”

The Candidates on the Pocketbook Issues [Business Week] “Here are some proposals from the 2008 Presidential candidates for shoring up Americans’ financial security.”

(Photo: CurtisJoeWalker)

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