Email Addresses For A FedEx EECB

Should you have just cause to take your complaint with FedEx to the highest levels of the company, load these email addresses into your Executive Email Carpet Bomb (EECB (Confused? Here’s How To Launch An Executive Email Carpet Bomb)).
– Fred Smith, Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer
– ROBERT CARTER, Executive VP Chief Information Officer
– DAVID REBHOLZ, Executive VP Operations & Systems Support
– DAVID BINKS, President, Canada region
– President, Europe, Middle East & Africa region
– Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
– BRAM JOHNSON, Executive Vice President
– DOUGLAS DUNCAN, President, Chief Executive Officer
– Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
– President, Chief Executive Officer
– President, Chief Executive Officer
– President, Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Custom Critical
– Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
– Tom Schmitt, President & Chief Executive Officer
– ALAN GRAF, Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer
– CHRISTINE RICHARDS, Executive VP, General Counsel, Secretary
– DAVID BRONCZEK, President, CEO, Fedex Europe
– DAVID CUNNINGHAM, President, Asia Pacific region
– JUAN CENTO, President, Latin America-Caribbean region
– Craig Simon, President, Global Supply Chain Services – Martine Journee

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  1. ucdcsteve says:

    Saw a FedEx delivery driver mailing a package at the US Post Office yesterday. I guess he doesn’t trust his own company. :)

  2. mopar_man says:


    Haha. That’s awesome!

  3. stageright says:

    @ucdcsteve: Or he’s sending it to a P.O. Box. I guess that isn’t as obvious as it seems to me.

  4. valleygirl_18002 says:

    As a FedEx Ground employee:

    Daniel Sullivan retired December 31, 2006.

    Bram Johnson died in 2007.

  5. darkclawsofchaos says:

    USPS is the best to receive packages from if you have a po box

  6. Oh No I Di'n't. says:

    This is *so* timely. My company has been arguing with FedEx for the past 24 hours and yesterday I did a search on Consumerist for info on how to contact the FedEx bigshots.


  7. B says:

    What do you use for a salutation for an EECB? Dear Sir(s) isn’t really appropriate, as not all the executives are men. “To whom it may concern” doesn’t sound right, too easy for the recipients to blow off.

  8. mopar_man says:


    Dear Sir or Madam?

  9. g76monte says:



    – if you have a p.o. box, the ONLY way to go is usps

  10. @g76monte: USPS? You must be joking. I work for an Ebay company and we use all 3 services. USPS is by far the worst. Terrible customer service, constantly losing packages, etc. Having worked at FedEx for many years, and my dad having retired from there, I would say that you can resolve most issues by going to the local FedEx station and talking to a manager who can elevate your problem. At least they scan the package at every point of motion and transfer so you know where it is. UPS is decent, but USPS? Bleh.

  11. LadyKathryn says:

    @wiretapstudios: That works when you can get the local FedEx station to admit they have heard of your package, and may have even touched it. I loved the “Oh… we don’t talk to customers here.” answer I got from the FedEx depot local to my old apartment. Complete refusal to give me any contact information for anyone but corporate, who refused to give me any information about any one local or contact them. It was a nice little insulated loop.

    My current FedEx station is way, way better. I picked up a package there yesterday and the guy helped unpack it so it could fit in the car (it was double boxed) and carried it out for me. I was in and out in ten minutes.

  12. AMetamorphosis says:

    I had a lovely experience getting out of a VERIZON contract and I owe it ALL to this website !

    When VERIZON changed their per message text fees I used the advice of this website to get out of the contract.

    Because it truley was a ” MATERIAL ADVERSE AFFECT ” I proceeded to email bomb Barbra Trinko, VP of Customer relations.
    Within 2 days, she let me out of the contract WITHOUT any early termination fees.

    See Below:

    Dear Barbara & Cindy,

    This email is a follow up to the voice mail left on Cindy’s # of: 480-783-5052 on Feb 9th, 2006 @ approximately 6:30pm
    regarding cancelled account # 215874008-00002.

    Verizon has chosen to change the terms of the contract I signed with regards to text messaging.
    This constitutes a material adverse affect on me.

    Quoting directly from the contract I signed:


    Text messaging is part of the service that is spelled out in my contract for $.10 a message, which you are changing.
    As you can tell from my past usage, my network of friends and family have been using text messaging to communicate with me so even if I don’t send any out, I will still be charged your 50% increase rate to read text messages, which I will continue to get and read because that is how some people choose to communicate with me.
    I do not have to sign up for a text messaging plan as my contract stated the fee per text is .10 a message, not .15 cents.
    Additionally, not being able to text message would be an effective reduction in service, which is not what I signed up or contractually agreed upon.

    If I’m sending or receiving any texts each month, then your 50% increase is costing me a 50% increase on the price of this service each month. My monthly bill is approximately 85 a month, so if I decide to send Verizon one less payment each year, would you consider that adverse?
    Of course you would.
    You would cancel my service and send the amount to debt collectors.

    I’m confident any court of law will find a 50% increase on a signed contract to be adverse.
    My attorney believes so too.

    Nowhere in your contract does it give a concrete definition of materially adverse.

    What is the point of a contract if you can just arbitrarily increase prices by 50% and then tell users they can’t cancel even though it’s spelled out in that very contract?

    I have tried to be reasonable but I have no choice to fight this.
    You know I’m in the right.

    I will file a complaint with the FCC, BBB, and my state attorney’s office about what I believe is fraud.
    You are not honoring a contract that you agreed upon with me, and this is not fair or legal.
    I’m asking you nicely, to please cancel my contract without termination fee, like it says I can do in my contract.

    Should you choose to ignore my request for contact & suitable resolution, then I will call back Monday, and every day after that until you decide to honor your contractual obligation.
    I will also be happy to offer you updates on the complaint statues I will be filing with the FCC, BBB & my state attorney’s office.

    You may reach me @ my ported to Cingular cell phone # you used to have @ ( xxx ) – xxx – xxxx.


    PS. I just spoke with Verizon employee ” Leah ” Employee ID # 380925 ( after a leisurely 20 minute hold time ) and she stated that I am indeed correct & that the amount of $ 350.00 early termination fee does not apply.
    She stated that my cancelled account would be credited & I could just send the 50 odd dollars still due.

    When a corrected invoice is sent I will be happy to send full remittance.

    Contact information for Verizon complaints.:

    VP customer Sevice
    Barbara Trinko

    Cindy Granroos.

    Phone: 480-783-5052 or 602-206-6882

  13. vermontwriter says:

    I hate dealing with FedEx. For the record, I have used the email addresses and it did eventually work, but it was still a run around and required me to call their headquarters anyway.

    In my case, one of their drivers, NOT KIDDING, started coming on to me. The first time was a comment about if I wasn’t busy the FedEx driver would be happy to get busy with me. I couldn’t believe it and figured I’d misunderstood a joke or something. My husband was home the second time it happened, same comment. He went out and confronted the driver who backed off and said he had no idea the husband was home. Irate, my husband called the local office and got no where. Their 800 number is a headache to deal with, so I did a search to find their email address and after a search, I finally found one. After all that, they made me call to verify I was an adult and not some kid making up a story. After this, they had the district manager call and his response was that they were re-routing the driver. I did later that another woman had the same thing happen, so the driver was moved to an inside job in the warehouse. The fact that he wasn’t fired after two incidents still disgusts me and is the reason I will not use FedEx ever again.

  14. Totally Unrelated: Ben Popken, saw you on WBAL-TV during the 5:30.

  15. levenhopper says:

    @AMetamorphosis: Does that have anything to do with this thread?

  16. Consumerist Moderator - ACAMBRAS says:


    Thanks for the report, but please keep comments related to the thread at hand (in this case, Fed Ex).

  17. koath says:

    @vermontwriter: That was completely uncalled for by the driver and rude. It shoudln’t have ever happened.

    From what I know about FedEx is that the drivers are all contractors. The management at hubs have very little control over firing drivers. That would be whoever owns the actual route. From the sound of what happened I would assume he did not own his route and the owner just put him on another route.

  18. Gadgetgirl says:

    I have an account with DHL and have no complaints. I don’t like FedEx as they don’t do residential pickups (whiskey tango foxtrot?!) and UPS has always been a little more expensive than DHL.

  19. Skankingmike says:


    For kinko’s CEO


  20. Wynner3 says:

    A problem with FedEx? Really? I’ve never had a problem with them, UPS on the other hand YES. UPS has been late with every shipment to my house for the past 4 years.

  21. @koath: As far as I know, every Fedex station I have worked at, visited, or been associated with through my family and friends has been company owned. Our local DHL however is contracted out. We are talking FedEx here, not FedEx ground or freight, which are different companies that got absorbed under the Fedex name.

  22. fretster says:

    @ koath
    FedEx Ground is a different beast than FedEx Express; they are contractors whom own their own trucks as well as their route. FedEx Express (whom I am a courier for) is made up of employees whom simply do the routes they bid for/assigned to. The reason Ground is this way and Express is not is because it is how RPS (what Ground was before FedEx Corp bought them) operated.

    @ Gadgetgirl
    Are you speaking of FedEx Express or Ground? Ground primarily is for large volume shippers and over the counter shipments made at FedEx Kinkos and FedEx Stations. They (Ground) also does not deliver to residential locations on Mondays, but do so the other four days of the week. FedEx Express (whom I am employed with as I mentioned above) will pickup anything ( < 150 lbs & and within reason) anywhere (once again, within reason). This includes residential locations. You can even schedule a daily pickup at a residence, I used to have a few of those on a route I used to do.

    Perhaps DHL should start charging a little more for their service if they’re cheaper than UPS. If you want a laugh check DHL’s financial reports for this past year, they are nearly $900 million in the red on their US Domestic service. In Europe they’re still king, but in the States they’re bleeding money like it aint-no-thang.

    @ Everyone Else
    Please keep in mind that while the companies are owned by the same entity (FedEx Corp) they are not interchangeable. FedEx Express operates independently of Ground and vice versa. I understand it can be confusing as everyone has the same “FedEx” title on their truck, but they are in-fact different companies operating out of different stations using different methods to move your freight throughout the country and world.

  23. Jim says:
  24. Anonymous says:

    It took a year for me to get FedEx tolisten to me after contacting 8 customer service reps that promised to help. Their driver destroyed my personal property and I had to finally hire a lawyer and they only paid a min amount, not enough to cover lawyer fees and property damage. I wish FedEx would go out of business, they are unprofessional and very rude. Hire drivers that act like thiefs in the night

  25. dwill85 says:

    Hello all. I have a few comments to add to this.

    I work for Fedex Home Delivery. We work with Fedex Ground (all of us wear the “purple and green” suit with the dog on it) and I have to say I do not know how we are still able to function. We are mismanaged, given ridiculously overworked and worn down vehicles (too bad the DOT is never there to inspect our vehicles) that our managers (route owners) do not keep up with whatsoever.

    I, for one, get to the terminal between 5:30am and 6:00am. The sort is not even finished, and I don’t end up leaving until after 8am. Ridiculous, but sometimes that’s out of our hands. It could be slow package handlers, it could be sorted to the wrong area of the building, the tractor trailers arrive late, etc. Somehow, no one ever seems to know how to fix this problem, or does anything about it.

    My job is very demanding, as I have to load my own vehicle and make sure I get to all of my stops on time. Now, we are assigned BOTH residential AND business stops. Home Delivery should only have RESIDENTIAL, yet we still get businesses thrown on us. Our jobs would be much easier if Ground received all of the businesses, and we (Home Delivery) received all of the residential stops. But no, they do not think in simplicity, only in hypocritical theories and empty mission statements that the “purple promise” is supposed to uphold.

    This makes our service terrible for our customers.

    I would have to say that sometimes our packages are NOT delivered due to the shipper and/or the customer. People shipping items (or inputting their addresses into a computer order form) do not DOUBLE CHECK their addresses and just assume it is correct. This makes our job twice as hard, as we have to take the package to Quality Assurance (that is if we can even catch the mistake; sometimes we do not know an area well enough to understand that an address is bad before leaving) and they then have to keep the package there another day to verify the address with the shipper or customer. If everyone would double check their address entries, it would make our job easier and everyone could receive their packages on time.

    Another thing, if you know you’ve ordered something or are EXPECTING a package, put your dogs in an area where they CANNOT attack us. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to fend off dogs (although now, I just don’t deliver the package and have QA setup something with the customer) because some fool decides to leave their dogs (knowing they’re aggressive) run free. I’ve also had problems with locked gates and anything prohibiting our path to the house we are suppose to get to. We do not have time for things like this, as our schedule (not to mention our entire job) is very hectic. Plan ahead if you want to receive your package in a timely manner.

    I’ve mentioned this because I have seen some comments on here about our delivery methods and I wanted to not so much defend them, as to explain why certain situations occur. Now, there are flat out lazy contractors who don’t care. Unfortuantely, I have to work along side them as well. They will throw boxes, toss them, or code them up in their scanner and not attempt them. This makes our service suffer, as I believe if the customer pays extra to have better tracking updates then we need to do our job and get those packages delivered.

    I honestly do not see how Fedex is still operating. I’ve talked to several UPS drivers, and they NEVER have the problems we have. It’s because they’ve been doing this longer; they run circles around us. Yes, their shipping times are a bit slower, and their tracking methods aren’t up to par with ours, but I would pick quality over quantity.

    I’d never ship anything Fedex. It’s always going to be UPS for me. I have yet to experience a problem with UPS. Maybe I should try working for them? Hah hah.

    That’s my take on each side of the spectrum. Please continue reading below if you would like to know how we function.

    Fedex Home Delivery and Fedex Ground operate from the same building.

    Ground has all contracted drivers. They are their own bosses, well, most of them anyway. If they lose a package, or have terrible service, it’s on them and they could very well lose their job. They pickup and deal with hazardous materials and collect COD’s. They mainly deliver and pick up from business. Sometimes residential, but not often.

    Home Delivery has their own managers. Whoever owns the driver’s particular route “runs the show” so to speak. Home Delivery has it’s own management department which does NOT oversee what we do, but simply deals with customer complaints, rerouting packages, etc. We have our taxes taken out of our paychecks(unlike Ground) and we take mainly residential stops, but also businesses. We DO NOT handle COD’s or hazardous materials. All in all, we are supplements to Ground.