WaMu Sides With Thieves Stealing Your $373.64

Brian writes:

I’ve been fighting with WaMu on the same fraudulent transaction now since August 24th. They sent me a fraud affidavit, which I quickly signed, and sent back to them, both by fax, and by registered mail. They are playing the “We never got the paperwork game” in September of Last year. I started dealing with a Lilly, & a Rosie from WaMu (Rosie being the supervisor) both of them actually at the executive offices, I got in touch with Rosie because I purchased a share of Wamu’s public stock and started complaining to investor relations. I may try that method again…

I *FLOODED* them with faxed copies of the dispute form and October 9th they relented and gave the credit back, because they received paperwork. OK That’s fine. But wait… Out of no where, with no “We didn’t get your paperwork, so we’re going to reverse this credit on such and such date” Nothing, Just takes the money back. Contact CS, Contact Debit disputes. Now I’m sending everything to you the consumerist, as well, as printing the e-mail out to begin the fax flooding again. Let the paper wasting begin!

Washington Mutual Inc,

1301 Second Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101
Fax: 469-549-5961 Attn: Lilly X450
ATTN Jeanie X 452 Added 2-1-08
Fax: 925-738-5607 Attn: Card Risk Operations Claim # 070818316
Fax (206) 965-3082
Fax: 1-800-423-3246

To Whom It May Concern:
I contacted your bank via customer service after signing up for Microsoft Money which would do daily updates of my bank balance for our records and found a lot of unauthorized debit card activity, I attempted to locate said card within my house in case someone within the household had been using it unauthorized before I attempted to contact your bank. On the day I contacted your bank, two transactions had not posted, Cracker Barrel & Speedway. At that time the total provisional credit was 295.81 and not the full 373.64 that was taken from me without the authorization of myself. I have been trying to get an actual affidavit from your bank since this has been filed, as well as reversed with no luck. I received a letter dated August 23rd 2007 telling him to “Please complete, sign and return the enclosed affidavit to us within 15 days from the date of this letter” except for one thing that was the “ONLY” sheet of paper within the envelope that your bank sent to the residence of Mr. B. I contacted your bank via customer service, as well as in the branch several times until receiving a second letter dated September 12th telling me the funds would be reversed because the said affidavit still was not received. Upon receiving that letter on September 14th I contacted Lilly Extension 450 from the Executive C.S. office. She assured me she would contact me the next business day after she had a chance to review all the paperwork I had sent her that was copies of everything that I received, but still no affidavit. I finally received an affidavit today, September 26th 2007 from a CS rep who personally walked herself and grabbed a form and went to a fax machine for me after over 1 month of fighting to get this resolved. It is still not resolved but at least I have an affidavit.

As of today, September 26th 2007 you finally reversed the provisional credit, which means your bank sides with the people who have stolen my money!!!!

This letter, as well as all supporting documentation will be faxed, daily, along with all transmittal sheets to each fax number on this list. I will also be forwarding this complaint onto MasterCard itself to let them know how your bank has disgraced their logo, and if the fax numbers of share holders are obtained, they also will be notified.

I can be contacted by Postal mail at

Brian B.

My Phone number is [redacted] and the number listed on my account is being changed to reflect that as the only number because I should not waste my money on cell phone air time to speak to people from a bank who allows others to openly steal my money. The highlight of all of this is, my joint account owner still can not even get his debit card activated because the pin is so super impossible for him to even open. The line at the banking center takes several HOURS to get assistance unless you speak Spanish, then you’re in the front of the line. Over all, in your effort to save a buck and promote profits, customers are deflecting and taking their serious banking to real banks like Chase, National City & Bank of America, all 3 of those “Serious” banks are where my credit cards, CD’s, Money Market, Stock Portfolios, and the other $200,000.00 of my net worth resides. I only give banks a chunk of that when they give me a credit card, because debit cards, as you can see, are useless, and unsecured, and I never keep more than $500.00 in ANY checking account longer than 48 hours.

That’s a tough one. You’re already dealing with the executive offices and yet nothing positive is happening on your account. Consider sending in the materials again by registered mail? Then they can’t pretend like they never received them.

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