It's Back To Court For The NFL And Comcast

An appeals court has kicked the Comcast, NFL dispute back down the lower courts where the two companies will have to start all over again in their dispute over whether or not Comcast can offer the NFL network on a special “sports tier.”

The NFL says they must offer the channel on basic cable or not at all.

Comcast says they can do whatever they damn well please because they are the cable company and the NFL channel is the NFL channel.

Consumers just wish they’d work it out.

From Sports Illustrated:

The appeals court said the contract language between Comcast and the network were too “ambiguous” to rule in favor of either side.

The NFL sued Comcast in October 2006 after the cable company told the NFL that it had decided to move the network from a regular digital tier that is seen by seven million viewers to a sports tier with about 750,000 viewers.

Better work it out soon, boys. We don’t want to miss one second of the Neckbeard quarterback rivalry. Sigh.

NFL, Comcast headed back to court [SI] (Thanks, Ferio!)
(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)