Comcast Will Charge You $2 To Stop Sending You Junk Mail

We don’t mean to influence the “Worst Company In America” voting, but check this out: if you call Comcast and ask them to stop sending you anything other than your bill, they’ll agree but quietly slap you with a $1.99 “change of service” fee. Like most made-up, totally indefensible fees from cable and cell phone companies, Ian found that a chat with a customer service agent can get the fee removed. Update: Comcast has responded to this and apologized for the fee.

I noticed a $1.99 “change of service” charge on my most recent Comcast bill. During an online chat, a Comcast rep explained the source of the fee:

“It looks like on 2/5/08 you contacted us and requested to have all direct mailers stopped on your account. There is a one time “Change of service” fee associated with making that change on the account.”

I had in fact called Comcast a few weeks earlier and asked them to stop sending me anything except a monthly bill. They were happy to do so, but had not told me that they would try and stick me for $2. They rep removed the fee from my bill.

Your readers might want to be on the lookout for bogus charges on their Comcast bill if they’ve ever spoken to Comcast on the phone. Perhaps this is how they pay for people to fill seats for them at FCC


Of course Ian is referring to this little stunt. In Comcast’s defense, however, we think with the FCC hearing they were just trying to solve the sleepy technician problem that’s plagued them in the past.

We can’t come up with a way to justify charging someone to stop sending them junk mail they never asked for, though.

(Photo: Tyler Durden’s Imaginary Friend)

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