Comcast Will Charge You $2 To Stop Sending You Junk Mail

We don’t mean to influence the “Worst Company In America” voting, but check this out: if you call Comcast and ask them to stop sending you anything other than your bill, they’ll agree but quietly slap you with a $1.99 “change of service” fee. Like most made-up, totally indefensible fees from cable and cell phone companies, Ian found that a chat with a customer service agent can get the fee removed. Update: Comcast has responded to this and apologized for the fee.

I noticed a $1.99 “change of service” charge on my most recent Comcast bill. During an online chat, a Comcast rep explained the source of the fee:

“It looks like on 2/5/08 you contacted us and requested to have all direct mailers stopped on your account. There is a one time “Change of service” fee associated with making that change on the account.”

I had in fact called Comcast a few weeks earlier and asked them to stop sending me anything except a monthly bill. They were happy to do so, but had not told me that they would try and stick me for $2. They rep removed the fee from my bill.

Your readers might want to be on the lookout for bogus charges on their Comcast bill if they’ve ever spoken to Comcast on the phone. Perhaps this is how they pay for people to fill seats for them at FCC


Of course Ian is referring to this little stunt. In Comcast’s defense, however, we think with the FCC hearing they were just trying to solve the sleepy technician problem that’s plagued them in the past.

We can’t come up with a way to justify charging someone to stop sending them junk mail they never asked for, though.

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  1. nuton2wheels says:

    Comcast will also bill you for “free” tech visits where their network is diagnosed to be at fault. You’ll find out about it 2 months after the fact, so unless you’re eagle eyed, it might slip past while you’re paying bills. They say you can avoid this confusion by adding a $0.99/mo “Service Protection Plan” to your monthly bill. Ha-ha, right. Comcast likes dishing out ridiculous charges for everything, but it usually doesn’t take much to get them revoked. Your local cable franchise is your best friend =)

  2. Mollyg says:

    This is just funny. I think they did this one for their own personal amusement.

  3. DMDDallas says:

    The fee removal call has a $2 fee associated with it.

  4. forgottenpassword says:

    I didnt know recieving unwanted junk mail was a “service”.

    So… if I ask for an electronic bill instead of a paper one…. would I recieve a “change of service” fee even though it saves THEM money?

    Glad I voted right on the worst company poll.

  5. ColoradoShark says:

    If you asked them to start sending the junk mail again would they charge you another $2 or will they do that as a courtesy?

    Then I would courtesly mail all their junk back to them in their prepaid envelopes. But remember, do not attach a brick or the post office will just throw it away.

  6. ptkdude says:

    Well, it turns out I have a $1.99 service outage fee that I charge, regardless of the length of the service outage. Cable drops out for a second or two? That’ll be $1.99. Heh… Comcast will end up paying me at the end of every month.

  7. Nytmare says:

    How about if I charge them a $2 change-of-service fee whenever they switch channels around or raise rates.

  8. aishel says:

    I asked them about the $2 fee. Basically, any time you call Comcast and they resolve something that could have been done if you had visited their local office, they’ll slap you with the $2 service fee.

  9. Sherryness says:

    Although it

  10. evslin says:

    Friend of mine ditched Comcast altogether because they wanted to bill her $2 to cancel her cable TV service.

    Anything else they’re billing $2 for?!

  11. enine says:

    I don’t have comcast but a couple of my utility bills started coming with junk mail in them. I was switching to paperless on everything anyway so it was a good time to switch those as well.
    I sign up for the budget plan on most of them, not because I can’t afford the changing rates but so it averages the bill over time so I can just look at my bill pay history in my bank’s web site and pay the same as last month if its been 3-4 weeks since i last paid.

  12. cabinaero says:

    One of my coworkers just called to have his “protection plan” cancelled; he was paying $6.99/month, not $.99. I imagine that he’ll get dinged $2.99 for the change of service.

  13. HeHateMe says:

    you might want to call in and talk to a live rep about the fee. their online folks are outsources and arent the brightest. that charge shouldnt have been assessed and im sure you could get it reversed. just my .02

  14. PoleMan14 says:

    I had a similar issue. Bought NHL Center Ice a while ago, they double charged me and I had a $400 dollar bill. Called them (waited 20 minutes) they took on charge off. Next month $1.99 for change of service fee.

    Comcast should be giving me $1.99 for messing up. They already have my vote for worst company.

  15. Ickypoopy says:

    I called them a few months ago (November-ish) to have the junk mail stop. The rep was (surprisingly) nice, and removed it. I do check my bill every month before paying it, and I have not been charged a fee. Either this is new, or the rep was nice enough just to proactively suppress the charge.

  16. Antediluvian says:

    “I want my two dollars!”

  17. fullmetalgenesis says:

    This reminds me of “Better Off Dead” (old John Cusack movie.) Little side story running throughout the movie is the paper boy chasing him shouting for his TWO DOLLARS!!

  18. Bladefist says:

    its probably not the $2 its the principal of the matter.

  19. darkclawsofchaos says:

    the more I hear, the more these guys sound like the mob, such as “protection plan” or “payment to be left alone”

  20. elijah_dukes_mayonnaise says:

    They now offer a cheaper internet plan that promises slower service
    than the super-duper-quick regular price plan. The only catch for
    existing customers — apparently it costs 29.95 to make this change.

  21. cyberquog says:

    $2 is almost a bargain considering what everything else they offer costs.

  22. vastrightwing says:

    Not that I don’t totally hate Comcast, but Dish Network charges me $5/mo. because I don’t have a telephone line to plug my receiver into.

  23. timsgm1418 says:

    I also voted for Comcast as the worst company. At the time I moved to my house (16 months ago) they were the only ones that could get my cable running within 3 weeks…ok that’s what they promised. However they came out and said the line had been cut (Verizon was installing their FIOS lines, not sure that’s the correct abbreviation) so they had to open a ticket, waited a week, no cable, called them back and they said they had to wait for a permit because they had to dig the street up, waiting and waiting, called back 2 weeks later they said “we don’t have a record of you setting up service, they closed the ticket because the line had to be repaired” they finally came out a week after that, but couldn’t get the phone to work. I set up an appointment 3 separate times to get them to fix the phone and they never showed up, after the 3rd time I called and told them to cancel my service I was switching to Millenium. Had a few problems with them also, with the phone, but finally got an intelligent tech to come out and he fixed the problem within 10 minutes. I love Millenium, when there was a rumor a few months ago that they were selling to Comcast I almost cried, fortunately it looks as if that’s not happening. The evils of Comcast, I feel very sorry for anyone that has Comcast as their only option.

  24. The Marionette says:

    Comcast does one thing wrong after another. For a while my net was going very sluggish. I tried the good ol “repair” option on the lan connection status icon, that didn’t work. I tried rebooting my pc, didn’t work. I tried unplugging the modem and router, waiting 2 minutes, and then plugged them back in, didn’t work. I even tried it on only MY pc with just only the modem (no router involved and yet my net was still going dial up speed at best. So I called comcast and the person I spoke with said they would “Need” (again, she said it, not me) to send out a technician to my house to solve the problem. I made an appointment and THEN that’s when she tells me that if they find that the problem is not on THEIR end they will charge me a service fee. You would think that regardless if it’s on their end or not they would help to keep their customers happy. Hell one time the net wasn’t working and they couldn’t figure out that the problem was with the router. Wait, I take that back, they DID figure out that it was with the router, but they didn’t guide me through as to how to fix the problem i was having. So i called the company that made my router and in minutes they got me through the problem (it was with the gateway ip or something). The point is comcast screws their customers with very little, if no lube at all and now they wanna CHARGE you for them to stop sending junk mail (aka spam). What next, we have to pay online companies that make popup ads just because we used a program or browser that blocks their ads? Pffft give me a break.

  25. jk09 says:

    Unbelievable. This just goes to show that the cable/ satellite TV operators need more federal regulation.

  26. Hoss says:

    I’m wondering how effective the request will be since many mailings by Comcast are obviously mass mailings to every household, i.e., “Current Resident” in the targeted zip code. Unless Comcast is willing to stop mass mailings to a post office address forever no matter who lives there, which I doubt, I think they charged $1.99 just to stop the occassional ad mailings that are actually addressed to you

  27. ArntorFTL says:

    This is yet another reason why I refuse to deal with Comcast. Thankfully I have a choice for cable in my area.

  28. Mr_Burmie says:

    Contact your state attorney general’s office.

  29. kable2 says:

    Rogers in Canada started charging me an extra $10 a month to keep their internet service after I switched to satellite for my TV.

    As soon as DSL was available in my area, I told Rogers to shove it. Upon which they offer to remove the extra $10 fee. I told them I would stay if they remove it and refund the last two years. Sure they can now remove the fee now that I had a option to go somewhere else but not when I had no other service available. They laughed when I said refund the last two years worth of $10/month.

    I told them to remove the cable splitter box and their wires off the house. They actually told me that they would not remove it and that I couldnt remove it as it was their property. I gave them 2 chances to remove their property before I removed it with a hammer and wire cutters and threw it over the fence.

    /cable wire is still hanging from the pole behind the house
    //My DSL works great.

  30. bionicamoeba says:

    Who knew Comcast was being run by the paperboy form Better Off Dead?

    “….2 dollars, I want my 2 dollars…”

  31. actmnophn says:

    he’s lucky. at least he has comcast and they will stop. I don’t have and am not interested. I tried calling but there is no one who will agree to stop sending me that junk. maybe i should let the mail man sue bec of all the extra junk they make him carry for our neighborhood.

  32. vex says:

    Typical call center fee. A lot of companies seem to be doing this (my bank does also). Anytime you call with a question or a problem that could have been solved with any other method, they charge you a fee. Not sure why but all of them seem to charge the same $2.

  33. Antediluvian says:

    Alright, where is HomerJay to back me up on this?

  34. CliffordSmith says:

    I work for Comcast, and that isn’t normal policy. Whoever placed that $1.99 fee was in error. There IS a $1.99 change of service fee if you change your cable package (like adding HBO or removing Starz) but it does not apply to opting out of direct mailing, etc.

    In some systems, the $1.99 fee automatically populates, so it sounds like the original rep just forgot to remove it before updating the customer’s account.

  35. Starfury says:

    Four weeks…that’s 20 papers…Two Dollars plus tip.

  36. wayhigh says:

    I personally find all their included junkmail inside the bill to be “erotically arousing or sexually provocative”. You wouldn’t believe how hot that junkmail gets me. Therefore, to control myself I think it’s only prudent that I file USPS form 1500 [] so that they cannot send it to me any longer.

    I’d like to see them explain to someone how they must charge me money so as not to send me these sexually provocative mailings.

  37. quieterhue says:

    I still vote for Best Buy, but, man, does Comcast suck.

  38. Antediluvian says:

    THANK you.
    @fullmetalgenesis: Doesn’t count because you kinda telegraphed the funny bit. But points for almost getting a simulpost.

  39. riverstyxxx says:


  40. uglyowl says:

    Yes Comcast sucks, but Directv was 10X worse when I had them.

  41. coolcuke says:

    Here”s how you stick it back to them. When they send you this junk put it all ,including the envelope it came in, into their postage paid envelope and mail it back to them. They will have to pay the postage and the person that opens and “processes” it. In the event there is no postage paid envelope then put it in a regular envelope write any address you want on it BUT ,WRITE THEIR ADDRESS AS THE RETURN ADDRESS AND DO NOT STAMP IT. They will receive it as postage due and after paying for it they will still have to “process” it. And yes it will work, I work for the Post Office.

  42. timesquare says:

    We wonder why Comcast has been repeatedly been ranked one of the worst companies in the United States over and over again. Didn’t we have a post on there on here a few weeks ago. Well, it’s scams like these that have gotten them there. Keep it up comcast! Customers will soon wisen up and we’ll see where that leads you.
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  43. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post. If you really weant to get rid of junk mail you can do it. I did it.

    You can sign do not mail petition ( like Do Not Call National Petition)

    I did some search online and this is the best resource so far available online ( correct me if I am wrong). I have done this 5 months ago and my mailbox is literally empty ( I have paperless billing and also opted out from various mail lists) I check my mail twice a month now. It is beautiful. ( What a freedom).

    I even took the letter from samples provided and wrote it to a local Chinese restaurant that keeps putting fliers in my door. They stopped too in the whole subdivision.

    Save the time for yourself.

    I even opted out from the yellow book. What do I need it for, since the internet is right here.

  44. Anonymous says:

    They’re still doing it. On 2009-02-16, I called Comcast to ask to be put on the “do not call” and “do not mail” lists, as explained in a pamphlet I received from them 3 days earlier. On my next bill was a $1.99 fee. I just called up and they immediately agreed to drop the charge on the grounds that the CSR hadn’t explained that there would be a fee. Of course, the pamphlet doesn’t mention any fee either. We’ll see if they add another charge on the next bill for having made this call to straighten out the last one.

  45. mary says:

    this 1.99 fee it stupid I drive out ton the billing place it cost me 5.00 in gas to drive out to the billing place to paid them . Them I find out if I do it online it cost me 4.00 fee. Maybe I chould charge them for my gas since they place the billing office 5 mile away from our area.