Case Closed: HSBC Won't Tell You Someone In Bulgaria Is Stealing $2,000 From You

Last week reader Keith told us how scammers in Bulgaria siphoned $2,000 from his account, and his story snowballed into an entire HSBC class breach. Now Keith tells us that he has all the money back. He writes:

Once I was able to get in touch with Robert Olejniczak of corporate security he was extremely helpful, concerned and empathetic. The missing money was credited back to my account on 2/25, 6 business days after it went missing. I just received a letter in the mail stating that the “investigation is complete.” I guess they figured they didn’t need to do much investigating to determine that I couldn’t be swiping my card at a diner in Manhattan and in Bulgaria withdrawing large sums from an ATM at the same time.

They even gave him $.02 in interest, how nice.


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  1. emilyf says:

    Congrats Keith! Hope you switched banks, or at least accounts.

  2. I-Like-Cheese says:

    Now if they could just get their credit card website working again, I need to pay my bill!

  3. cmdr.sass says:

    That’s very nice, but it’s now time to close the account and move it to a bank with better fraud detection. You want your bank to be proactive about this sort of thing, not lazily reactive as HSBC has been.

  4. Xkeeper says:

    Since everybody loves fads, did he get 0.02 dollars, or 0.02 cents?

    Yeah I’m behind on the Consumerist Fad Bus.

    Good to know he got his money back, at least. Now hopefully it’s another bank, too.

  5. theblackdog says:

    But are they taking it seriously?

  6. paperson says:

    Congrats, Keith!!!

    Can you help the rest of us out and give us any phone numbers, emails, to the kind soul that was able to help you out. Not that we should all bombard him with all of our HSBC problems, but if we ask nicely, maybe he can help us out of all our quagmires too.

  7. freedom69 says:

    @cmdr.sass: Perhaps the person to blame is is the reflection in the mirror. You want other people to keep your money safe. Thats sooo sad Buddy. What next police should prevent crime before it happens. Doctors should bring people back from the dead. Your very optimistic if you this that any of that will happen. Save yourself and your own damn money

  8. Bozman8 says:

    I’m at ten business days today….but no money returned. And, to top it off, HSBC re-issued me a new card but never changed my pin number to the new number we agreed on over the phone.

  9. emilyf says:

    Bozman, go to a local branch to change your pin..

  10. freedom69 says:

    @Bozman8Bozman8: your supposed to change it once you get the new card but it does not make a real diffrencesince it is a new number

  11. freedom69 says:

    @emilyf: Branches cant change pins they will just make you call the number on the back of your card