24,000 Cribs Recalled For Faulty Railing

The CPSC has announced the recall of 24,000 cribs for a faulty railing that puts children at risk of falling out.

Consumers should stop using the cribs and contact the manufacturer for a replacement set of brackets that will fix the problem.

Here’s the info:

The recalled cribs include: Majestic Curved Top cribs with model number 9500; Majestic Flat Top cribs with model number 9000; Essex cribs with model number 7100; Brighton/Sussex cribs with model number 9100 and Captiva cribs with model number 5100. Only cribs with manufacture dates between November 1, 2005 and November 1, 2007 are included in the recall. The crib model number is printed on the white label on the bottom inside of the right side rail. The crib manufacture date is printed on either the white label near the model number or on the white label located on the bottom of the headboard. Cribs with a green sticker on the mattress frame are not included in the recall.

Sold at: Specialty juvenile product stores nationwide from November 2005 through November 2007 for between $400 and $600.

Manufactured in: Indonesia

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled cribs and contact Munire Furniture to receive replacement spring brackets.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Munire Furniture Inc. at (866) 586-9639 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or visit the firm’s Web site at http://www.munirefurniture.com

Munire Furniture Recalls Cribs Due to Fall Hazard [CPSC]


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  1. Bay State Darren says:

    I know we on this site like to often demand [in a seemingly futile manner] far better product safety oversight, but even if they’re too shorthanded/lazy/corrupt/etc. to overhaul the entire system, doesn’t any person of power have enough conscience to at least make the product of their work sfe for babies? I suppose this recall is a big step, though.

  2. ghnvt says:

    I think my girlfriend’s sister has this one, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Treved says:

    Oh awesome, I just bought one of these like 2 weeks ago. Jesus.

    At least there’s hope it’s not part of the recall b/c of the dates involved. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. stevenj_3 says:

    With a baby due in June, what’s the best buy for a crib out there? Any thoughts?

  5. pfeng says:

    I guess this implies it was a bad thing when my daughter learned how to climb out of her crib (nothing like this model) and took a couple dozen falls… after the first dive we put down a bunch of pillows for her to fall on, after the twentieth we gave up and took the damn thing apart and made it into a toddler bed.

    I would have been a lot more bothered if she was younger than 2 and it just collapsed.

  6. lockdog says:

    @stevenj_3: One word: co-sleeper. I think ours was made by Arms Reach. It was awesome for those first 6 months. Basically it is a small crib or basinet that attaches to one side of the bed. Studies are finding that co-sleeping can reduce SIDs (baby is less likely to “forget to breathe” if they can hear your breathing / heart beat). Nursing in the middle of night basically involves rolling over. If the baby cries, you put an arm out. Good for a first time parent that is going to freak out over every little noise for a few weeks. We let our baby sleep nights in the co-sleeper with us, and napped in the crib. It made the transition to sleeping on his own easier. As for buying a crib, its just like any other furniture. Avoid cheap veneers and particle board, don’t get anything to trendy (you’ll probably have it in the family for years), and pass on the cheap plastic parts, especially in the sliding rail mechanism. They won’t even last to potty training. You can buy used, just don’t go more than 10 years old or so. At that age you’ll have all the major safety improvements…no lead paint, no head pinching rails, so finials, etc, and it will probably be new enough that you can still check the manufacturer’s website for recall info.