$4 Gas By Spring?

The New York Times says that some experts are predicting $4 gas by the Spring.

Gasoline prices, which for months lagged the big run-up in the price of oil, are suddenly rising quickly, with some experts fearing they could hit $4 a gallon by spring. Diesel is hitting new records daily and oil closed at an all-time high on Tuesday of $100.88 a barrel.

The increases could not come at a worse time for the economy. With growth slowing, high energy prices that were once easily absorbed by consumers are now more likely to act as a drag on household budgets, leaving people with less money to spend elsewhere. These costs could exacerbate the nation’s economic woes, piling a fresh energy shock on top of the turmoil in credit and housing.

“The effect of high oil prices today could be the difference between having a recession and not having a recession,” said Kenneth S. Rogoff, a Harvard University economist.

Cheerful. Will you put up with $4 gas or will you begin carpooling, walking, and taking public transit?

Oil Hits a High; Some See $4 Gas by Spring [NYT]
(Photo:greefus groinks)