Australian TV Investigates, Uncovers Pattern Of Abuse At "Rude Feedback" Restaurant

Two Australian news shows have been following up on the “Dear Lorraine,your are an idiot we dont need your feedback” email we posted earlier this month — one charged into the restaurant with cameras, and another discovered a pattern of crappy customer service at the Casa Flamenco Restaurant.

Apparently, the email has caused such an outpouring of similar customer service stories that the restaurant is actually closed.

Today-Tonight interviewed Lorraine herself and here’s what she had to say:

I’ve never ever even heard of somebody responding to customer feedback like that before.

I laughed at it at first, but then I was sort of in shock that someone could be so rude….

By the next day it had been posted on the and two weeks later— I don’t know how many people have seen it but I’m getting emails every day.”

The report also interviews another customer who says the owner sent the cops after her for leaving without paying her bill. (She’d paid it, of course.) The rude email-sending-owner of the restaurant has now closed the place because of all the “bad publicity.” He told the reporter via phone that he’s apologized, but Lorraine says she never got that email.

Another show, A Current Affair, charged into the restaurant and demanded an apology for Lorraine. The owner told them that the email was meant for a relative. “Do you have a relative with the name Lorraine?” the reporter asked. “No!” said the owner. He then told them that he’s going to “take the matter to the courts because the loss of sales we’ve had is just unbearable.”

Today Tonight (Thanks, Amelie!)
A Current Affair