Enzyte's Steve Warshak (And His Mom) Found Guilty!

Hooray! Steve Warshak, the snake oil salesman responsible for Enzyte (and consequently for those awful “Smiling Bob” ads) was found guilty today of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering. So was his mom.

Warshak could face more than 20 years in prison, while his company, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, may have to “forfeit tens of millions of dollars,” according to the Associated Press. We don’t have any info on the sentence his mom could receive.

Prosecutors claimed customers were bilked out of $100 million through a series of deceptive ads, manipulated credit card transactions and the company’s refusal to accept returns or cancel orders. They said unauthorized credit card charges generated thousands of complaints over unordered products.

Interestingly, Warshak’s lawyers argued that Berkeley “suffered from customer service that didn’t keep pace with the company’s rapid growth from a one-person startup in 2001 to 1,500 employees in 2004.” If that’s true, it should serve as a perfect illustration of just how badly you can damage a company by not paying attention to customer service. But c’mon, this is Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, we don’t believe anything they say.

(Thanks to Ken!)

“Enzyte Maker Found Guilty of Fraud” [AP]

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  1. ninjapoodles says:


  2. pinkfreud says:

    this guy actually made it so you had to get a 3rd party to notarize a doctors statement saying your penis size was, still, small to cancel the charges. hahaha how many people are going to go do that?

  3. drjayphd says:

    Hey, he’ll be able to put that generous swelling of pride to use where he’s going…

  4. phounder says:

    Somehow Firefox thinks that nutraceuticals is a word; its spellchecker doesn’t highlight it. Twisted.

  5. uricmu says:

    My wife would sometimes leave the TV on at night on some cable channel, and I’d wake up with that annoying song in my head because those f**ing ads must have been on every ten minutes.

    I’m honestly surprised they were making any money with all those ads; though I guess that’s why they needed the fraud.

  6. TangDrinker says:

    Does this mean that they’ll pull the ads finally?

  7. matto says:

    how awesome is it that he’s going to jail with his mom

  8. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @phounder: Wrong, I tell you, just wrong. I’d report it as a bug to Mozilla.

  9. TonyTriple says:

    This is Steve.
    Steve’s been caught screwing customers with his method for natural male enhancement! Looks like he’s gonna be going the the “big house” where we’re sure his roommates will be more than happy to introduce him to the “penal system”. Thanks to Enzyte, Steve is about to find out a new meaning to the phrase “Hard Labor”!

  10. jpx72x says:

    Dream: he’ll serve all 20.
    Reality: he’ll be walking the streets in less than 2 years like Kevin Trudeau did.

    While I won’t go as far to say that he should be stabbed to death in prison, a little bit of non-vital organ shanking would do this guy a lot of good.

  11. Sherryness says:

    I’m not sure the guy deserves jail, but I’d be happy with him going through 3 minutes discomfort for very minute of discomfort he put me through while visiting the home of my older, male friend. We’d be watching BBCAmerica (he’s originally from England, so Inspector Morse and such were staples) and commercials would come on, so I’d go to the bathroom while he fixed us cocoa, and this damned commercial would come on. I wish he was handier with the mute button, but oh well. These commercials were an embarrassment to all they touched, besides just being obviously fraudulent.

  12. Ailu says:

    If I remember from an article I once read, Enzyte simply contained the herb tribulus, which helps boosts the body’s natural production of testosterone. It can be purchased from any body building catalog.

  13. wellfleet says:

    So much for that sackful of confidence…

  14. humphrmi says:

    @Sherryness: Your post is hard to read. Is the problem that your friend is British? Or that he made cocoa? What does a brit making cocoa have to do with male enhancement products (real or fake)? And what sort of discomfort should he go through, rather than jail? Are you suggesting that instead of jail, he should watch commercials? You lost me.

  15. rdldr1 says:

    Looks like Bob is not so smiling.

  16. puka_pai says:

    Mrs. Bob is probably so relieved!

    She always looked like she had a bit of Thorazine with her morning coffee.

  17. pwillow1 says:

    Years ago I called an 800 number for my “free” sample of Avlimil. I had no idea that this was manufactured by the same company that made Enzyte. If I had, I would have stayed away.

    Avlimil was advertised as something that helps with perimenopausal symptoms, and I thought at the time that was what I was experiencing. Thinking a free sample couldn’t hurt and might actually help, I called and ordered a month’s supply. The CSR took my credit card number to pay the $5.00 shipping fee. (Okay, so much for a “free” sample.)

    When I received this sample, there was an insert that informed me that I had been enrolled in a service whereby I would receive a new supply every month, and my credit card would be charged. I can’t remember the amount, but it was something I simply didn’t want to spend, and besides, the CSR I had spoken with had not told me that my credit card would be charged monthly for a new supply of these Avlimil pills.

    I was incensed! I called this company and demanded that they cancel me from this service, and said I would contact my bank for a chargeback if any further charge was put on my card. Fortunately I got a CSR who was very apologetic and canceled this unwanted “membership”. I have since heard stories of people who repeatedly requested to be unenrolled, and yet their cards were billed every month.

    I read an article not long after where a ?prosecutor described Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals as a business not where they sold pills, but one in which they collected people’s credit card numbers. The worthless pills were just a cover for the real business of bilking people and putting charges through on their cards. I think that’s a pretty apt description.

    I feel fortunate that they got me for only $5.00.

    I’m glad this jerk and his mother have been found guilty and are probably going to jail. I hope they have a good, long time to think about what they did.

  18. Optimistic Prime says:

    Am I the only one disturbed by the fact he went into this business with his mom?? Seriously, I’m not discussing my pecker or anyone elses pecker with my mom, that’s just kinda freaky.

  19. Optimistic Prime says:

    While I’m thinking, Enzyte did make something longer, his jail sentence! :P

  20. Snarkysnake says:

    I hope that the only person his product EVER helped is his cellmate…

  21. Sherryness says:

    I was embarrassed because I was with an older, male friend – the target demographic for this product. And I guess I hoped that BBCAmerica would be free of the types adds I am more used to seeing on other stations. Getting up to go do something during the commercial left the mute button out of reach, and when these commercials came on, I was just embarrassed for my friend (who yes, is very much more reserved due to being an Englishman and an older generation, I believe – I shouldn’t have said “British” as he is an American, now) and really uncomfortable. So as far as this guy’s affect on my life with his stupid commercials, a little discomfort for him seems reasonable. I really didn’t enjoy being jarred out of my cozy, care-free evening by something like that. Sorry to be unclear, I guess I assumed most people understood there could be an element of embarrassment/discomfort in certain situations with certain people.

  22. alice_bunnie says:


    I also signed up for my free sample of Alvimil, however something got messed up and I never got charged,but never got my sample. Luckily, I heard about the scam, because about 3 months later someone called me about getting my free sample. I told them I no longer was interested. Glad I didn’t get suckered into that!

  23. thirdbase says:

    I realy liked the product. I am huge now.

  24. parad0x360 says:

    @Sherryness: you still make no sense. are you saying you were offended because the silly commercials bothered your british friend?

    You do know the British are more free when it comes to sexuality then most Americans right?

    Mute button this and that…who cares?

  25. Tank says:

    @TonyTriple: wow. brilliant.

  26. snoop-blog says:

    penis pills = men

    diet pills = women

    both pills are equally full of sh*t.

  27. satoru says:

    Let’s outline a few things about these kinds of supplements:

    1) Herbal supplements are DRUGS. You can label them whatever you want but they’re DRUGS.

    2) All-natural is a red herring. Lots of things are all natural, cyanide, mercury, tiger sharks! Natural does not mean good for you.

    3) Herbal supplements are not a blow against ‘big pharma’. Despite what you think you’re not sticking it to the man. In fact you’re lining his pockets with even MORE money. Almost all health supplements you can buy are owned by some big pharma company. They’re not stupid, they saw a market that required ZERO research, ZERO oversight, but BIG profits and dove right in. They bought up or created subsidiaries to make this stuff. The only thing you’re sticking it to, is your wallet.

  28. Another great investment I made! I bought stock in this guys company, guess that one won’t pay off. I love Enzyte and use it everyday. I know it is worthless crap but I am trying to help the stock value. I thought Steve was a wonderful guy and hope he does well in prison with all his new “friends”. Maybe he can sell Enzyte to all of them and screw them over? (don’t drop the soap) Steve I will miss our special time together, good bye dear friend, goodbye.

  29. bohemian says:

    I had a friend get screwed over by this company. They bought a pack of Enzyte as a stunt for his radio show, make one of the guys take it yada yada bathroom humor stunt etc.

    It was no big deal until his wife saw a $75 charge the next month on their credit card. The ensuing unhappy spouse and the hassle to get these charges stopped was a royal pain for him.

    Most of these natural or herbal miracle cures are just mixes of various vitamins and herb supplements that you can get much cheaper individually or in combinations at a health food store. These companies either don’t disclose what is in their “secret formula” or make it vague and then charge about 150% more than the actual vitamins and supplements are worth at retail.

    Someone needs to crack down on the snake oil industry. Things like Enzyte, the other one mentioned by this company and all these secret herbal cures for arthritis and other problems are ripping people off. Then there is those kinoki foot pads that are not even anything herbal or tangible. An electro-chemical reaction changes the color. I don’t want FDA strangleholds on supplements but they really have to draw the line at these snake oil mixes.

  30. Sherryness says:

    No, I wasn’t offended at all. I just didn’t enjoy the awkward silence that often comes when someone is acutely embarrassed. Like many other people, I am an empathetic person. I’m a little bit surprised that a couple of people have such a hard time understanding that this subject could provoke embarrassment given the time/place (that was why I included the details). And if you don’t care about the mute button part of my post, feel free to leave it. I’m sure most people realize that being within reach of the mute button could have made the whole thing a non-issue, but instead we got to hear the silly thing (have you ever heard the commercial) reverberate loudly off the vaulted ceilings, creating quite an acoustic circus of embarrassment. Plenty to go around.

  31. Mr. Gunn says:

    satoru: I hear ya, man.

    The thing I’m laughing about is that he just didn’t know when to quit. He would still be making tons from dumbasses even without the subscription arm-twisting, but that wasn’t good enough, was it?

    TonyTriple: WIN!

  32. snoop-blog says:

    he was also found guilty of having a 3 inch penis.

  33. Sherryness says:

    Yeah, they need to start cracking down on that kind of thing…

  34. tylerk4 says:

    I always chuckled at the commercials :/

  35. apotheosis says:

    @Optimistic Prime:

    Am I the only one disturbed by the fact he went into this business with his mom??

    No, you’re definitely not alone there.

  36. I LOVED Enzyte Bob. He looked just like this guy in my MBA class. High times, indeed.

  37. Whoops, forgot. I have a casting decision:
    Bob Saget plays Steve Warshak in Enzyte, the Movie. My friend can play Bob.

  38. asherchang2 says:

    @aaron8301: I would too >_<;

  39. BGB-ATL says:

    Um, this begs the question, WHEN THE F*** ARE THE COMMERCIALS GOING TO BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR??????? I just saw another one! How convicted does this clown have to be before they pull those stupid commercials?

  40. TeraGram says:

    @satoru: What? My favorite hippy organic farmer is really just a front for Big Pharma?


  41. Bill Brasky says:


  42. Bill Brasky says:

    Meet Steve…

  43. riverstyxxx says:

    lol. Too funny.

  44. NapoleonEli says:

    What will happen the the Enzyte NASCAR???

  45. Aph says:

    Not well informed on how Cable vs. Sat TV and ads work really but I know this; In my county (Humboldt in California) cable TV Enzyte ads were forcefully replaced by local ads. Yes, even on Spike TV in those terrible lonely hours of the night. Curious on who gets to decide that kinda thing.

  46. NigerianScammer says:

    Per wikipedia ([en.wikipedia.org]), these are the ingredients:

    Tribulus terrestris (puncture vine)
    Panax ginseng
    Epimedium (horny goatweed)
    Avena sativa (oat)
    Zinc oxide
    Lepidium meyenii (maca)
    Muira puama
    Ginkgo biloba
    Saw palmetto

    I could buy all this shit for much cheaper over the internet, plus almost none of this stuff has proven efficacy for cock enlargement.

  47. Kounji says:

    YAY! That is all

  48. @NigerianScammer: you say that almost none of this stuff is proven to make your dick huge.

    I thought that there was thing proven to make your dick huge. Do you know something that I dont?

  49. @RamV10: nothing

  50. snoop-blog says:

    @NapoleonEli: there isn’t one. it was only a one time promo deal. now there is just the viagra car.

  51. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @RamV10: A hammer. Applied forcefully. But I doubt it’d be good for anything else afterwards.

  52. GrandizerGo says:

    Probably not until the pre paid commercials are aired…
    Else wouldn’t the TV execs have to repay him for not airing what he paid for?

  53. NigerianScammer says:

    Tribulus baby.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I was on viagra till I tried this stuff. No complaints here. I have alot of older friends that take it to. It works for them as well.
    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, but the product did for me what they stated it would.