CVS Apologizes For Horrific Customer Service

Rachael writes in with an update about her complaint with CVS.

CVS wrote in asking that we forward their contact info to Rachael. We did.

Rachael writes:

Ok, so I emailed Mike, the director of public relations at CVS back after he wrote to you requesting to get into contact with me. I let him know that I was emailing because I was at work and could not make a personal call until around 6PM. He immediately wrote back and arranged for a Customer Service Supervisor call me after 6.

Sure enough, approximately 6:30, I received a call from them. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the young lady’s name but she was actually very pleasant. She said that they appreciated my candid post on The Consumerist and that they were happy I was so honest. I couldn’t help but think that all these people read where I said “Fuck you CVS” and I kind of felt bad. I told her this and she said not to worry – that nobody took offense and they probably would have responded in much the same manner given a similar experience.

I was surprised that they read The Consumerist and she mentioned that they have several customer service reps browsing various similar blogs as well.

We chatted briefly about my experiences in the store and she asked if I’d had other problems. I told her that getting a prescription is no problem and purchasing things off of the shelf is not a problem (other than the painfully long lines) but the only problem is honestly when you try to get some help (getting razor blades or photos).

She said that the district manager was notified of the issue and that the store manager was as well and that they would be taking care of it. She also informed me that they would honor the 15 cents per print photos and that they were mailing me a CVS giftcard to make up for the frustration.

So all’s well that ends well. They were very helpful and gave me a couple telephone numbers and email addresses to address any future concerns.

I must say I’m surprised – albeit pleasantly. I didn’t think a big faceless corporation like CVS would care what I thought about two poor experiences I had in their store. Now there are going to be those saying that they bought me off, but I don’t think so. I was there Tuesday to pick up a prescription and had no problems. It was a service issue with a store I frequent and I would have continued shopping there (just not for photos or blades lol). But in any case, I’m happy, they are happy and it’s all over for now.

Perhaps this weekend I will try again for the photos….

Thanks Consumerist.

Hey, kudos to CVS. Don’t feel guilty about complaining Rachael, anything that makes access to razor blades at CVS even a little bit easier is considered a service to your fellow man.

(Photo:Vince Brown (attila))

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