Supreme Court Sends "Judge Alex" Back To Arbitration

TV’s “Judge Alex” is probably less a fan of arbitration that you’d think, according to CNN. He’s been handed a Supreme Court decision that forces him back into the waiting arms of the American Arbitration Association.

The 8-1 decision came in a lawsuit by Alex E. Ferrer, a former Florida Circuit Court judge who decides minor civil disputes as a form of TV entertainment.

Ferrer refused to pay a management fee to Arnold Preston after the two men had signed a contract that called for arbitration of any disputes.

Ferrer says Preston is not a licensed talent agent as California law requires.

Preston sought the money by starting a proceeding with the American Arbitration Association in Los Angeles. Ferrer filed a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner, seeking to invalidate the contract for the fees. Ferrer went to court when the labor commissioner said she lacked the power to block the arbitration.

At issue was the reach of the Federal Arbitration Act.

“When parties agree to arbitrate all questions arising under a contract, the FAA supersedes state laws,” wrote Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Oh, irony.

High court rules against TV’s ‘Judge Alex’