Coffee Shop Offers Free Coffee In Celebration Of Starbucks "Retraining"

A small coffee chain (2 stores) in California is offering free coffee during the much ballyhooed “Starbucks retraining event,” on Tuesday, February 26th from 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM PST.

From their press release:

Described by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in a press statement as a “bold demonstration of our commitment,” the company announced earlier this month that it would close 7,100 company-operated Starbucks stores in the United States for 3 hours to retrain more than 135,000 employees.

Coffee Klatch, home of reigning United States Barista Champion Heather Perry, has no need for similar employee remediation and consequently invites the public to visit for an opportunity to taste expertly crafted espresso beverages and exclusive coffees from exotic locales — for free — at its two Southern California locations during the closure.

“I’m not sure why it’s going to take them 3 hours to learn how to press a button,” says Coffee Klatch Roasting owner Mike Perry, referring to the automated espresso machines that are used by Starbucks employees to prepare beverages. “While they practice pushing buttons, their customers can come to Coffee Klatch and learn how coffee is really supposed to taste.”


Everyone should go there on the 26th. Even people who live in Canada.

Coffee Klatch Roasting Celebrates Starbucks Store Closures With Free Coffee for Everyone (Press Release) [Marketwire via Starbucks Gossip]


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  1. cmdr.sass says:

    All that coffee makes them feisty!

  2. MercuryPDX says:

    @Meg: You picking us all up in the Gawker Corporate Jet? Yes? Count me in.

  3. less_is_best says:

    Score one for the little guy! Probably have better coffee too. Unless you like the taste of “burnt”.

  4. Meg Marco says:

    @MercuryPDX: Err, you mean the Gawker corporate Amtrak…

  5. Bay State Darren says:

    @Meg Marco: For free coffee [and warm weather]? I’m on board!

  6. mikemar42 says:

    Now they just need to learn how to use fresh roasted beans……

    CK roasts some really great beans IMHO, but I use Counter Culture for my espresso. This really did crack me up when I read it. Awesome.

  7. Caprica Six says:

    bravo Coffee Klatch! Boo Starsucks!

  8. Quellman says:

    mmm Amtrak cross country with like-minded consumers for coffee. I’m in!

  9. seandavid010 says:

    I’ve been to the one in San Luis Obispo, and it’s great… better than starbucks, anyway. I’m gonna call everyone back home and tell them to get some free coffee!

  10. m4ximusprim3 says:

    Road Trip! (Track Trip?)

  11. Bay State Darren says:

    Date with Meg? I’m i…that’s not what this is, is it? Aw, what the hell I’m still in.

  12. Falconfire says:

    suckit Starbucks!

  13. femmeknitzi1 says:

    This is great! I love to see small coffee shops outdoing the big dogs. Especially since I wouldn’t drink sludge from Starbucks even if it was free. I’m a fan of any coffee establishment that believes coffee should taste good without adding sugary syrups and giving it fancy names.

  14. DAK says:

    I used to live about 2 blocks away from one of their locations.  Coffee isn’t too bad, decent outdoor seating away from traffic…not a bad choice even if you were paying for it.

  15. mandarin says:

    Never even heard of a ‘US Barista Champion’. How do you compete? Grind your own beans?

    How exactly do you make ‘Award winning premium coffee’ ? Do you grow the beans yourself?

  16. chucklebuck says:

    @Quellman:  If ANYTHING consumer-unfriendly happens on that train, this site is going to buckle under the weight of all the Amtrak EECBs typed up by extremely overcaffeinated Consumerist fans and CC’d to Meg.


    but it might be worth it for free coffee, which I am NOT AT ALL addicted to.

  17. Can you actually call a firm with two locations a chain? A chain with two links is, what, a pair of interlocked rings? I’m sure they make fine coffee, but this is cheap publicity for a very small firm that styles itself a chain. Not bad, but national news, me no think so.

  18. majortom1981 says:

    My local Crepe place makes coffee thats a ton better then starbucks . The way his expresso machine does the milk is by a tube from the milk  then spits it all frothed up into the cup. IT tastes much better that way. Plus he uses more expensive beans that taste much better. 
    Plus hes not a chain and runs his store to feed his family not pay into a chain.

  19. Andrew42 says:

    The firm doesn’t call itself a chain in the press release.  News or not news, it got you talking about them!

  20. shrtcrt says:

    So they will close down to teach their employees better ways to make thier nasty coffee! It is good they are about training, but lets start with better coffee.
    I tried to order a cup of coffee and said hold the burnt flavoring, they said to go somewhere else.

  21. gmanj says:

    I think somebody beat me to it, but how do you “expertly” pull a shot of espresso roasted in 2006, anyways?

    Our area has at least 4 local shops roasting their own and a half dozen others getting fresh roasts from Cup a Joe which are less than 2 weeks roasted at all times.

    There are still automatons who walk like moths to the light to Starbucks, but the independents do pretty well. I always figured it was Starbucks strategy to build near the Indys to run them out of business but I am convinced now that, at least in our area, when they do that, they make it nice and easy for the discriminating folk to pass them right by – and they do in large part.

  22. VnlaThndr775 says:

    It’s actually a combination of speed and quality of drinks. They give you a multiple drink order and then time how long it takes for you to make the order and all the drinks have to meet a standard (percentage of milk, foam, etc.). I was one of the best in my district when I was slinging lattes back in the day. :)

  23. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    Training is a cover story.

  24. czarandy says:

    I can taste no difference between supposedly “better” coffee and “crappy Starbucks” coffee. Although I prefer tea anyway.

  25. Roger says:

    Looks like the Onion is prescient once again:

    SEATTLE-After a decade of aggressive expansion throughout North America and abroad, Starbucks suddenly and unexpectedly closed its 2,870 worldwide locations Monday to prepare for what company insiders are calling “Phase Two” of the company’s long-range plan.

    Though the coffee chain’s specific plans are not known, existing Starbucks franchises across the nation have been locked down with titanium shutters across all windows. In each coffee shop’s door hangs the familiar Starbucks logo, slightly altered to present the familiar mermaid figure as a cyclopean mermaid whose all-seeing eye forms the apex of a world-spanning pyramid.

    No Starbucks employees were available for comment, as those not laid off in January’s “loyalty-based personnel restructuring” or hospitalized in the series of freakish, company-wide milk-steamer malfunctions that severely scalded hundreds of employees, have been sent to re-training centers.

    Remaining Starbucks employees earmarked for re-training are being taught revised corporate procedures alongside 15,500 new hires recently recruited from such non-traditional sources as the CIA retirement program, Internet bulletin boards frequented by former Eagle Scouts, and the employment section in the back of Soldier Of Fortune magazine.