LAX Terminal Evacuated Due To "Suspicious Comment"

20 Southwest Airlines and 2 U.S. Airways flights were delayed after a LAX terminal was evacuated for two hours due to a “suspicious comment” made by a passenger on SWA Flight 1182 from El Paso. We were unable to find out what exactly the “suspicious comment” was, but UPI suggests that it had something to do with explosives in his luggage. The LAPD bomb squad was called, but no explosives were found.

The passenger has been taken into custody, but the whole thing makes us wonder what the comment was. Why can’t we hear it? Is it like the “The Funniest Joke in the World?” Once we find it and post it, will they have to evacuate the building where you work because you read it?

LAX Passenger Detained, Flights Delayed After ‘Suspicious Comment’