Personal Finance Roundup

Stash It, Don’t Cash It [Yahoo Finance]
“If you’re in line to get a sizable [economic stimulus] rebate check in the mail this spring, think twice about doing what the government wants you to do with it.”

When to Sell a Mutual Fund [Wall Street Journal]
“Consider selling your fund if it [fits these criteria].”

How to Save With Green Renovation [The Street]
“Homeowners also can benefit from going green, saving money even as they do their bit to save the planet.”

7 painless moves to save $1,000 [MSN Money]
“Small savings, month in and month out, can fatten your bank account without cramping your style.”

Recession-proof your life [CNN Money]
“The economy and the markets will bring what they bring. [Read this to] learn how to take it all in stride.”

(Photo: blitzcat)

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