Personal Finance Roundup

Stash It, Don’t Cash It [Yahoo Finance]
“If you’re in line to get a sizable [economic stimulus] rebate check in the mail this spring, think twice about doing what the government wants you to do with it.”

When to Sell a Mutual Fund [Wall Street Journal]
“Consider selling your fund if it [fits these criteria].”

How to Save With Green Renovation [The Street]
“Homeowners also can benefit from going green, saving money even as they do their bit to save the planet.”

7 painless moves to save $1,000 [MSN Money]
“Small savings, month in and month out, can fatten your bank account without cramping your style.”

Recession-proof your life [CNN Money]
“The economy and the markets will bring what they bring. [Read this to] learn how to take it all in stride.”

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  1. forever_knight says:

    “This is the year to take one vacation, not two,” says Rogé.


  2. Juliekins says:

    My husband and I have already discussed what to do with our rebate. Barring some disaster with the cars or the house, our rebate will be split evenly and plowed into our Roth IRAs. “Extra vacation,” my ass.

  3. Snowblind says:

    You know, stashing the money is a good thing for the economy as well. It will add liquidity to the system and raise the Loan-to-reserve ratio for banks in trouble from bad loans.

  4. shanaynay says:

    I cannot describe how thoroughly I resent this ridiculous “plan” of adding a zillion dollars to the deficit so every man, woman, and child can go buy an iPhone or whatever.