Best Buy is going to recommend blu-ray players to its customers. [NYT]


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  1. bsalamon says:

    now all we need is porn going blu-ray exclusive and then we will see the death of hd-dvd

  2. I’m sure theres some sort of formula involving the polarity of bestbuy dushbaggery to determine how this will affect sales of blue-ray devices.. but I honestly don’t give a rats ass about the “format” war.

    Everyone, go buy a blue-ray player and cure your depression. I guess we are all a bunch of asshats.

  3. jpx72x says:

    @bsalamon: Ewwww. Do you really want to see porn in hi-def? Cottage cheese and ingrown hairs in 1080p = icky.

  4. Good reasons to avoid 1080p:
    Local News
    Tom Petty at the Superbowl Halftime Show
    Ingrown hairs
    motorhead videos
    and the list goes on…

    PS- It would seem that the format war is over. Let the profits flow to the victors.

    Last thing: I know 1080 is supposed to be SOOO much better. I don’t really think my nonHD set is that blurry. It’s not like a Monet painting, much as the industry would have you believe.

  5. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    The best thing I’ve seen for HD is video games. I played my PS2 at standard def on my SD set and it looked good. I then hooked it up to my HD set with component cables and set it to the highest def it would go and it was amazing the difference.

    720p currently looks pretty darn good. While 1080p is better, 720 is HD also. My big HD set runs at 720p and I only have an upscaling DVD player, but the movies still look damn good. The games, look damn good too. And when I had an HD cable box and was actually able to recieve HD signals (due to a crappy line and crappy equipment from charter) it looked awesome.

  6. Techguy1138 says:

    @socalrob: I’ve actually seen the difference far less on video games as opposed to movies. Looking at the xbox360 or ps3 while playing I rarely noticed the difference between sd and hd resolutions.

    Now on movies I notice right away. The difference between 720 and 1080i even jump right out to me.

    I’m not sure why exactly either given that it hold true for Pixar movies as well.

    Either way I’m digging the HD disk based movies.

  7. shiftless says:

    Of course everyone wants you to buy a blu-ray player NOW. Especially since none of them are in the full 2.0 profile yet. So, go ahead, and be prepared to buy another one if you want to access all the content on all of the upcoming 2.0 blu-ray releases.

  8. Lordstrom says:

    Best Buy can suck my balls. I’m not buying overpriced Blu-Ray junk until they figure out how to standardize the firmware. I refuse to be stuck with a player that won’t play certain discs or features.

  9. Buran says:

    @shiftless: Most people just want to watch the movie. They’ll still be able to do that. But if they buy a PS3 they’ll be able to update when the relevant software update comes out. Problem solved. That’s what I did.

    Oh, and $399 for a console + hi-def DVD player + DVD player all in one box is not overpriced. That’s a good deal, especially since stand-alone players (that aren’t upgradeable) cost about the same.

  10. Frostberg says:

    @lorddave: Oh, because that has everything to do with the company that provides a place to purchase the product in your neighborhood? It must be Best Buy’s fault that there is no standardization. Buy a PS3 like the smart customers and enjoy.

  11. jook says:

    @shiftless: I’m fairly sure the PS3 doesn’t have this problem. A future-compatible player, and a video game console in one? Looks like the way to go to me…

  12. CPC24 says:

    They’ve been pro-Blu-ray since it came out. It’s just official now.

  13. Like they recommend buying extended warranty plans? Through Geek Squad?