Legally Blind Woman Sues Fast Food Restaurants For Rudeness

A legally blind New York woman sued several fast food restaurants for ridiculing her when she asked for help reading their menus, but a federal judge threw out the suit on the grounds that “ADA laws don’t regulate ‘rudeness or insensitivity’ of workers.” Last week, however, an appeals court overturned that ruling and now the suit—” believed to be the first of its kind—could go before a jury this year.”

Camarillo said annoyed workers served other customers before reading her just a partial list of their offerings. Camarillo can read large print when she holds it close, but can’t make out most menus.

During a visit to Burger King, employees “laughed and stared” and pointed her in the direction of the men’s room when she asked for a bathroom, she claims.

At Taco Bell, a cashier told her to wait until the rest of the customers had ordered.

Here’s what the appeals court had to say about the matter:

“Put simply, Camarillo cannot experience full and equal enjoyment of defendants’ services if she is unable to access the list of the services available to her,” the appeals court said.

“While restaurants are not necessarily required to have on hand large print menus that Camarillo would be able to read, they are required to ensure that their menu options are effectively communicated to individuals who, like Camarillo, are legally blind,” the judges wrote.

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