Top Posts Of The Week

Monster Cables, Monster Ripoff: 80% Markups
“Ever wonder why gadget store employees push Monster cables like they’re crack? Bitchin’ markups, just like you suspected (or knew) all along. That’s what we found when a Radio Shack employee sent us his store’s entire inventory list…”

The “Hawaii Chair” Freaks Us Out
“Watching people fidget suggestively on what looks like an office desk chair makes us uncomfortable for some reason.”

Mind F*ck Used To Get Debt Collector To Stop Calling Wrong Number
“When I read him his address and phone number he was soo confused. Then he got pissed and said they will stop calling and hung up.”

Walmart Ignores Widow’s Letter Asking Why It Took Employees 9 Hours To Find Her Husband’s Body In A Bathroom Stall
“One of the first places they checked was the bathroom. She said that a custodian had the door blocked for cleaning and told her the room was empty.”

Your Account Is Never Really Closed At Bank Of America
“While checks that come in for a closed account will “bounce,” any electronic credit or debit will automatically reopen the account.”