Don't Eat The Botulism Tainted Asiago Cheese Dip, Please

There are some jars of Olivier brand Parmesan & Asiago Dip with Garlic & Basil floating around that are possibly tainted with botulism, so you’ll want to check your cupboards.

Botulism toxin has a nasty habit of killing people, so it’s imperative that you not eat the dip. No illnesses have been reported so far.

Here’s the info:

The product was distributed to William-Sonoma retail stores nationwide and to Olivier Napa Valley retail stores located in Truckee and St. Helena, California. Olivier Parmesan & Asiago Dip with Garlic & Basil labeled with the following lot codes are affected by the recall: OPA 34171; OPA 23471; OAP 17271; OAP 17671; OAP 36061; OAP 36161; OPA 33961.

The recalled product is packaged in an 11.76 ounce jar. The lot code information is located on the side of the glass jar where there is no label.

If you have this product, double bag it and dispose of it safely.

Consumer Warning: Contaminated Dip [FDA]

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