Pick Up Some Haggling Tips At HowToHaggle.com

HowToHaggle.com is a short, easy-to-skim website devoted exclusively to the concept of haggling. It’s not the world’s most extensive resource, but the tips page lists 15 very good things to keep in mind the next time you want to score a better deal on a product.

Here are some sample tips:

  • The one way you can really succeed in the world of haggling is to research prices beforehand. Go from store to store and compare prices, go online; check out auctions and whole seller prices – know what you are dealing with. This information is extremely essential as it does give you a firm backing.
  • Before you start to haggle, set a price for yourself – if this price is exceeded in the haggle battle, simply say ‘thank-you’ and walk away. Most of the times the vendor will come after you and agree on your price.
  • Keep your cool at all times. The second you become angry, you are no longer haggling but are arguing.
  • Point out any imperfections in the product – it will get you a lower price.
  • When the vendor quotes a high price, look at him in astonishment. For the most part he may feel that he has scared you and will back down on the price.

One thing we really like about the site is that reading everything on it takes about as long as skimming a pamphlet, so you can fit it in while you’re sitting there waiting for the guy who set up the stupid conference call to log on.