Cablevision is charging customers $40 to keep their old phone number when they switch over. When questioned, they lie and say they’re simply trying to recoup the number port fee charged by the previous provider. [Consumer Reports via Broadband Reports]


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  1. statnut says:

    Its actually a save the Knicks fee.

  2. RandoX says:

    Pardon my ignorance, is Cablevision a telco?

  3. suburbancowboy says:

    We switched from Vonage to Optimum Voice. About a year before I switched, we were told that if we wanted to keep our old telephone number from Vonage to Optimum, we would have to switch to a landline first, and then to optimum. Vonage was basically holding our number hostage. Despite the fact that my parents had this number for my entire life.
    When we did make the recent switch to Optimum, I believe we were charged 30 dollars. If Cablevision lied to us about the reason we were charged 30 bucks, I want my money back.

  4. suburbancowboy says:

    Randox, Cablevision is a Cable provider. They also do VOIP and Broadband. They also own MSG, The Knicks, the Rangers, Radio City Music Hall and a million other things.

  5. shadow735 says:

    Taco fee, so they can go out at lunch for quality Tacos!!!

  6. BrockBrockman says:

    @shadow735: Taco Tuesday is tomorrow.

  7. Zimorodok says:

    We had Optimum Telephone (copper) for about 8 years until last year when Cablevision announced they were dropping the service in favor of Optimum Voice (VOIP). Of course, it would have meant getting their cable modem service as well, and we were 6 months into a FIOS internet contract. So we ported the number to Verizon FIOS phone service and there wasn’t any $40 fee. (Granted, Verizon screwed up the bills for 4 months straight but I eventually got everything credited.)

    Funny thing was the $6 credits we’d been getting on our Cablevision TV service kept coming for about 6 months after we switched to Verizon.

  8. jonnyobrien says:

    So it would cost me an extra 40 bucks if I wanted to call my mom, call my date, call all I want from state to state?

    I’d pay them 40 bucks if they would stop running that reggaeton ad on all the NYC TV stations.

    Oh, dammit now I have the stupid phone number jingle in my head.

    If you’re not from New York, consider yourself lucky you don’t have that commercial. If you want to see it I’ll guess it’s on YouTube.

  9. wesrubix says:

    HAHA I wonder if shit like this gets documented on their internal accounting stuff…

    Revenue from Subscriptions
    Revenue from Equipment Sales
    Revenue from LYING

  10. Crymson_77 says:

    Welcome all to the land of interesting fees!

    Over here we have this wonderful bridge that we would love to put your name on…only $150. Of course that doesn’t include licensing fees ($150), engraving fees ($1000), or transfer of ownership fees ($100,000,000)…


  11. krom says:

    Hahahoholol. Um, it’s the block-holding telco’s job to provide the portability, and they don’t get to charge customers on a per-use basis for it.

    Carriers are allowed to collect a SMALL MONTHLY fee (to everyone) for making portability service available.

    @randox: Most digital cable providers are in the phone business these days, using their coax to provide service, similar to how they provide cable internet.

  12. GenXCub says:

    Am I just the only one who uses a cable provider that never seems to get bad press? I have Cox Communications in Las Vegas. I have phone, tv, and internet and never have a bad thing to say about them. They didn’t charge to port my phone from sprint, and they only have about one or 2 TV/Internet outages per year, which never lasts more than an hour or 2.

    BTW, Cox totally stole their slogan from the local gay pride parade. Seriously. It’s:

    “Cox. See what you’ve been missing!” *rimshot*

  13. krom says:

    @suburbancowboy: That’s really weird. Unless you had already LNP’d an old landline number to Vonage. But the carriers should have taken care of the logistics for you anyway.

  14. emt888 says:

    I too use Cox Communications out of Las Vegas and I have never had a problem with them either. It’s one of the only businesses in Las Vegas that has decent customer service and is not crooked.

  15. mkempler says:

    I switched to Optimum Voice through the Triple Play only a few weeks ago and they tried to pass the $40 on to me. There was also a $15 installation fee. With some simple persuasion was able to get the installation fee waived and received a $20 credit on my 1st bill for the phone number port. Probably could have had the entire port fee waived, but my 2 kids (4 and 1.5 yo) “demanded” my attention and then I gave in.

    My suggestion is to keep insisting for the fees to be waived, ask to speak to a supervisor, and lastly hold the carrot saying you’ll “signup right now” if they are able to do as you ask. Good luck!

  16. buzzair says:

    I just switched my mother in law from Verizon to Optimum’s triple play by adding digital voice.

    I was able to get the installation fee waived but I didn’t think twice about the 40 dollar charge for keeping the number.

    Excuse me, I have a phone call to make…