Mind F*ck Used To Get Debt Collector To Stop Calling Wrong Number

A reader tells us how he got a debt collector who kept calling looking for someone else to stop calling, by turning the privacy invasion tables on him and freaking him out.

“Washington Mutual kept calling my phone for the past 3 weeks, about 10 times a day and I usually just hang up. But this time I made the person identify himself, where he was at…”

“While I had him on the phone, I looked them up on zabasearch.com [a free people-finder search engine] and confirmed where he lived and his phone number He was like, “What are you doing?”

“I am gonna have everyone else call you and see how you like it,” I said. “Maybe submit your info to telemarketing companies or whatever else I feel like doing if you keep it up.”

When I read him his address and phone number he was soo confused. Then he got pissed and said they will stop calling and hung up.”

LOL, hilarious. We can talk all we want about filing police reports, filing small claims lawsuits over breaking the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but sometimes there’s nothing more effective than a good ol’ fashioned mind-fuck to get them to stop calling.