Swiss bank UBS loses $18 billion in the subprime mortgage market. Hi ho. [BusinessWeek]


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  1. headon says:

    Man I lost $7.00 dollars last week, it fell out of my pocket somewhere. I was pissed. UBS must be really really pissed.

  2. ftrain says:

    No, the feeling here isn’t of anger. It’s more “At least, we’re not Citibank”

    Tomorrow is bonus day. No one has high expectations.

  3. TONY says:

    I Hope the fuckers from axium avalon, that stole hard earned money from studios, had their overseeas accounts at that bank.

  4. ftrain says:

    I’m going to say No. They went to the Cayman’s.

  5. RottNDude says:

    Unsettled Bowel Syndrome?

  6. ethanrik says:

    Normally I wouldn’t care about banks…but this is my bank…so yeah, I do care.

  7. fergthecat says:

    @ethanrik: Better watch your account statements for things like $100 “account maintenance” fees.