Fuel Surcharges Nearly Double Cost Of International Airfare

Last week, a United Airlines flight from the US to Tokyo cost $400, plus $300 in fuel surcharges. Airlines say they’re passing on higher fuel costs, but some see it as an excuse to jimmy a hidden fare hike. The Los Angeles Times writes, “You can argue forever about whether this is justified, but how they are doing it shows their worst nature,” [Joesentme.com, a business traveler website] said, noting how, for instance, a surcharge is not eligible for a corporate discount.” Companies love to stuff their operating costs into the fees, taxes and surcharges on your final bill. It means they get to advertise artificially low prices, lure deal hunters, then soak them later.

Fuel fees pump up airfares [Los Angeles Times] (Thanks to Nicole!)
(Photo: basictheory)

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