Cable Box Reset Codes To Ask For When Cable Is Wonky

If your cable television is giving you trouble, you can call up your cable company and ask the rep to send what are known as “reset codes” to your cable box. Here are some that we found:

Reset: Resets your cable box
Warm Reset: Turns the cable box off, then on.
CCV Hit (Cable Card Host Validation): if you have a cabe card, resets your premium channels (can get them to start working) Can screw up your system if you don’t have a cable card.

More specifically, if you look up your cable box’s product name in Wikipedia, there will usually be a section called Diagnostic Codes. The codes are escalating and the entries should say what it does and whether it has any negative side effects.
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  1. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    For Comcast customers (at least my experience in Vermont), you can DIY. There’s a new(?) option available when you phone Comcast that lets you send a reset signal to your box.

  2. Kenneth says:

    @Sir Winston Thriller: Time Warner Cable in Austin does the same thing.

  3. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    If it’s just the sound, try rewinding or pressing the replay button. That works with my box.

  4. Should work as long as the box has fuctioning two-way communication.

  5. zgori says:

    Whenever my box (TWC; Scientific Atlanta 8300HD) gets wonky, it works to hold down the power button until the screen says “boot.” Takes five minutes or so to power up after that.

  6. ManiacDan says:

    This isn’t technically related, but it doesn’t warrant its own post. For FiOS boxes, you may restore picture but no sound on a reset. This is due to the fact that a “reset” resets all values on the box to zero, including the internal “set-top box volume” setting. You have to go into settings and turn up the volume on the box, then turn up the volume on your TV before sound will be restored.

  7. QuirkyRachel says:

    You know, when I had Comcast, the digital cable broke about once a week, sometimes more. They would always send a code “to reset the box,” and it never worked. Never. Not once. Now interestingly, I moved and have RCN, which rocks, and even though I have the same model of cable box, I’ve never had a problem. Hmm…

  8. psm321 says:

    @Sir Winston Thriller:
    There’s a direct Comcast phone# for that: 1-888-872-6319. Very useful.

  9. DCGaymer says:

    I’ve had that same issue with RCN, they simply had my cable box codes reversed. Instead of resetting my living room TV, the were resetting a TV in the bedroom. h @QuirkyRachel:

  10. ChristianTool says:

    I work for a local cable company in MD and sending a warm install to a Motorola/GI DCT will likely fry the box. At least in our case, a warm install is used by the warehouse to perform the initial firmware installation. A lukewarm install is what will refresh/redownload the firmware on a box without causing permanant issues.

    Just thought I’d put that out there in case you happen to find a brain dead CSR that’s willing to blindly do what you ask.