Emailing Bill Gates Results In New XBOX

Jon writes:

I was one of the first to get an Xbox 360 when they came out, paying way more than I should have. I had problems with the console right out of the box and after weeks of haggling with their normal customer service department, I was contacted by their escalation department. Within a week, my problems were solved and they sent me a bunch of free stuff (games & controllers). Fast forward two years, and I’m having the same problem. I emailed both Bill Gates and Kathleen Hogan(Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service, Support and Customer and Partner Experience) yesterday…

I was contacted within twenty-four hours from the escalation department and a new console is on its way.

In doing a little bit of research, I figured out the email addresses for both and am providing them for your loyal readers. The link I am including will also provide the entire corporate teams names and titles.

Microsoft Executives and Images

Awesome opossum. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again, there’s nothing like taking it to the top to get things done. Crap rolls down hill, so, to borrow from introductory physics, the higher on the hill you start, the more potential energy it has coming done. That transfers into kinetic energy and smashes through inept and uncaring customer service minions and gives you new XBOX. Win.


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  1. exkon says:

    Umm..what would you do when Gates steps down?

  2. manok says:

    email the next guy.

  3. pda_tech_guy says:

    I dont know, this sounds like a fib to me.

  4. chipslave says:

    If you do a search on thsi site, you can find Ballmer’s email as well… :)

  5. ceriphim says: Like it took a great deal of investigative journalism to find that?

    I call bs.

  6. anneofandover says:

    I have a couple of issues with this. If the escalation department helped him in the past, why didn’t he contact them when he had a new issue? Why the need to contact Bill Gates? My second issue is more general. Shouldn’t the powers that be at corporations direct the CSAs to help the customer? As far as I’m concerned, there should be no need for executive customer service or escalation at all. CSAs should be competent. If I were Bill Gates and I got an e-mail from some guy complaining about his XBOX, I would be pissed that no one had helped him. And then I would change my e-mail address.

  7. darkclawsofchaos says:

    Hmmm… I wonder how often do things like this appen, I mean if this always works, the gamer comunit will abuse this to no end

  8. dgcaste says:

    @ceriphim: it’s actually pretty creative. people will try bill.gates, billgates, maybe b.gates or bgates, but billg? besides, it doesn’t mean that he’s the one reading it.

  9. gfinakoma says:


    iawtc most higher ups have an email filter or a lackee who reads through and fowards/filters.

  10. SexCpotatoes says:

    I’ve never bought an X-box, so if I email Bill Gates will he send me a free one?

  11. coren says:

    I suppose it’s possible/plausible, but how come Bill and Karen have different email name formats?

  12. mac-phisto says:

    @anneofandover: you would think, wouldn’t you?

    unfortunately, customer service is largely viewed as a drain on company profits & therefore, managers succeed that are able to reduce costs while maintaining numbers that prove they’re getting the job done. csa’s are generally shackled to a script & even their supervisors rarely have the foresight to resolve a situation in a way that benefits both the company & the consumer.

    the main issue is that most of the “profits” from good customer service are unquantifiable.

  13. chicagojohn says:

    doubt it would work with BillG.. but I have done something similar.

    Was having trouble getting DSL installed (back before the telcos did their own installations). When I finally got fed up with “customer service”, I looked at the company’s webpage, found the name for the president and VP. Waited until after hours -then called the company’s HQ phone number. Since it’s afterhours I got dumped into the voicemail system that had one of those “spell the persons name to find their VMS box”. Left a polite message for the Pres and VP explaining my problem. Then got a phone call from the head of customer service the next day — problem solved 2 days later.

    But that company was MUCH smaller than MSFT.

  14. RvLeshrac says:

    Gates gets thousands of emails a day.

    His primary mailbox is most certainly not the one above, either.

    The response is a result of emailing the CS VP.


    If you give CSAs too much power over your inventory, you’re just asking for millions of dollars worth of fraud.

  15. thedragonlady says:

    Um, is this really such a big deal? MSFT extended all the warranties on the XBox to 3 years, when the whole red ring of death thing got going. I’m guessing since he probably had a first generation, already repaired once, it was more cost-effective to just send him a new console.


  16. faust1200 says:

    I emailed and he sent me a shiny unicorn.

  17. dahlberg123 says:

    Actually it’s probably not a fib; I had a similarly great experience with xbox during the great “Live Outage of 07/08”. I emailed Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Marc Whitten who is in charge of Xbox and Xbox live. The next day while at work I get a call from a very nice gentleman named Joe who is a higher-up in world wide support for Microsoft. It seems that Joe and a few select others take on everything that has been escalated to the big cheeze. Although Joe himself was unable to solve the xbox live issue and also wasn’t able to comment on the situation in detail(due to pending lawsuit) he was still extremely polite and very understanding of my(our) frustrations. He gave me his person extension and told me to call should I ever have any issues with ANY Microsoft product. This was unexpected and much appreciated from a consumer standpoint so I have a little more faith in M$FT now.

  18. ogman says:

    @anneofandover: Yeah, a lot of things “should” happen. But, you are not really naive enough to think that they do happen, right? Oh, and changing the email address would just add to the problem. When the CSRs know there is no consequence for failing to do their job, they continue to act badly. Having the BIG boss come down on a few heads is very effective for motivating improved performance. Additionally, a little customer contact at the top might help upper management from losing touch with what’s really happening in their company.

  19. ogman says:

    @mac-phisto: “the main issue is that most of the “profits” from good customer service are unquantifiable.”

    Maybe not. See Dell, Sprint, and Circuit City; and ignore the corporate spin. These are just a few companies that took dumping customer service too far and paid the price.

  20. pigeonpenelope says:

    in this case, i’m sure bill gates has a separate email and that this email is probably read by his assistants.

  21. chrispiss says:

    Seems kinda weird. Most large companies have a standardized email system. I work for a large aerospace company, and everyone’s email all the way up to the CEO is firstname.middleinitial.lastname format. No deviance.

  22. econobiker says:

    @pigeonpenelope: Bill Gates probably has a Gmail address to avoid all the consumer spam about getting their $50 gift certificates…

  23. theblackdog says:

    @faust1200: Did you know if you rub a unicorn’s horn long enough, he gives you magic mayonnaise, and you can use it on your sandwiches!

  24. Orionsaint says:

    I’ve been sent back the same broken 360 twice now. It’s been 3 months since I sent my 360 to be repaired. I emailed Bill

  25. WARxXandXxPEACE says:

    Same here, Orionsaint. They just ship it back without actually fixing ANYTHING, and then they tell me that I won’t get a replacement because they can’t find the problem. So, basically, I bought a $400+ paperweight. Microsoft is such Garbage.

  26. Rockband2lover says:

    okay i have RROD and they are supposed to send a box. they said 3-5 days. it has been about 2 weeks and nothing. my brother’s optical disk problem. they were supposed to send a box. 3 1/2 weeks later he still doesn’t have it. much longer and i will try this and tell him the adresses to. we both have waranties left. hope it works.