Best Buy Refuses To Honor 2 for $25 DVD Sale

Silly Jason. He thought a Best Buy sign reading “2 for $25” meant he could buy two DVDs for $25. He obviously didn’t read the part of the sign that requires customers to buy Saw IV.

Oh, that’s not part of the sign? Then why did the manager of the Best Buy in Beaumont, TX refuse to honor the in-store advertisement? Read Jason’s story, after the jump.

To preface this story, I would like to say I shop at this Best Buy almost exclusively for games, movies, electronics, and computer related items on a local level. Obviously online shopping is still typically the best place for this stuff, but when I want it in my hands, I go here. I happen to frequent this Best Buy every Tuesday like clockwork because I have about 30 minutes to waste when I leave my main day job and go to a freelance job just down the street from this store. I have been in this routine for over 4 years so I am obviously very familiar with this store. I wait for sales and try to pick up deals when I can. When it comes to deals, I am also very aware of the nuances of sales promotions and disclaimers. I never try to push an issue that I know is not correct based on disclaimers and so forth. I worked in advertising so I am actually sensitive to this stuff myself and I also know that people get paid very well to make sure they don’t let mistakes like that through, especially for a company the size of Best Buy. With that all being said, let me explain what happened.

I walk into the Best Buy Store #238 in Beaumont, TX at around 6:30pm Wednesday, January 23rd. I am looking for an extra little birthday present for my 66 year old father, specifically a movie, just as a little side gift as entertainment to counter the tools I already bought him. I wander around looking at the movies for awhile and finally decide on 3:10 to Yuma, a new release. The price on it is $19.99. I decide that standard definition movies are a pretty poor investment at that price and put it back and decide to look around for something else. I think standard definition movies should be $14.99 (and below) these days now that the HD formats are becoming the standard. But as I look through the movies, I see one of their sales promotions on a tiny yellow tag. The promotion says:

” 2 for $25 – Choose from: 3:10 to Yuma, Good Luck Chuck, Saw IV, and War. Disclaimer: Must be purchased on same receipt. No rainchecks. See a customer specialist for details. TempPart #b015021 Expires 01/26/08″

Now I think to myself, that’s a pretty good deal since all of these movies are new releases and it meets my self-imposed restriction of buying standard-def movies for under $15. So I am convinced at that point that it’s a good deal.

I end up choosing two copies of 3:10 to Yuma. One for my father, and the other for me.

Now some people may point and say that choice is not valid to begin with because I am buying two of the same movie….and typically, I might agree with that, but I thought since it didn’t say anything about not getting two copies of the same movie, then that must be a valid choice, so I was ready to put one back and get War instead…. the odd thing is, that was never the issue.

So I get to the register and they ring me up as I pull out my Reward Zone membership card to put the purchase on my card like I always do…….and the clerk tells me $43 dollars and change, meaning, of course, the movies are ringing at $19.99 each. I very politely say they should be ringing at 2 for $25. The clerk then grabs a mailer circular from under the register and says, “No sir, I think for that promotion one of the titles needs to be Saw IV.” and proceeds to show me a promotion in the mailer. I still politely tell him that I didn’t use the mailer to make my decision to buy these, I used the in-store advertising promotion listed in the DVD section and he asks to see the tag I was referring to. I leave the counter, go to the DVD section, grab the tag and then walk back over to the register to show him and he still says I need Saw IV to be one of the movies. I still at this point politely tell him that they must be different promotions because this tag mentions nothing like that and is spelled out in black and white that I can choose any two of the following movies with no reference to a specific movie required in the purchase.

Another Best Buy employee walks over and asks if he can help me…….now this guy comes over with a chip on his shoulder already it seems like, and a headset on. (At this point, I am wondering where the drive-thru is.) He seems like some kind of floor manager or assistant manager. He is very abrupt and not too friendly in his demeanor and I am a little sick from the winter weather, a little tired after working all day, and really not looking for a confrontation or anything. I am staying very calm and never raising my voice or causing a scene or anything. Besides, this is MY Best Buy…..I come in here all the time….and none of these people recognize me? I shop here every week, sometimes twice a week or more….and have been for over 4 years now. This new guy with the headset is telling me that I can’t take advantage of the promotion without one of the movies being Saw IV. I told him, I understand that promotion from the mailer…..but this is a different contradictory promotion in the store. I show him the tag. I also show him the 10 tags or so in the store that are identical to it. He then tells me that the mailer circular takes precendence over the in-store advertising, which is kind of shocking to me, since I never saw the mailer and didn’t receive one, yet I am shopping in the store. I finally realize I am getting nowhere with this individual and decide to go the old “manager route.” At this point, I don’t even care about the movies at that price, I am just wanting to make sure they understand that the promotion in-store is a direct contradiction to their mailer promotion. No one will even admit this yet. So I ask him to get the manager to resolve this so I can go on about my evening. The headset guy goes off to find the manager and leaves me for over 10 minutes, just standing around in the front of the store. He finally comes back talking over his headset and says in a mumbling way “I talked to the managers and they said you need to buy Saw IV.” At this stage, I am standing here in disbelief that a manager didn’t come out to talk to me. I am not even sure this guy ever TALKED to a manager now. I tell him that I need a MANAGER to tell me that for me to understand. This headset guy actually tells me at this point that the managers are too busy to talk to me about it. Well, now I am getting a little irritated. Since when, at any retail establishment, is a store manager too busy to handle a customer problem? I am dumbfounded and annoyed all at once. This same headset guy is now getting belligerent when I have shown no signs of being “one of those customers” who is about to cause a scene. I am calmly and quietly trying to take advantage of an offer that is advertised in the store. Normally I don’t even care about this kind of stuff. Typically I would have left empty-handed if the employees would have said “Sir, I see your point and that advertising is misleading or false, I really apologize, but the register won’t even allow me to do that kind of deal. Let me pull that advertising off the shelf right now to resolve the matter.” I would have been fine with that response and left the store and never thought about it again. My real problem now is that these two employees and the absent manager are basically reacting to me like I am crazy to not “get” their promotion. They think the tag spells it out completely for me and that I must be mentally challenged.

Finally, the store manager shows up and is over-the-top friendly, in a QVC talk show host kind-of-way. I explain to him very politely the whole story from scratch. Let me remind you that we are standing in the check-out area among several other customers checking out with their own purchases. The manager listens intently to my story and finally without missing a beat upon me saying “So there ya have it, isn’t that crazy?”, he says as if he rehearsed it “Yes, but you have to buy Saw IV.” Now I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone here because I just explained to him the difference in the promotional wording from the mailer and the promotional wording from the in-store advertising. It is right here in black and white. I am showing it to him right here in front of us. He refuses to acknowledge that it even remotely seems inaccurate or misleading. I finally get irritated and say, “You need to sell me these two DVDs for $25 to make good on your in-store advertising.” and he says “No, I don’t.” I am seriously floored at this point. I am three levels deep into Best Buy employees and they are all treating me as if I am crazy and we are seriously talking about $15 here. It’s crazy. So I tell him that this whole thing has kind of gotten out of hand and that if he just honors the deal then I will be on my way. He still says “No, I can’t help you…..unless you buy Saw IV.” At this point, I swore if I heard “Saw IV” one more time, I was going to throw up. So basically, I finally tell the manager as a last resort that I could call the consumer hotline and report the store for not honoring the deal. He responds with “It doesn’t matter, call them, I make the final decisions at this store and you are NOT getting those movies for $25.” Oh man, I have NEVER been talked to by a store manager like that in my life. I worked in retail and I worked in advertising and I know what it’s like on both ends of the business. This is just unbelievable at this point for me. I ask the manager what his name is and he says “Brian” and I follow with “Brian what” and he says “BRIAN…THE MANAGER” and then I ask him to get his full name so I know who to report and he says “Brian the Manager is all you need to know.”

I set the movies down on the counter and grab my cell phone and dial the 1-888-BEST-BUY on the back of my reward zone membership. The manager and all of the employees have now scattered and I am wandering around the DVD section again on hold. I want to be able to see this tag again to read it verbatim to the consumer hotline because the headset guy took the tag I was holding up at the front. Finally someone comes on the line and it sounds like a young guy, probably early to mid-twenties from his mannerisms and vocal cues. I tell him the entire story from the beginning and that I have now been in the store for over an hour to buy two DVDs. I also tell him I am calling now just to prove to the manager that he can’t treat people poorly like that. It has become a challenge to right this wrong. He listens without interruption and says, “Okay, let me verify all of this while I put you on hold.” He is of course calling the store, or so I assume. I am thinking he is going to contact the manager and then the manager will fold under pressure thinking I wouldn’t really call, and certainly not call while I am there in the store no less. So at this point, I am on hold for about 10 minutes. The consumer hotline guy comes back on the phone and says the story checks out and that he just got off the phone with the manager. I tell him “Great, I am so glad we can finally get this resolved.” and I kind of laughingly tell him “This is so crazy isn’t it?” He kind of laughs and goes “Yea….crazy…..but you need to buy Saw IV……”

Wow……I just went through all of the channels…..I followed the system the way a customer is supposed to……..and the system failed.

I tell the guy on the phone that this is really crazy now. He tells me the store manager has final say over all transactions in the store. That’s the boast that “Brian the Manager” had made. So now I am in the understanding that Brian is basically all powerful, even over corporate. Wow. I stand corrected. I should have never doubted the power of “Brian the Manager.” I tell the guy on the phone that this is now totally unacceptable and I wasted an hour and a half of trying to get two movies advertised for $25. The guy tells me he can’t help me to resolve the matter and that he’s sorry for my trouble, but to take advantage of the promotion, I would need to buy Saw IV. Now I go off on a mild rant about how this is 2008 and I am standing in a retail store trying to resolve a matter based on the idea that “the customer is always right” and I have a corporate employee at the consumer hotline for one of the largest retail chains in the country and they are telling me they can’t help me. Knowing that I am at my wit’s end at this point, the guy on the phone finally makes me an offer to send me a $15 gift card in the mail to make up the difference in me buying the two DVDs. I say that’s finally at least SOMETHING, but how does that resolve the matter right now? I don’t even want the gift card (and who knows if I will ever see it), I just want them to honor the deal right now and then we can call it a day. He says the manager refuses to honor the deal. I tell him, fine, give me a $15 gift card in the store right now and then I can use it at the register and the guy on the phone tells me he can’t do that, he can only issue one in the mail. I am still not satisfied and I go off on a rant again about how I could post this whole story on the internet and that if they just resolve my issue, we could all save ourselves a lot of trouble and hassle. The guy on the phone still says he can’t resolve it and can’t help me. I ask him if they are going to pull the in-store promotion to not mislead people and he says “No, those are produced by corporate and will be left in the store unless the manager sees fit to remove them.” Wow, the manager STILL is all powerful. So finally, I go off on another rant about how this whole scenario is one of the most ludicrous experiences I have ever had and finally the guy on the phone basically tells me that he doesn’t really care about the advertising or anything at this point and that the absolute most he can do (to get me off the phone) is to up my gift card to $25. I finally concede defeat and say, “Fine, send it.” He verifies my address and we hang up.

Here’s where the cherry is put on top… I hang up the phone……the manager walks out from the back and looks at me across the store and gives me this smug look of “I win.” That’s what kills me.

I begrudgingly go and buy one copy of the movie for $19.99 and leave the store because I needed the birthday present regardless of the outcome. Now some people may feel like I won this battle because I came out ahead financially, but I don’t feel that way. I still feel like Best Buy won overall because they are still promoting misleading, inaccurate in-store advertising and not honoring it. I also went into the store again the next day to pick up the promotional advertising pieces to write this article and needless to say they were still up throughout the DVD section.

So take a look at these advertisements and you guys tell me if you think these two things are the same. What conclusions would you draw if you saw the in-store promotion and had never seen the circular mailer?

Here is Best Buy’s circular:BBCircular.jpg
The circular is not an incontrovertible edict from headquarters. Any responsible manager would have honored and then removed the incorrect in-store advertisement. Instead, Brian chose absolutism and pissed off a religious customer.

Best Buy could easily have defused the situation. Jason didn’t want a $25 gift card. He wanted an apology, and for someone to acknowledge the first rule of customer service: the customer is always right.


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  1. BugMeNot2 says:

    I had to stop reading after he said he has been going to best buy every week for four years. i avoid that shithole like the plague.

    plus, could that have been longer? cliff notes?

  2. VANO says:

    As a former retail store manager in Massachusetts, I would always have to honor the lowest price on products. This would include in-store advertisements, rebates, sales, etc. Now if a customer argued about the price of the product, I would always manually change the price. No big deal. Make the customer happy and they will be coming back for years.

  3. cabinaero says:

    I begrudgingly go and buy one copy of the movie for $19.99 and leave the store because I needed the birthday present regardless of the outcome.

    No… just… NO. You go to Circuit City, Target — wherever — and buy your movie. Then you send a copy of the receipt to “Brian the Manager” and Best Buy corporate . And then you contact the Better Business Bureau and whatever Texas state agency handles consumer protection claims.

  4. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    And this, Jason, is why we don’t shop at Best Buy. End of story.

    You could have bought the video for dad from Amazon or even from Wal-Mart and got a T-shirt! After all that hassle, I would NOT have given them my business. Especially since Brian the God of Best Buy would take it as you admitting defeat.

  5. Honus says:

    So corporate produces the circulars and the store maintains that the circulars trump in-store advertisements. But the in-store store advertisements are controlled/printed by corporate as well?

    Ridiculous call on the manager’s part. And honestly, things like that can be overridden at the register just to keep you as a customer. It’s so easy to make it a little dog and pony show, just to say, “Well, I can see that you’re in here frequently and normally we won’t make exceptions but in this case we’ll take care of you.”

    In the end, when a dispute is resolved this way, the manager doesn’t care because his inventory checks out and every dollar goes where it’s supposed to. Corporate doesn’t really care so much because they’ve got customer service budgets (those 25 dollar gift cards don’t appear out of thin air). But usually the store has a little customer service overhead as well, and a manager intent on keeping a customer will dip into that from time to time.
    My guess is that there’s a bonus for not doing so. To some managers that bonus is worth more than a customer, and the profits on DVDs aren’t so good so he may have been willing to make that sacrifice, right or wrong.

  6. stinerman says:

    I stopped reading after I shop at this Best Buy almost exclusively.

    As a wise man once said: “There’s your problem!”

  7. tenaciousblender says:

    I always take a picture of the good sale on my phone before I go to the register.

    Then if they refuse to honor it i tell them that it is illegal for them to have one price on the floor and another in the system.

    I always get the deal then.

  8. elislider says:

    freakin ridiculous. i’ve had similar issues with BB where their in-store advertisements are spelled out in b&w and they refuse to honor them. however, this was before i was aware of the corporate hotline and im sure that would have at least helped. i’m really not surprised by this persons story, and i know exactly how he feels. its like trying to explain simple addition to someone and have them tell you you’re wrong. beyond frustrating.

    i’m with ya buddy

  9. LionelEHutz says:

    This guy should’ve walked out and bought his gift at another store.

  10. Insder says:

    He should try contacting Sara Wiles at Best Buy Executive Resolutions (dial corporate campus (612) 291-1000). It’s sad that I know that number by heart. Anyway, she helped me out a bunch and she could probably take care of this also.

  11. flowerofhighrank says:

    Good Lord. At least Amazon doesn’t offer to pul ’em out and measure ’em like that. Take them all the way. Does local media have a consumer advocate?

  12. bobpence says:

    @aaron8301: The t-shirt says “this town is gonna BURN”; I predict a Digg “dude got tazed for wearing t-shirt” post in two weeks.

  13. Synaptic Reload says:

    That story was entirely too long. I feel like my eyes are going to start bleeding any second now.

  14. vannerlk says:

    You sound like a jerk. The guy on the phone goes out of his way to call the store to try and reach a compromise. When he can’t convince Brian to honor the ad, he offers you a gift cert. Obviously his powers don’t include issuing a cert through the phone or store, but yet you go off on him anyway.

  15. Phildawg says:

    Phildawg’s Guide to Getting Even with “The Retail Man”:

    1. Find a whole bunch.

    2. Find some paper that you won’t mind discarding.

    3. Use said whole punch and paper to make lots of little circles of joy! These damn things are so hard to get off a floor, even for a vacuum without several passes.

    4. Get a Best Buy plastic bag and tear a small hole in one of it’s corners. The hole should be large enough to allow a good flow out when you lift one side and do a little shake =)

    5. Add your ammo to the bag and hide it on your person. If you do not wish to hide it, then identify groups of 3 or more people and attempt to enter the store undetected with said bag as you won’t want Loss Prevention trying to ‘tag’ your ‘merchandise’ for return, hehe.

    6. Once in the store, take a little time and get that bag out (the appliance section is usually low on employees, haha). Now take a stroll through the store, especially hit the heavily trafficed pathways to insure many get the chance to see your trail of tears.

    7. Discard the bag in the store or just put it back in your pocket.

    8. Leave the story feeling a little vindication!

    P.S. I worked for Best Buy for almost 6 years, we experienced this every couple of months and it was a complete clusterf%ck. The vacuum’s have a hard time getting these up on carpet and bare floor.

  16. Phildawg says:

    dang typos, lol

  17. manok says:

    I would have spent no more than 1 min. arguing with the cashier before walking out empty handed and getting the dvd at another location.

    I guess you were late for your other job. Was that hour you wasted worth it?

  18. TPIRman says:

    “Best Buy could easily have diffused the situation.”

    This “diffuse the situation” seems to come up a lot. I’m really not trying to be a jerk, just gently correcting a common error on this site, with appreciation for the fact that intelligent people make mistakes like this, etc., etc.

    So, that said, for the record: Best Buy could have easily DEFUSED the situation. “Defused,” not “diffused.”

  19. XTC46 says:

    You spent an hour and a half to save 15 bucks? then when you could save the 15, you paid full price? AND you accepted a gift card, which means you will be back. You really are the best kind of customer. You come in frequently, let the store shit on you, pay full price for a sale item and will return to do it again.

    way to stick it to best know by arguing, getting mocked and then paying full price for a sale item

    • batsy says:

      @xtc46: He was trying to save other customers the hassle of seeing the deal in the store and trying to buy those DVDs. I would have tried to get them to correct it as well. Isn’t that the spirit of the Consumerist, to look out for other customers?

  20. 82300sd says:

    people still buy DVDs?

  21. anakinnnn says:

    @manok: I frequent the store on Tuesdays before my second job, which happens to be only one day a week. The event in question was on a Wednesday, so I was wasting my own time. But thanks for reading my story though.

  22. stackcheese says:

    what surprises me is that you even bought the DVD from best buy after this ordeal. All things considered however, i’m kind of surprised you’ve only run into this problem w/ best buy now after four years of recurring visits, i’ve always had a problem w/ best buy policy/customer service so i avoid it like a plague.

  23. XTC46 says:

    that should say “couldn’t save the 15…”

  24. emax4 says:

    I think the line of “the customer is always right” kills it right there. Because basically the customer is not always right, and when they know they’re not, they use that retired line to act like babies and get what they want.

    Not in this case case though. Best Buy should have just honored their in-store advertisement on the rack, and the guy should have said “I never get any Best Buy flyers in the mail”.

    Did you pay with a credit card? no? Then good! Simply camp out further where the employees park their cars (but don’t drive there), wait for the manager to arrive, then scratch Brian’s car, dent it, flatten a tire or whatever. Then put whip cream on the guys car with the words, “I win now, asshole!”

  25. Daryl26 says:

    You know, here’s in Puerto RIco shit like that is an automatic $10,00 USD Fin. Got to love the fact that we’re only US territory and not a state. If we ever are…well, yeah, the shit hits the fan and the beautiful capitalist system has a complete takeover.

    Anyway, liek they say “The Costumer is always right…on their way to get screwed by us (Big Company)”

    …I sound surprisingly Communist all of a sudden. >_>”

  26. dantsea says:


    I hope he edits it down some before sending it to corporate.

  27. marsneedsrabbits says:

    FTA:To preface this story, I would like to say I shop at this Best Buy almost exclusively for games, movies, electronics, and computer related items on a local level.

    Stop doing that right now. Just stop. No more shopping at Best Buy.
    They do not value your patronage.
    They have never valued your patronage.
    They will never value your patronage.
    They take your money because you give it to them, but if you stop, they will not miss you.

  28. sanatarium says:

    Wow man, just read your story, that makes me really angry. I used to work at Toys R Us and Target in electronics and this sort of stuff happened somewhat often, maybe once a month, and I always honored the customer, especially if it was in black and white in front of their face. Thats how retail works, you print an ad wrong and a customer catches it, it’s the COMPANY’S loss. They printed it wrong, they acknowledge and remove the false advertising, end of story.

    You should totally pursue this, not just to be a thorn in someones side, but to get a message through to Brian the douchebag that this sort of crap doesn’t fly. I actually had a manager at Toys R Us who was alot like Brian the douche and I stood up for customers on several occasions when he would start acting like this, with the little headset and the snippy indifferent attitude and he always backed down like a bitch, even though he made more than me, because he knew I was right. You’re spot on to fight this crap, this is why Best Buy is now Worst Buy, and they have already lost me as a customer permanently.

    Good story, well written too, I can’t usually sit through rants like this.

  29. benh57 says:

    I agree. Don’t. Shop. At. Best. Buy.

    Just don’t.

  30. XTC46 says:

    @emax4: yes…commit a crime becasue you missed getting the move 3:10 for yuma on sale…

  31. arcticJKL says:

    The in store ad says, “See a customer specialist for details.”

    Apparently one of those details is you must buy Saw IV

  32. Addison says:

    To Flower….nope, Beaumont isn’t really much on consumer advocates.

    This is why I don’t shop BB. Amazon carries anything I could want to buy from them and with Prime, I get it in two days. It just takes a little planning ahead.

    Perhaps Brian the Manager needs to be dropped off at the Castle Motel wearing nothing but a push up bra and a thong.

  33. clankboomsteam says:

    As bad as this story is, the worst thing of all is that from a grammarian point-of-view, the circular actually advertises something else entirely (albeit one that would make no sense for Best Buy).

    Parsing out the terminology in the circular reveals that their offer (“Saw IV – Available Tuesday – $16.99 – Buy Saw IV with any 1 of these three movies for $25”) is that Saw IV will cost $16.99, unless you buy it along with any of the other three films, in which case you will pay $25.00 for Saw IV ALONE, along with whatever you pay for your other selection. This is just simple predicate/verb trouble, in which Saw IV is the subject of the sentence (“Buy Saw IV … for $25”). What they MEANT to advertise was this: “Buy Saw IV AND one of these three movies for $25”.

    There’s another more literal interpretation of the circular as well, but even less likely to be what they meant: “Use one of these three movies to buy Saw IV” – as in, “these three movies are accepted here at Best Buy as currency for a copy of Saw IV”.

    The point is, Best Buy clearly has no idea what it is they’re actually advertising, nor what the explicit, unambiguous way is to describe its terms. If they want to be bitchy about what their offers are — based unyieldingly on what they advertise — they might want to hire someone with a more comprehensive command of the English language to compose their ads.

    Oh, and that manager (and every other one out there like him) can go to hell. Hey, Jason — you know that “I win” look he gave you? Remember that his “victory” falls under the failure/sadness/mediocrity umbrella that is his lot in life as the MANAGER OF A BEST BUY.

    Chase that star, “Brian the Manager”. You win.

  34. themediatrix says:

    How much do you get paid per hour at your two jobs? Because you donated that amount to best buy in addition to paying full price for their movie and entertaining their idiot manager. Isn’t your time worth more than that?

  35. manok says:

    his time is worth 25 best buy dollars.

  36. rumpledstiltskin says:

    You mention that you have 30 minutes to kill every Tuesday afternoon. Have you thought about standing outside the Best Buy on public property easement with a sign indicating that “Best Buy refuses to honor in store advertising” until the store makes it right? Have you also considered filing a complaint with your local better business bureau?

  37. youbastid says:

    Those are all terrible, terrible movies.

  38. puddleglum411 says:

    It’s stories like this that make me feel guilty for even redeeming gift cards at Best Buy. What a crappy store.

  39. Unknownheadfeelings says:

    As a Best Buy employee, I would like to apologize to Jason, even though I work in a store in another state. That manager was a prick and should be treated as such. I know me saying “Sorry” for Best Buy doesn’t mean much, but the reason I read stories like this is so I know what not to do. What you really needed to do was come back during a different shift, find a different manager, and work around “God Complex Brian.” That’s the easiest thing to do, if you are willing to go back into the store. And, as I always tell people, fill out the survey on the bottom of the receipt and drive the store’s satisfaction score down, since you have a legitimate reason. The in-store sign was wrong and they should have put up a correction notice at the very least and let you have the discounted price so they learn to be more careful with this kind of thing. Hell, the cashier should have bent and at least tried to change the price for you, since you were right. The reason he probably didn’t is because he knows that the price drop is tied to the fact that the SKU for Saw 4 needs to be seen by the system, and he probably couldn’t drop the price without manager approval. Unless he just didn’t care enough.

    Again, sorry for the hassle you had to face.

  40. Thassodar says:

    This Brian “the manager” character sounds like the Brian “the manager” that I used to work for at Radioshack… Since I don’t live too far from Beaumont I may drive up there and try the same thing; the question now is if the circular/ad is expired.

  41. Imaginary_Friend says:

    There’s no need for me to jump on the dogpile, but for what it’s worth, Jason, I think you handled yourself well up until Brian The Manager bent you over. Right here:

    “…I finally get irritated and say, “You need to sell me these two DVDs for $25 to make good on your in-store advertising.” and he says “No, I don’t.” I am seriously floored at this point. I am three levels deep into Best Buy employees and they are all treating me as if I am crazy and we are seriously talking about $15 here. It’s crazy…”

    That’s when you should have just whipped out your cell phone, taken a few pictures, and left to buy your dvds elsewhere. You KNEW that you were in the right, but this douchebag of a manager wasn’t going to give in, so why waste anymore of your time? You let yourself get emotionally invested — that’s why you lost. Don’t waste time trying to have a pissing contest with a giant d*ck. You will lose.

    Just leave the store, make your purchase elsewhere, and when you’ve calmed down, report BestBuy to the proper agencies for false advertising. A nice, fat fine would’ve stung much more than the $15.00 you were owed.

    Plus, 3:10 to Yuma was a really good movie, but now every time you watch it you’re going to think of Brian the Moronager, so basically, he won twice.

  42. jpp123 says:

    When are these companies gonna learn that when you piss off a customer they tell 2 million of their closest friends … I mean really and given that it probably cost them $15 to answer the 800 call and then there is the staff time Worst Buy just comes off liking stupid (again).

  43. lesbiansayswhat says:

    Man that was long but I laughed. It astounds me how many times Best Buy is on the Consumerist for shitty activity. And I know not all Best Buy employees are idiots but it seems that the chain runs a smug retard camp for training.

    Maybe Consumerist should have one day a year where everybody unloads all their experiences with Best Buy. A Top Ten Why Best Buy sucks post..readers send in emails to headquarters by the dozens..people around the country go in, buy something small like screen protectors or something as useless as an iPod shuffle case..then immediately return it unopened and unharmed…I don’t know..something..because this is probably the one company that still doesn’t give a shit that they’re on The Consumerist or that they’re screwing people over on a daily basis.

  44. hals000 says:

    @dantc: amen, that was a rather long stream of consciousness narrative

  45. The Count of Monte Fisto says:

    I like Best Buy, actually. I hate people who can’t get to the point when telling a story.

  46. Dick.Blake says:

    Best Buy management-types with a God-complex? Man, that is news to us.


    Now that I think about it though, I’ve had items ring-up incorrectly against shelf tags advertising specials at least twice at Best Buy and both times the cashier was able to correct it without getting a manager involved. In one case the sign was for last week’s ad and someone missed it, so they had to honor the sign for me and remove it.

  47. LyriCali says:

    I will never shop at Bestbuy again because of how badly they are portrayed on this site

  48. SweetBearCub says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight. He would have bought “Saw IV” for $16.99 and “3:10 to Yuma” for about $8. Tax would have been added to the receipt and he’d have been on his way. What’s to stop him from returning the un-opened copy of Saw IV on one of his next shopping trips and getting his $16.99+tax back?

  49. riverstyxxx says:

    BB is the worst store ever, they’re going to eventually end up like CompUsa.
    The old rule goes though that you get what you pay for, including the hired help. The people working there know nothing about electronics, just how to push a product to make someone else rich.

  50. EmperorOfCanada says:

    For all those complainging that this post is too long; Read the title of the article, what else did you need to know? I personally enjoy well documented claims. Having worked in retail sales a number of years too often I run into a customer who insists they are right when clearly they are not. In this case the customer WAS right.

  51. 123wqesdadf says:

    As a former Best Buy employee I am not surprised.

    Next time head to the wireless department and find a young employee to ring you up. They can by pass it, and manually enter the price. I did it all the time.

    I knew the managers would be dicks about it

  52. PingPongDarts says:

    Completely agree with Emax4: The old line “the customer is always right” needs to die a quick death. That and “father knows best.”

    And yes, Best Buy absolutely sucks 99% of the time.

  53. ShadowFalls says:

    When you call up Best Buy customer service, it is little different than various others. It is like talking to a brick wall reinforced with steel.

  54. Kloud says:

    @xtc46: I’m glad I didn’t have to go too far down the page to find a blame-the-customer comment!

  55. jimda says:

    best buy is the worst store of all-time, why anyone goes there is beyond me

  56. Wynner3 says:

    Wow, that story brings me back to the days when I worked at Blockbuster Video. I got stuff like that all the time. In the beginning I was fighting for the company but then they basically said F*ck It, give in to the customers but don’t give too much.

    I pretty much pissed off all my upper management team members but outlasted 25 people including District Leaders, store managers, assistant store managers, leads, and customer service representatives. For a while I was all of those, by myself. It sucked.

  57. Sorry, but his whole argument loses all credibility when you read the fine print on the in store advertising. Specifically the “See a customer specialist for details.” part. He saw a “customer specialist” and they gave him the details. He then proceeded to tell them that their details were wrong based on the part of the in store ad that he wanted to see. IMHO, he fails. Of course, the fact that he shops at any one big box store exclusively is epic fail on it own.

  58. says:

    The good news is the “Brian The Manager” is not long for management in the world of retail. He does not posses the simple reasoning skills required to work with customers and probably has issue’s with employees as well. This issue is not about the “fine print” it is about making a customer happy, customers should not have to work so hard. As a 35 year retail veteran the fact that anyone, even the newest employee would lose a customer for less than a $100 is stunning to me. On the positive side I shop BestBuy quite frequently and have never had anything but help when addressing issue’s with my local manager.

  59. topgun says:

    Repeat after me:
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy

  60. rolla says:

    hey, you asked for it by trying to get the movies for the price you wanted. After all the bad stories with BB, did you really expect any outcome different from what you got?? and let me guess, youre STILL gonna go back and shop there…so, i guess BB won in more ways than 1.

  61. coren says:

    @CharlesJBarry: How can the details of the sale contradict the already mentioned details of the sale? Choose from indicates that Saw IV is not a mandatory purchase, and yet clearly they enforced it as such.

  62. mac-phisto says:

    @SweetBearCub: does it work like that? b/c then i would’ve bought 2 copies of saw iv & the two movies i wanted for a total of $50 & w/o leaving the store i would’ve returned the 2 copies of saw iv. i could see them charging full price for the 2nd movie & $5.01 for saw iv though.

    @topgun: i’m w/ you, man. i will not shop best buy. i will not shop best buy. i will not…

  63. sleepydumbdude says:

    A couple weeks ago I went into Best Buy because I read on a message forum Munch’s Odyssey was 4.99 for xbox. I just happen to pick up an ad and seen a picture of a 6.99 DVD sale, I look at the picture and it shows Rocketman. I didn’t even know they released the movie outside of the Disney DVD club and I wanted it. Got up front to pay for it and it rang up 12.99. The opened the flyer and told me that those were just various dvds and it didn’t mean those were on sale for 6.99. What the hell?
    I just said put them back and walked out. Had other crap to do and didn’t feel like wasting my time at Best Buy getting the run around.

    In the past year I have only bought one thing at Best Buy and that was a Batman TAS DVD set for 15. Its been over 5 years since I regularly went in there and that was to check for clearance games. They used to have a pretty good clearance but now it sucks.

  64. beartack says:

    To the best of my knowledge, stores are not bound by circulars and other advertising. But they are legally bound by in store signs, which are considered bona fide offers to sell.

    But as so many others have said here, why go into Best Buy at all?

  65. Angryrider says:

    I treat Best Buy and other Big Chain stores like the Soup Nazi. I just look for a good deal I like, for example TV season boxsets for $20 or $15, get it, get out. Rarely do I buy a movie, why bother with the public library.

  66. rubberkeyhole says:

    I work at a Best Buy, and this situation is awful. It should have gone like this: honor the sign that the customer had, then take the rest of them down to make sure the confusion don’t happen again.

  67. jaffa-cake says:

    @SweetBearCub: I imagine they probably would’ve prorated the return. I’m sure BB isn’t that stupid.

  68. loganmo says:

    My senior thesis was shorter.

  69. MMD says:

    @stinerman: If you stopped reading, why are you commenting?

    Is this long? Yes – but so was the hour and half he spent trying to get people to comprehend written English.

    Jason, please take your business elsewhere in the future!!!

  70. MMD says:

    @CharlesJBarry: The sign states one thing and the customer specialist negates it based on criteria not posted on that sign. How is that a fair business practice? Sounds like bait and switch to me.

  71. snoop-blog says:

    this reads too much like a fictional story. does this dude think consumerist is his writers debut?

  72. Antediluvian says:

    I feel like I’d rather watch Saw IV than read that posting. And I had the concept of those Saw movies.

  73. sleepydumbdude says:

    Even though its a long story if he would’ve had it much shorter then someone would’ve posted “you know there has got to be more to this story”. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  74. coold8 says:

    It’s Best Buy, I never figured I would have a problem, I did, do NOT ever shop at best buy, moral of the story.

  75. ZitosGhost says:

    @emax4: “The customer is not always right”. That attitude served CompUSA straight out of business. Best Buy is in the same boat, I plan to have a weenie roast over there minimum wage paying corpse. I get a warm feeling looking at the closed down COMPUSA. Those prices are ridiculous by the way.

  76. aggie_brad says:

    This is wrong, but that in-store ad does say see someone for details, that is clear. Also, we are just taking someone’s word on a very long story. Regardless he got a free movie, so he was paid about 10 dollars an hour to get mad and talk on the phone. I just can’t feel for this guy even though I feel like I know him after reading his autobiography of a story.

  77. picantel says:

    Best buy will continue this crap until they get punched in the mouth monetary wise and with bad press. Can you say class action.

  78. sleze69 says:

    Now some people may feel like I won this battle because I came out ahead financially, but I don’t feel that way.

    No one on this website will feel that you won this battle. The smug manager won. Sorry that I am repeating everyone above you but you should have just walked out.

    I shop at Best Buy whenever I am looking for something small or cheap or they have a fantastic sale (I use my amex so I can dispute any of their shenanigans). The reason I don’t have a problem is that I never put myself in a situation where I need to deal with their customer service.

  79. UpsetPanda says:

    Are we talking about ‘see customer specialist for details’ in case the in-store promo is confusing for some people? Because to me that sign looks like you can buy any of the movies on that list for @25. Buying two of the same movie is a whole other beast. It seems like, in this situation, the workers kept telling him he needed to buy Saw IV because of the paper promo which does kind of make it sound like you have to buy Saw IV to receive a discount on the other movies.

    I would’ve picked up the movie I wanted, along with a movie I didn’t want (but not Saw IV) and see whether it worked out to be $25. If it did, then it means that their in-store promo was correct in saying “choose from these titles” and it was not meant to be interpreted as “choose Saw IV and one of these titles” like the paper promo says.

    It looks like, partially anyway, it’s the left hand not talking to the right hand. Also, it looks like the power-tripping manager was just feeding off someone who didn’t seem like he was willing to walk away. I would have just walked away and gone somewhere else.

  80. f3rg says:

    Jason, I’m on your side when it comes to battling Best Buy. But I never again want to hear a story from you about a future experience with them… because you should never again return to any of their stores or give them any business at all. It makes me sick that you actually went ahead and bought a DVD from them.

  81. socritic says:

    Sometimes, when i miss the big store experience, i walk into the Best buy on 23rd st and 6th avenue in manhattan. I gently glide through the isles, looking at the ridiculous presentations, prices, and most of all what i like to call the “High School scene” little groups of employees standing together, shooting the sh@#, not a (customer) care in the world. It seems as if Best Buy is college, one of those colleges you don’t really come to study at, but rather socialize and expand your ever growing facebook list, and like the college bookstore, there’s only one master to serve; the ever hungry deep pocket monster, to whom one has to sacrifice not only money, but also dignity and humility. See, they’re not there for you silly. You are actually interrupting an important time in their life, a time of growth and a quest for knowledge. Needless to say, in the last 3 times that i’ve walked in with MONEY READY TO BE SPENT, (Honestly, sometimes i buy to make myself feel better – it never works, but i do it anyway) I’ve left empty handed. THREE times. Multiply by all my brothers and sisters, and there you have it, a triumph to modern big box store experience. LESSON: BUY ELSEWHERE. Your money can scream much louder than you ever can. I mean, living in Manhattan, thats one of the first rules in the book…

  82. MMD says:

    @snoop-blog: So we’re going to dismiss the story because it’s too well-written?

  83. hmk says:

    Ok I read the entire thing. I thought it was well-written and logical. I totally would have done the same thing, with just a few exceptions:
    1. This would not have happened at Best Buy. I hate just walking in there.
    2. I would not have made my final purchase there. I would have taken my business elsewhere. ANYWHERE.
    3. I would have picked up a different movie, one that wasn’t in the Saw IV promotion but listed on the in-store promotion, to see if they’d honor the deal then.
    I definitely would have wasted my time trying to get the store to do what’s right. Hell, I’ve probably done that for even a dollar. It’s the just principle of the matter.

  84. tevetorbes says:

    How many people have said “DON’T SHOP AT BEST BUY” in their own different ways on this and other posts about how Best Buy is awful?

    When will people listen?

    You know what, I don’t feel sorry for you Jason, or anybody else that shops at Worst Buy. By now, you all know what you’re getting into, and even after they shit on you you STILL BOUGHT THE DVDs.

    YOU DESERVE IT! Don’t come here and complain about something that you’ve subjected YOURSELF to- nobody held a gun to your head and made you buy merchandise from those blue-shirted fuckwits.

    I swear I think Best Buy could send personalized notes on Best Buy stationary claiming that Rewards Zone members’ mothers suck cocks in hell and they’d STILL shop at this shithole as long as they got their Rewards Zone coupons.


  85. hmk says:

    Oh crap I see both promotions are using the same movies. Oh well. I might’ve gotten a bunch of friends to all go there and try the same thing just to piss off the manager. And waste our time, of course.

    And why is everyone so mad this story is so long? Geez I just read consumerist as entertainment while I’m eating my breakfast. The Internet is a time-waster, people!!

  86. macinjosh says:

    @Antediluvian: I’d rather be in “Saw IV”….

    Nah, i’m just kiddin’..I thought it was a good post.

  87. ihateauditions says:

    Why the hell are people still shopping at Best Buy.

    I strongly suggest that all future Best Buy posts be titled: “Optimistic Fool Gets What He Deserves. Again.”

  88. Hawk07 says:

    “He then tells me that the mailer circular takes precendence over the in-store advertising, which is kind of shocking to me,”

    It should be shocking to you but for a different reason. Let’s say the circular prints Saw IV for $4.99 instead of the price of $14.99. Obviously, Best Buy isn’t going to let this one fly and instore advertising (e.g. the corrected price) will CERTAINLY take precedence over their circular pricing. Also, I think every BB circular reserves the right to refuse the sale if it’s a printing mistake.

    This is yet another reason why I rarely step foot into a Best Buy. I actually got a $25 gift card there, and 1.5 years went past and I still hadn’t seen Best Buy with a competitive price on anything I wanted.

  89. niteflytes says:

    I don’t agree with bashing people for choosing to shop at Best Buy and then complaining about poor customer service. So YOU don’t like BB – we get that. But the people who shop there do have the right to do so AND complain about poor service. If I followed everyone’s “advice” on Consumerist I would have nowhere close by to bank or shop where I live. Some of the posters here really amuse me with their egocentricities.

  90. morganlh85 says:

    Don’t most states require stores to honor in-store advertisements, whether they are correct or not?

  91. Deusfaux says:


    buy yuma and saw for the $25 deal. buy another copy of saw seperately and also get a gift receipt for it in addition to normal receipt.

    return one copy of saw with normal receipt.
    return otehr copy of saw with gift receipt – get $16.99+tax back on a gift card.

    return & resell original transaction – using gift card towards purchase. (in other words, you’re redoing the purchase with a gift card you have now. they dont need the products, just the original receipt).

    $25+tax-$16.99+tax = $8.01+tax for your copy of Yuma.

  92. cmdr.sass says:

    Please edit these complaint letters to something less than the length of a novel.

  93. gingerCE says:

    They should’ve given him the dvds at the instore advertised price–the advertisement is deceptive.

    As for movie choices, 3:10 to Yuma was an excellent movie. Was surprised it wasn’t nominated for anything. His grandfather will probably like it.

  94. gingerCE says:

    @niteflytes: I’m gonna agree with you and go one further, I feel certain articles here feel biased towards one store or bank over another.

    I’m beginning to think the writers on this site need to clear this up by telling us where they shop, bank, etc . . . to avoid personal conflicts. Full disclosure. Because in my opinion, they are more biased towards certain stores than others. Some stores get more frequent favorable stories and other stores only get the horror stories. It is misleading.

  95. UASteph says:

    Re: the “See customer specialist for details.” – I think there is still a very strong argument that this is false advertising. There is enough detail on that sign (i.e. “must be purchased on same receipt”) that they could have put that fairly important “Must buy Saw IV” caveat on as well.

    What if the details were “You have to buy a DVD player too” or “haha, just kidding!”. Would it still be OK?

  96. RvLeshrac says:


    But the posted advertisement in no way implies any restriction. A majority of ad postings in-store state that you should “See a customer specialist for details,” but a majority of them do not include additional restrictions. This makes the advertisement knowingly deceptive.

    The goal here is exactly what happened: Someone picks up two of the movies, takes them to the front, they say “One of these movies has to be SAW IV,” the customer gets confused, tired, and finally purchases the other movie for full retail price. Best Buy wins – they’ve just sold a movie on sale for $8 at a $20 price point instead.


    Good customer service is simply good customer service. I see no reason that they’d need to ‘disclose’ where they shop or bank – they obviously shop primarily at stores with the best deals and stores which have not screwed them over in the past, and obviously bank with whichever bank nearest them has a free checking account and/or the highest interest on savings.

  97. matt says:

    @gingerCE: I seriously doubt that they actively choose not to post horror stories from stores that they frequent. I’ve seen nearly every type of store, big-box, mom & pop and all of the direct competitors of each on this site.

    The site is entitled “The Consumerist”, and has a bias towards exactly that demographic. Best Buy just happens to be one of those companies that receives a ton of traffic (as a former employee, I know first-hand), and also screws up. A LOT. BB even has a disturbingly large complaint website set up exclusively for it at , These complaints are normally very serious and very frequent.

    To put things in perspective – for all of the flak it gets from union supporters and other self-proclaimed do-gooders, WalMart receives very little coverage on this site. I doubt it’s because Ben Popken feels any sympathy towards the largest retail chain in the world, but more likely because WalMart is able to do business on a decent level and has passable customer service. They just don’t get the kind of complaints that Best Buy does.

    And even if all I have said is not in the least bit true, and they do choose to only post the horror stories of certain businesses – it is not as though these accounts aren’t true. They still display a horrific disregard and disrespect for the individuals and families who sustain these multi-billion dollar corporations, and we should hear it.

    The thing to know is that people are not objects and have a terrible time being objective. It may be that Circuit City or Apple has committed some very serious CS-related errors – but if they don’t get sent in to this site, we can’t assume bias.

  98. goller321 says:

    @stinerman: Gotta agree. If you’re A. Stupid enough to shop there regularly, you deserve what you get, It’s like complaining that you contracted hep C from using a dirty needle…
    B.) You STILL gave them your money! Dumb ass!

  99. snoop-blog says:

    @MMD says: “So we’re going to dismiss the story because it’s too well-written? “

    yeah basically. lets stick to the facts, i don’t need a damn PREFACE to a complaint about best buy. if how many times you frequent a place has anything to do with their dirty practices, you are already reaching. its worse than the posters who say things like “then the fat ass manager walks in” what does his weight have to do with anything? STICK TO THE FACTS!

  100. cryrevolution says:

    @gingerCE: Not trying to be rude or anything, but it IS their site. They can post whatever they feel is necessary. And if you don’t like the content on this page, nobody is forcing you to read. There is no bias here-Best Buy reeeeally does get this much bad press, well mainly because, Best Buy reeeeally does suck. Plain & simple. And I’ve seen Above & Beyonds for many different types of businesses.

  101. copious28 says:


    It may take a while, but the law is on your side.

  102. cryrevolution says:

    Well, seeing as there are complaints on this site about NOT having enough details in a post, I’m going to applaud this poster for giving every stinkin’ detail there was to give. Way to not leave anything to gray area. And on topic, the manager was being a dick for no reason. There was a mixup in advert’s, when I worked retail many moons ago, ya just correct the price manually and move on. Take the adverts off the shelves & get it fixed. I have a feeling Brian Oh God Manager isn’t going to be in management for too long, either because of this story or another dumb*ss move on his part.

  103. ninjatales says:

    By law, stores are NOT required to comply with the advertised prices they publish simply because they can refuse to sell you their products. Not sure if there is an overriding law in Texas.

    By common sense, “BRIAN THE MANAGER” should have realized this was a valued customer and given the deal to him.

    All these complaints of BestBuy stores here on Consumerist and other websites and my own personal experience makes me want to puke when I hear that name again. There are some stores that are ok however. Usually the larger BBUY stores are the main culprits.

  104. CarlR says:

    I really wanted to know how this story ended, but I couldn’t make it all the way through the the end.

  105. pj1280 says:

    This guy is a freelancer, right? At minimum freelancer wages (~$10/hr) he could have made up the loss in the time it took to write that post.

    Good lord.

  106. Trick says:

    Thanks Tom Clancy for the Best Buy Novel! Next time Jack Ryan shouldn’t be so damn nice and let the store mock him, screw him and pat him on the back as he walks out of the store, having paying full price!

  107. Leisureguy says:

    Good to know. I will never enter a Best Buy store again. Thanks for posting.

  108. Cupajo says:

    “Besides, this is MY Best Buy…..I come in here all the time….and none of these people recognize me?”

    No. No, they don’t.

    If you want your salesperson to recognize you and treat you like a valued customer, don’t shop at Best Buy. Or any giant corporate mega-chain bix-box store, for that matter.

  109. RvLeshrac says:


    They are not required to adhere to the PUBLISHED ad if they make a visible retraction prior to the sale, or if the printing is a simple typographical error ($10.99 instead of $1099, wrong product pictured OR wrong product name). They *ARE* required to honor mistakes that they fail to catch that are gross errors (printing “50% OFF” on the item, wrong product pictured *and* wrong product name), as well as all *IN-STORE* advertising (you can’t put a tag on something that says $50 and then charge $500, then claim that no one in the entire company noticed the tag despite seeing it daily).

  110. Tank says:

    he made a purchase, best buy won.

  111. cryrevolution says:

    @Cupajo: I have to agree with ya there.

  112. gingerCE says:

    I am not defending Best Buy–I clearly posted they have a deceptive ad and should have given this consumer his discount. I have never shopped in Best Buy and quite honestly, based on what I’ve read in this article and others here, I never plan to. I have even gotten huge coupon incentives to shop at Best Buy–but I again, have no plans to shop there.

    But I do wonder about bias. Do the writers here have investments in certain companies? Family members who work for certain companies? I know this site is highly subjective, as objectivity is near impossible. Still I think it is fair to question these things as they know they are writing stories that can be influential on a consumer.

    My main point is when they write an article (and I’m not talking about this article directly at all)–I think they should try to be as accurate as possible.

    I enjoy this site but I don’t always agree with it. And luckily, they allow me to post my opinion.

  113. MarkStarr says:

    Jason, I am really impressed with your handling and attitude. I too will continue tirelessly to pursue a principle. Brian the ahole manager lost bigtime.
    I would copy the story and send it along with copies of all the statements from your BEst Buy charge card and send it to Brian and Corporate and write. Brian, actually I win.
    Taking BBs point of view, you are very aware of the pitfalls of deals and rebates and such. This particular deal may have involved a promotion from the studio that put out Saw and as such is somewhat underwritten by them. NOnetheless, I think we now know why Brian the ahole Manager has reached the zenith of his career.

  114. ogremustcrush says:

    This is the first time I didn’t read a story because it was too long. Shoot man, how hard is it to be concise.

  115. jaysonjaz says:

    I was really upset by this story until I got to the end where Jason STILL GOES AHEAD AND BUYS A MOVIE!! WFT!

  116. jaysonjaz says:

    I was really upset by the story until I got to the end where Jason still went ahead and BOUGHT THE MOVIE! WTF! If this had happened to me, I would have walked out and never returned to Best Buy in my life. Its a double win by Best Buy.. They got their way AND they got his money.

    Don’t reward these companies with your money when they treat you this way. There are plenty of other stores out there.

  117. misslisa says:

    I actually appreciated that his account was well-written and compelling. But I have to say, I don’t think his mistake of regularly shopping @ BB is nearly so heinous as his mistake of living in Beaumont, TX. I’d rather endure a BB shopping experience than ever set foot in So. Texas again.

  118. dgcaste says:

    @snoop-blog: 99% of the comments I’ve read from you are a waste of space, and mentioning this in my comment makes mine a waste of space too. thanks a lot.

  119. You should have threatened a false-advertising lawsuit.

  120. snoop-blog says:

    @dgcaste: and i see you have no friends. maybe because your a troll and opposed to contributing, you just call out other commenters and try to abuse them.

    hey it just made my day to know that you read my comments!

  121. snoop-blog says:

    well at least there’s that %1 i guess. lol.

  122. Scazza says:

    I could be wrong, but this is according to what I know about Canadian retail (could be different in the US).

    Instore advertising dosn’t have to be honored by law or anyone if it didn’t “bring you into the store” in the first place. So that is why the manager has every right to refuse to honor the clearly misprinted advertising.

    Now of course, this still begs the question of why they still didn’t just honor it anyway, especially after all of this. Clearly the 15 dollars is alot less than the bad press and bad word of mouth a single person can do and should have folded.

    Having worked in retail for a number of years now, most times this happens and its not a blatant mistake (like a mis-pricing of 100dollars or something) then I/we (the store) would usually honor it, as long as the customer was at least nice about it.

  123. str1cken says:

    I think this is an example of how the economy has failed us. People like this clearly make too much money if they feel they have enough free time that they can spend an hour and a half negotiating a $15 difference in price. Any reasonable, sane person who values the free hours they have in a day would’ve left and gone to another store without saying another word.

  124. EmperorOfCanada says:


    I would expect better customer service towards a loyal customer that has been coming there for years. Not that best buy would ever notice, but I think the fact IS relevant (or it would be at most places)

  125. dgcaste says:

    @snoop-blog: I just have a good memory. It’s hard to forget another troll.

  126. MelL says:

    @str1cken: So it’s wrong to ask for what is offered in an ad and then question why the company isn’t holding to it?

  127. ibanix says:


    Why does anyone shop at WorstBuy anymore?

  128. snoop-blog says:

    @EmperorOfCanada: so what your say is if i’m not a “loyal customer” i deserve to get treated differently?

  129. Boulder Guy says:

    Haven’t seen this many words expended on such a small problem since the “Juicy Raspberry” epic.

  130. MonsieurBon says:

    Hahahahah there’s NO way I’m going to read a 500-page article about you not being able to buy 2 DVD’s for $25. That’s just silly.

  131. EmperorOfCanada says:

    @Snoop-blog If you want to look at it differently then yes. Call me old fashioned but I think money talks and if I frequent an establishment for years I do expect better service or prices or *something* than Joe Shmuck who is here for the first time. I might not expect this at a BB, but in general I think most people feel the same.

  132. gmoyle says:

    I had a very similar story, probably just as long had I tried to write it here. The only difference was I was ready to spend $3k on a PC and got the runaround by a manager (“oh, that monitor is only online, and that tower is not in stock, and I can’t give you that price, cuz we can’t order it until this sale is over…yadayadayada”). I walked out, went to Circuit City, bought exactly what I wanted pricematched and have not spent a dime in BB for going on 5 years.

  133. jjason82 says:

    “Wow……I just went through all of the channels…..I followed the system the way a customer is supposed to……..and the system failed.”

    Duh dude. What part of “Best Buy is evil” do you not understand? I sympathize you, but your constant amazement at this situation, at not understanding how this could happen on all different levels during the transaction is what amazes me. Anyone who reads the Consumerist even semi-regularly knows that Best Buy is an evil, evil company run by people who do not give a rat’s ass about their customers or their loyalty. I’m glad you finally learned your lesson that BestBuy can’t be trusted.

  134. bearymore says:

    Everyone is missing the weasel words at the bottom of the in-store advertisement. The last line of the small print says “See a Customer Specialist for details.” In other words, bring the movies to the register where the “Customer Specialist” will tell you that you need to buy Saw IV, or for that matter that the whole deal is good only when hell freezes over. The idea is that, having the movies in your grubby little hands, you’ll buy them any way. Those 6 little words get them off the legal hook. After all, the “Customer [rip-off] Specialist” just told you the details as the sign specified.

    I’ve always referred to Best Buy as the George Orwell electronics store, because to them, language means whatever they say it does. What a bunch of sleaze balls!

  135. akalish says:

    I really wish there were a picture of Brian the Manager to view along with this posting, so people in his area could know exactly what an ass he is.

  136. coren says:

    @jaffa-cake: Oh no, they aren’t that smart. The stories out there about 500 or more dollars off televisions by returning portions of the deal show that.

  137. snoop-blog says:

    @EmperorOfCanada: i’m with ya, i’m in car sales so i know what you mean as far as a “preferred customer”. i just wouldn’t expect that from any corporate chain. but my main point, which i expected to be in the majority with, was that the article has a lot of unnecessary details, and while it normally would be fine, its longer than war and peace!

  138. Swifty says:


    I wholeheartedly agree that in this case, Best Buy was clearly wrong and should have given the customer what he asked for.

    However, the ‘Customer is Always Right’ adage is pure BS. Any store with that philosophy is risking demoralizing their associates – and demoralized employees result in poor half-assed customer service.

    Customer service is not nor should it be bending over backwards to every half-witted belligerent asswipe who walks in the door. Why should the rude customers get an advantage over the more polite reasonable customers?

    The phrase was never intended to be taken literally. It was simply meant to convey to potential customers that a particular store has exceptional customer service.

    “The Customer is Not Always Right” philosophy was not what contributed to COMPUSA’s downfall. But that’s not to say crappy service didn’t play a part in their downfall.

  139. coren says:

    @Deusfaux: Actually, if you did it that way, you’d be better off keeping Yuma at the discounted price and selling the gift card. But for that matter, buying another copy of SAW won’t give you that lower price, because you’re not buying another required movie with you’d basically get a free copy of Yuma if you did it that way.

  140. coren says:

    @str1cken: Yeah, god forbid someone stand up for the principles or something. The economy has failed us by giving people the idea that you should be responsible for what you say and live up to your words. Instead, all sales should be if the store feels like it.

  141. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Completely different ads, Even if it is a typo it should be honored, and for the manager to refuse to even take the ads down is just another great example of why the best investment in the world would be to purchase best buy and just dismantle it. They have consistently disappointed customers with their service for years, They sell phones with dummys, they refuse to pull out working models of any of the phones they sell, as if it doesnt even matter how the thing operates. They constantly piss off loyal customers with ridiculous policies, and stuck up managers. They strip off manufacturers warranty’s from (2-5 years) down to 1 year in many cases just to be able to push their in-store warranty. Their consumer hotline is a joke, no help at all, ive personally dealt with them before, and Still for 4 months after that, their website said that the Asus G1s Has a 15.4″ OLED SCREEN (not available yet and worth $1000’s if it was) and COUNTLESS PEOPLE probobly orderd the system in that time. They just dont care, They really dont, false advertising is of no concern to them they pawn off any online errors saying that best is a separate entity and they are not responsible for the description in any way, Meaning that if you order for in store pickup and it says 1500w microwave and its a 700w microwave, if you want to return it you have to pay a restocking fee of 15%, i just dont understand how a company can survive with the worlds worst customer service, with the entire business and industry laughing in its face consistently for things like this.

  142. rubberkeyhole says:

    @Deusfaux: the two receipts are for the same transaction…they’ll see that the Saw has already been returned, and they won’t be able to return it “again.” It’s a nice idea – I had to read it through a few times to understand it, but unfortunately it won’t work.

  143. WraithSama says:

    Three words:
    Wall. Of. Text.

    That was an interesting article, but could seriously benefit from being broken up into properly indented paragraphs.

  144. UpsetPanda says:

    @WraithSama: I think most people complaining about the length are actually complaining about the fact that the text is all in one big paragraph…indents are a must, I agree.

  145. gsmumbo says:

    The only thing I see here… look at the advertisement. It is VERY misleading, but the very end tells you to ask a customer specialist for details. That means that not all the terms are listed and you are to ask a customer specialist for the full terms, which in this case include you buying Saw IV. Yeah, very sneaky, but it’s there.

  146. rdldr1 says:


  147. backbroken says:

    It seems like I’m starting to say this every day….but here it goes again.


  148. jwissick says:

    Jesus H F-ing Christ people. WHY IN SATAN’S NAME ARE YOU SHOPPING AT BEST BUY?? Don’t the 3 bad BB stories posted here each week make it clear that BB is NO a good place to shop?

    Don’t complain about BB anymore. If you shop there and get screwed, ITS YOUR FAULT cause you walked in the door. YOU KNOW BETTER! I KNOW BETTER!


  149. JackieJoy says:

    That manager sounds like an absolute troll. I don’t know how their computer system works, but I do know that we’re unable to override certain things on our computers. It might be the case there. But he didn’t have to be so damn obnoxious.

  150. arcticJKL says:


    I agree. You should avoid the store because of deceptive advertising in general rather than the one sale they tried to rip you off on.

  151. jooverz says:


  152. nemesiscw says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with most people here. They didn’t win until you bought the movie.

  153. vastrightwing says:

    1) Best Buy misleads everyone. This is their business model. They screwed me by making me actually think they would honor an extended warranty. Boy was I wrong. So don’t shop Best Buy. If you do, don’t ever buy the warranty. They will not honor it. Period.

    2) The tactic they used is a variation on bait and switch. They bait you with the 2 DVDs for $25 caption and you take the bait, discover it’s not what you thought, but you buy the DVD anyway since you’re now hooked.

  154. fat_chic says:

    Yes, the circular was wrong – but you also wound up acting like a jerk. Nice goes a long way in retail, because I can guarantee you you are far from the only cranky person that had to be dealt with that day in the store, and probably around the 78th one in a row for the customer service line.

    I had the misfortune of working for Best Buy in a customer service related role years back, on phones. Best Buy’s policies suck, and they give employees no power and as little information as possible. The kid that answered probably either didn’t have the information or had deliberately outdated information as it was, so couldn’t help you in the way demanded.

    Before you make demands of someone on a phone line, ask them what they CAN do, and BE NICE no matter how mad you are at the situation. This kid is paid maybe $8 an hour to take verbal abuse 8 + hours a day and is up to his eyeballs in student loans, so he may have a hard time caring about you saving $15. There’s no way that kid could have “issued” you a gift card/discount right in the store – given remote locations and uncooperative on-site management, the request was neither reasonable nor rational.

    BEING NICE – think of it as the social version of a discount card. It won’t get you status points, but it will get you somewhere.

  155. Cowboys_fan says:

    I saw the part that says “see a customer specialist for details” and instantly thought, there must be more details. Imagine that!

  156. mistajimmy says:

    First off let me say this, I work at best buy, I have for six years and enjoy what I do, and make a good living doing it. It’s situations like this that I am pained to work retail. Like it or not, BB isn’t going anywhere. They haven’t gotten to be the chain they are today by ripping people off all of the time. Some of us are extremely helpful, prideful, humble employees who go out of their way to take care of customers, wrong or not. The term “bait and switch” gets thrown around too often, and this is not a case of bait and switch. It’s a case of you thinking you could by 2 of the same title movies for a bundle price point. Now granted, I would have just given you the movies to get you out of the store happy, but obviously that wasn’t the case. A lot of times, it’s how the customer treats me in the start of the conversation that dictates what the outcome will be. If you start throwing around accusations of bait and switch, and the customer is always right, etc, I’m not going to go out of my way to help some customer who thinks he or she is right, no matter what.
    To the poster above who thinks broad generalizations of people is acceptable behavior, shame on you. Some of us go out of our way to learn about our products, make sure you leave happy, etc. I personally take offense to comments like that. I get off of work and study tech/spec sheets and read product reviews. I make damn sure I know what I’m talking about, or will find someone who does. I’m very sorry you had a bad experience. I really am. I would think the 10 or 15 bucks we would have lost would be worth it to keep you as a customer. But on the flip side, best buy has over 900 stores with some stores with an employee head count in the triple digits. It’s hard to keep track of every employee interaction; unfortunately some employees don’t care as much as I do.

  157. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @beartack: If stores are not bound by circulars or other non in-store advertising, what’s the point of the ads? I think you are mistaken.

    Also the folks complaining about how long the article is…I didn’t know we were paying for the Consumerist’s bandwidth :)

  158. Deusfaux says:


    No, they won’t. They don’t link receipts or look them up to see if things have already been returned. It would work just as I said it would.

  159. HOP says:


  160. HOP says:


  161. mkernan says:

    Yeah, you totally failed by buying the one copy of the movie from them……

  162. friedduck says:

    Everyone learns the Best Buy lesson the hard way (I did.) You have to be naive to think they care about you, or the law. They’ll rip you off in a heartbeat to make their numbers. Caveat Emptor!

  163. downey says:

    I would buy saw 4 and 3:10 to yuma for 25, then in like a day or two, buy it again for the same price. So thats $50 right there. Then I would return the two saw movies, never opening them and just say they were gifts and get either the 15 bucks per movie or if the person at the register is dumb enough to give you the credit for the regular price. just ask for gift reciepts for each purchase. you could end up with $30 back instead of the $15. i base this on the fact that the ad shows saw 4 as 16.99 so if the mail coupon takes percendent, you should get the 16.99 back instead of half of $25.

  164. Robert Lee Anderson says:

    Yeah, I’ve had my own problems with BB.

    Due to absolutely horrendous, disrespectful, and idiotic warranty service by the “Geek Squad” on my laptop, I will never shop at that stupid store again.

    I went through every channel in Best Buy, apart from filing a lawsuit, and was largely told “sorry, I can’t do anything about that, it’s policy.” They had actually broken my computer screen, or at least its cover (that was never made very clear) when sending it out for service. It was never broken in the first place. What REALLY got me there was that I was the first person to discover this, when I opened up the case in the store after they said it’d been serviced. In this case, they should have treated it like a special case, and done such nice things as ship the laptop to my house after fixing the screen, but all they did was treat it as if it were still a normal case, and I was a normal worthless customer.

    When it came back with a new screen (or cover, depending), the screen also had dead pixels. They tried to give me some crap that the amount of dead pixels was acceptable.

    They also wouldn’t do anything like give me an extended warranty, or any other compensation, as they obviously did something like drop my laptop, which broke the screen.

    The prevailing problem that I saw was that nobody at their stores takes ownership for anything that goes on. They just rely on what “policy” is. I never once felt like a valuable customer or even a respected human being, especially when the main problem was that THEY had broken my screen. Nobody took real ownership for that, and nobody gave me any sort of real apology, or made me feel like they were going to do something extra to make sure things were worked out.

    Absolute crap. Online sites like Amazon and Newegg, always treat me well (Newegg especially), so I have decided to never shop at Best Buy again.


    Have people here been happy with service at Circuit City and other BB alternatives?

  165. rossismyname says:

    As someone how has worked for Best buy, this doesn’t surprised me at all. all of their employees over level one have a sense of arrogance for some reason.

    However, you say you’ve worked in retail, I have to assume it was at least 5-10 years ago or for a small, privately owned store because at big box retailers they know that “The customer is always right” is a joke. If they followed that they’d all be out of business.

    If I’ve learned anything in four years of retail it’s that most customers are selfish, lying a-holes. I just work for a company now that doesn’t let on to the customers that we know that.

    Not that I think that this story is an example of that, this was just the peeps at Best Buy being douchebags.

  166. Chingo says:

    Call your state Attorney General’s office and inquire about filing a charge of “bait and switch” or fraud. THe instore advertisement is misleading and promises pricing that they refuse to honor. Furthermore, it is obviously not a typo or other mistake. It could result in a nice fine for Best Buy.

  167. digicow says:

    The exact quote is “In his own mind, the customer is always right”, which isn’t exactly the same thing. That said, I agree with everything else in the article EXCEPT proceeding with the purchase after being mistreated.

    Having worked in retail for a few years when I was in school (2 years at Sears, 3 at Hollywood Video), I can’t imagine treating a customer like this, or the complete lack of adherence to truth in advertising law. Virtually every corporation in the country has specific policies to deal with cases where advertising differs from the computers’ prices/deals. I don’t see why that wouldn’t have been regarded in this instance.

  168. Nolo says:

    Just wanted to remind you. I have a friend who recently worked at Best Buy. He claims that Best Buy has this policy that they don’t care about their customers since they make money..Which obviously is a poor business position. He said managers where he worked in Lake Charles La told the customers if you don’t like our business then go to Circuit City across the store. This has become an issue for more then one store over the years. But you are right. I agree what has happen was wrong by all means. Almost makes me feel like not shopping Best Buy again.I know that they are not involved with selling cd’s as they once were or at least some of newer stores has a small selection and I just really missed their nice organize listing…Best Buy can be such a pain to their customers. Well at least you got 25 even if it’s in store credit. Sad to hear you was a customer for that long.

  169. WNW says:

    So, I’m probably to far down the page for anyone to read this and I asked this question on another post a few months back and got no answer. There is always a chorus in the comments to not shop at best buy or not shop at circuit city. Where then should one shop for electronics? I go the Costco/Newegg route but I’d like to hear what other options there are.

  170. robertw477 says:

    I find Best Buy to really be poor on customer service for the most part. The “store manager” is really rarely seen. You will get ana ssistant manager most of the time when you ask for a manager. Most dont appear to be the “management type to me. When they had the Best Buy Mcdonalds Bucks promotion I got hundreds fo them. Individual store managers decided they wanted to not honor them, or change the terms. All of which were illegal per their contract terms on the forms/bucks. I also found managers not capable or reading or understanding terms that the corporate office came up with. Even terms that state “must be …. or, is not understood as they real the first part of the claim and dont fully understand the “or” part or the the full terms and conditions of a promotion. I try and only nail them for the hottest deals and forget them most of the time. I have found managemnt there to be especially prickly. I rarely return items however if you have the paperwork things will work out for the most part.

  171. foehngoes says:

    I have more than once seen an in-store promotion which had been grossly, almost criminally misleading. Since most humans are stupid and most corporations are uncaring, the best solution I have been able to come up with is to swipe the misleading tags and drop them in the nearest waste basket… Since they are still technically undamaged and in the store, I don’t feel like a criminal, but rather vigilante justice.

  172. arkaycee says:

    @MATT… is a site whoring Best Buy. I don’t see anymuch regarding complaints about it.

    Another reason to hate Best Buy.

  173. robertw477 says:

    The language on their promotions is poorly written in general. They probably have a big push on saw 4 to move alot of units. However does a promo like that make sense? Two movies for 25 when you buy saw 4. It asks for problems or confusions when that sign is on the rack. Keep it simple 2 for 25.00 with select titles.

  174. arkaycee says:

    So wait… you got the $15 BB card coming to ya in the mail. Why not go buy the movie anyother place, then you actually GOT $15 out of BB with no purchase.

    Of course, then you’d have to redeem it, but … notsomuch the win you gave them. Maybe you could give it to someone else as an obligation-I-don’t-really-like-you-that-much-
    but-I’m-stuck-going-to-your-wedding present.

  175. robertw477 says:


    The people at the head office often have terms like from/or/ etc that the store level does not understand.

  176. rochec says:

    In most retail environments you would get fired for not honoring a price listed. Obviously he’s the manager so he can abuse that if he chooses, but I’m pretty surprised that’s not rule one.

    Hell a ski store I worked at had a kid quote a pair of skis over the phone for like $300 cheaper than they were and we had to honor that all on the guy’s word when he came in.

  177. violetdove says:

    Still shopping at Best Buy? If we all make a point to shop with the little guy, say on line or small town shop it makes for better quality living all the way around. Try reading the book, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Mackey. The book is really hard to find but I think you can order it at Barnes & Noble.
    Yea, our whole family has joined on the “Band Wagon” of banning all these Corporate Retail Moguls to support the little guy right here in the USA….:)
    We no longer shop at Walmart, Best Buy, Ross, LOL, no Big Gigantic Banks like Bank America, lol etc etc.
    I did have a slip the other day and went to McDonalds. YUK… We now frequent the small start-up where they use real food. Ok I am getting carried away.
    Hey Jason, go get yourself a real hamburger and meet some nice people on your break and find out where the cool places are to shop. It’s worth the time it take to find out. :) Come on down to San Antonio where we have a lot of small business’s that will for sure remember you when you come back. :)
    I truly think it won’t be too long before we’ll all be singing “Another one Bites the Dust” to Best Buy!
    Take Care Jason, your not alone.

  178. matt says:

    @arkaycee: Looks like the site is down. I wonder what happened.

    Trust me, I submitted at least 3 encounters as an amployee and read thousands more from customers. The ‘sux’ was the key word. It was founded way back in 1998, and I figured it was still chugging strong. Didn’t even bother to load the link. I think someone else can surely vouch for me that I’m not making this up.

    Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

  179. chrispcade says:

    As a former Best Buy employee I know the manager could have made this customer happy. This one just chose to be a jerk.

  180. maanwi says:

    What you should have done is gotten the customer service person to mail a statement of the supposed requirements for purchase (Saw IV) and taken one of the contradictory in-store advertisements with you as left. You should have sent these to the FTC along with a written complaint and request for an investigation, as this is clearly a deceptive trade practice. You are in grave error for making a purchase there, as you rewarded them for their misbehavior – how do you think these companies get like this in the first place?

  181. MasterDave says:

    This might go down in history as the biggest waste of time complaint that I’ve seen.

    Seriously guy, when you take something to the register and they say they’re not going to do the deal due to a typographical error of some sort (which the sign was), you haggle for an hour and a half over $15? Personally, I just say “oh, nevermind then” put the stuff down and leave and go buy them somewhere else.

    My time is worth a lot more than saving $15 on a couple of DVD’s.

    Yes, you can come home and complain to people that you didn’t get the deal you expected. That’s fair. Going on a 1.5hr tirade over a $15 discount that wasn’t translated from a flyer very well, is a bit absurd even for this site.

    I know the grumpy customer should always be right in a lot of situations, but seriously this one’s not something I can muster any sympathy for. You were probably “screwed” because of your attitude. “My” best buy, I mean COME ON. Unless you’re in a small town or in a small store, do you really think the employees recognize you or even care? The girl at the burrito place knows that I want the super el pastor with black beans and super hot salsa every time I come in because it’s a good habit for restaurants to remember frequent customers. Service wins in restaurants. BestBuy is not a service industry, so what incentive does a retail jockey have to care about who you are? He’s not getting a better tip and you’re probably going to jump to the lowest prices somewhere else at the drop of a hat, so there’s no need to cultivate a relationship. You’ll show up and buy something if it’s either convenient or cheap and they know it and don’t have to do much about it. You started off on the wrong foot with your language and all your flourishing “I took out my REWARD ZONE card” nonsense that seems to make me think that you feel entitled to a bag of awesome every time you choose to purchase something at YOUR BestBuy. Please.

    I don’t think this is going to lose BestBuy a lot of customers over a grumpy ranter. Maybe they’ll lose you, but you did end up still buying the DVD… so I’m guessing you’ll still go back to BestBuy.

  182. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    Since when, at any retail establishment, is a store manager too busy to handle a customer problem?

    Dude, it’s Best Buy. Are you seriously surprised that they treated you like crap?

    Oh man, I have NEVER been talked to by a store manager like that in my life. I worked in retail and I worked in advertising and I know what it’s like on both ends of the business. This is just unbelievable at this point for me.

    I’m not the least bit surprised – you are exactly the kind of shopper that Best Buy wants to lose as a customer. Not only do they not care about your satisfaction, they actually want you to shop somewhere else.

    I set the movies down on the counter and grab my cell phone and dial the 1-888-BEST-BUY on the back of my reward zone membership.

    I haven’t even read the rest of the story, but I can predict how this is going to go… they don;t really seem to care, they won’t do anything about it, the manager’s decision is final, and they won’t tell you how to contact anyone else in the entire company outside the immediate floor supervisor at the call center.

    He tells me the store manager has final say over all transactions in the store.


    The guy tells me he can’t help me to resolve the matter


    the guy on the phone finally makes me an offer to send me a $15 gift card in the mail to make up the difference

    Dang – I was so close.

    I begrudgingly go and buy one copy of the movie for $19.99 and leave the store because I needed the birthday present regardless of the outcome.

    Um, WHAT???!!!! You get treated like crap by the store employees, and after an hour and a half of frustration the manager gives you a smug look that infuriates you, and the way you punish him is by buying something? WTF?

  183. mannymix03 says:

    I usually love these articles and this one was no exception, but why add the whole “customer is always right” its the worst slogan ever and the worst ideology ever, it gives people the right to be total assholes and still believe that they are right because of it. That beings said this guy is not an asshole, he is 100% correct that he should get the price quoted on the sign. I am a manager at a national movie chain. One time one of the employees quoted to a lady that if she wanted to upgrade her free small coupon to a large it would be $1.00 when really it is $1.50
    I don’t blame him, he works in box and never works concession it was an honest mistake. The lady called for me and said that she was quoted the price and that i had to give it to her, i politely told her that she was 100% correct, i would tell him the correct price and fix the situation, she was adamant about her not paying 50 cents (on christmas day too). So in honor of best customer service and to keep her as a customer (as we all should) I rung it up as normal, but only made her pay the dollar, I then wrote out a large popcorn in spoilage and a 50 cent shortage, so the cashier wouldnt be punished for it. The customer in the best buy case is right, the manager is just an idiot who wants to get fired

  184. AmericaTheBrave says:

    Obviously his first mistake was shopping in the consistently worst customer service store in the country. Best Buy proves once again their Angels and Demons attitude towards their customers.

    I haven’t been in a Best Buy since 2001 because of their bullshit attitudes. I understand retail prices are going to be higher than online, but it’s the customer service that kills going to their stores. They are arrogant, rude, and never helpful.

    I am blogging this story to help spread the word that Best Buy is a bunch of fucktards.

  185. wboswell says:

    Okay, even after all that, you went BACK?!?!?

    You deserved the smug look from Brian the Manager, because obviously, you are a few ants short of a picnic.

  186. violetdove says:

    @Masterdave: Maybe nobody else will tell you this but , hello, “You are out numbered” in your endeavors to tear down Poor Jason and the moral majority that’s had these same experiences.

  187. pHusion says:

    I know hindsight is 20/20 but there is only one way to win this argument with “Brian The Manager”.

    “Okay, you won’t honor the sale? Alright. Brian, what I need you to do is just hang here for a second while I finish this transaction. Just stand over here for a minute.”

    Buy the movie you like with Saw IV.

    Walk out of the door and swing back into the entrance.

    “Excuse me, “Brian the Manager”. I’d like to return this movie. It’s unopened so I can return it for a full refund.”

    I’m sure it’s probably going to ring up somewhere in a ballpark of you getting a decent deal.

    As you’re walking out you could then just turn around and say, “I told you I was getting that f*cking movie and I wasn’t going to pay full price.”

  188. pHusion says:

    Just to follow up a previous comment I made….

    Dear Best Buy,

    I’d like you to know that I have not shopped at Best Buy in over a year. Why?

    Your business practices are criminally insane. I don’t care that I’m only one person and it won’t affect you that much. I don’t have to deal with these situations that other customers have to endure.

    I’ll keep my business with Amazon, Target, or Newegg. If you have it and they don’t, I don’t buy it.

  189. emjsea says:

    Sorry, but Brian the Douchebag Manager didn’t win until you went and bought a DVD from them after all that. He and corporate obviously sensed ahead of time that despite all your whining and foot-stomping, you would cave. And they were right. And you, the idiot, will be back at “Best” Buy after a couple of weeks anyway.

  190. bdsc3130 says:

    It is good to kown Best Buy is getting good at treating customers as badly as they are.I hope one day the skies will darken,the wind will blow and a thick fog will roll over every Best Buy and the only thing left is the ashes of a company that forgot who made them what they are today there forgotten customers.

    To put into perspective why I fell this way I was an equally weekly shopper at the local Best Buy in Charlotte NC and needless to say they are know better there than they are now in Wilmington NC.
    And needless to say I went there yesterday and nothing has changed.

  191. blowjustinup says:


    About your little rant of incorrect wording..

    The term “defuse” is actually the correct term to be used in this context. It means to “remove the triggering device from”; like defusing a bomb.. It’s a little metaphorical as there is no real “device” in use, but the “device” being referred to is what is causing the situation to “blow up”, which, in this case, would be the misleading advertisement. I don’t even want to comment to ask how “diffusing” the situation would help anyone? To diffuse means basically to scatter about.. How would scattering the issue resolve it?

  192. nashvilledmk says:

    There’s no substitute for personal experience, so it’s reasonable he didn’t realize how truly awful BestBuy is.

    So, folks, there’s no need to criticize him for having shopped there. He’d never had a problem before, so he had no reason to think other people’s miseries at other stores would apply to him.

    Now, he should be the wiser. If he goes back to Best Buy ever again, then he deserves all the mean-spirited comments. At this point though, the “you’re a moron” posts are (a) premature and (b) immature.

  193. Anon_Ymous says:

    Wow I read this story and was so incensed by what happened that I forwarded on to Best Buy – maybe they didn’t listen to one person, but I’m sure (well I hope) they get the picture when they hear it from a lot of people

  194. Kiska99692 says:

    When confronted with an advertised price that does not match the price listed in the cash register, you want to report this to your states Dept. of Weights & Measures. They take this sort of thing very seriously. You can check out your states Dept. of Weights & Measure home page and learn the steps required to inform them of an issue. Usually the first time the Dept. responds to a retailer, a verbal warning is issued. Subsequent complaints quickly escalate the Dept.’s requirements of compliance by the retailer. In my experience, simply informing a manager of your intent to register a complaint with the Dept. of Weights and Measures makes them most cooperative.

  195. Twitch says:

    this guy gets ZERO sympathy from me if he goes all the way through that and then SPENDS MONEY IN THE STORE???


  196. digdug says:

    Holy wall of text, Batman!

  197. amigabill says:

    Best Buy doesn’t seem to have one of those “customer is always right” policies. A coupl eyears ago I tried to buy a USB flash drive, which had a yellow shelf tag next to it with a sale price. It didn’t ring up that price at the register, it came up more. So I took the cashier back to look at the yellow tag, which he removed from the shelf, and told me I couldn’t have that price, I had to pay the higher register price. No thanks. From m y own experience, and seeing others like this now and then on the net, it seems that Best Buy’s policy is more of “The customer is a drooling retarded moron and is always, always, always wrong” kind.

  198. nevesis says:

    This is exactly why no felt bad screwing Best Buy over with their own $700 off HDTV deal — Best Buy screws their customers at every chance they get.

  199. ativadelor says:

    Jason, do you have no pride?

    You still BOUGHT something from those losers?

    If you had any pride at all, not only would you NOT have bought the DVD, you would never, ever shop there again. C’mon how far away is the nearest Target, Wal Mart, Circuit City?

    The manager was laughing at you when after he won the battle with corporate, and he was laughing even harder where he browbeat you into actually BUYING the DVD at full price.

    If you’re going to continue shopping at stores that treat you like that, you’re an idiot with zero backbone.

    BestBuy is still a scummy company, but in this case, you got what you deserved.

  200. nevesis says:


    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing you to bring to your notice momentous negative attention being cast upon your organization due to the poor choices of a few of your associates. This letter is meant to champion for the many men whose voices are not being heard by your organization at this time.

    As an avid reader of, a consumer advocacy website, I’m bombarded with customer service horror stories from customers of Best Buy and The Geek Squad.

    Although I’m aware of the good-faith approach corporate Best Buy takes towards their customers, it seems that local managers often run amok.

    This recent example (seen at []), which clearly shows a false and deceptive ad, would result in a fine of $11,000 per day per advertisement (many per store) in fines from the FTC if reported by the readers of

    It is my humble suggestion to you then that Best Buy considers addressing customer service issues with a new devotion. Of particular use may be a complaint hotline.


  201. dratoms says:

    Just to make you feel a little bit better, my wife and I just priced a Sony LCD 1080i television at BB and she insists that we need to buy one. So instead of getting it at BB we will look and purchase elsewhere.

    I feel your pain!

  202. digitalbrian says:

    Christ Lord people, dont you have anything better to do than moaning over a freaking advertisement? go to Circuit City and send a copy of the receipt to BestBuy?? Dont you have anything better to use your time and stamps on? how about buying both movies at Walmart? yeah it will cost you $28 but hey all that heartache you save for a measly $3 extra *lol*

  203. joellevand says:

    Jason, I was with you until you told Brian Who Is God of Best Buy “You need to sell me…”

    He was right on that one point only: no he didn’t.

    I have to ask — why did you buy the movie anyway? CC usually (deliberately) has a store w/in walking distance of BB. Target is another option. So is Wal-Mart. For the love of God, don’t let them bully you!

    I have a BB story from 1999 which involved several calls to corporate and three bad attempts at getting what I wanted from the store before corporate finally kicked some ass for me. I was a retail manager myself at the time and in it for blood — that this particular store was “under new management” a month later made me very happy, though I never shopped there again. I’ve actually learned my lesson — nine years ago. I am joined by many fine people on this board who would never shop Best Buy either.

    Join us, Jason. You won’t be sorry.

  204. joellevand says:

    PS: Don’t forget that CC will usually price match BB sale prices (though corporate policy, I found out, is not to *always* match sale price) at 110% of the difference, so you could have had two movies for $22.50 at Circuit City, hun.

  205. FerrariRacer says:

    I own a company where all of the work is done online – I need computers, lots of them, and most of them are laptops. Last year, 2007, I bought 23 laptops from Best Buy, this year I’ve already bought 4, all from best buy.

    Two weeks ago I bought a tobisha laptop for my sister, advertised as coming with 3G of RAM. Turn it on, check the system, only 2. I figured 2 was probably right, but the tag said 3 so i want three or the right computer.

    I get screwed, they say it was just a mistake -AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO COMPROMISE!

    Solution, I go and collect every computer that I had purchased within the alloted time to return it, with my reciepts, return to the store two hours later and tell them that I need to return almost 20 thousand dollars worth of computer equipment and the manager basically shits in his pants. Long story short my computer never could have 3G of RAM, so I tell him to upgrade another computer. They did it, no problem.

    I still returned the computers. F BEST BUY!

  206. john_nyc says:

    Boo f-ing hoo. It’s not like you bought a Raptor hard drive and got a 5 year old beat to shit Maxtor drive which they wouldn’t give you an exchange on. That was me. Or a box of bathroom tile (that was some other guy).

    It’s a truism that Best Buy sucks, but the parking lot always seems to be full for some reason.

    I agree with the others that were surprised that in spite of wasting all that time and aggravation there, that you still gave them your money. The only thing I would have given Brian was a well accessorized c-word.

  207. Lycus says:

    I used to work at Target – there could be an ad up, it could be for the WRONG PRODUCT _AND_ EXPIRED, and we would STILL honor the ad. I’ve never, ever, ever heard anyone say anything good about any Best Buy. I’ve only been there maybe five times in the past five years, and it was only to kill time – I only made purchases twice. Their staff is comprised entirely of ill-informed predators that stalk customers and try to convince them to get the most expensive version of a product by hyping it up.

    I know that Best Buy _should_ honor their own ads, but they don’t. Their prices are too high, their service is lousy, there’s no reason at all to go there when other retail stores sell for lower prices and provide better service. Best Buy is unwilling to change their policies – so do yourselves a favor and avoid the place altogether. I promise – you can get anything they sell there somewhere else.

  208. bookling says:

    I hate when people say “the customer is always right”, but in this case, the customer WAS right. The in-store signage wasn’t exactly vague, and I’d bet that he wasn’t the only customer to have this problem, either. It would have been in the store’s best interest to just honor the 2/$25 deal, regardless of whether the customer purchased Saw IV.

  209. comicguy says:

    I have also had a bad experience at the best buy in Beaumont.I bought a fridge there a year ago and it had an ice maker in it at the store. The sales lady acknowledged it had a ice maker when I purchased it. It was delivered five days later and did not have an ice maker. I drove 30 minutes to the store and talked to the lady who sold me the fridge and asked about the ice maker. It turns out the ice maker was not included and it was only in the display fridge on accident. I was upset and asked her if she could comp me an ice maker because I felt this was deceptive. She could not do that and I talked to the store manager who offered me a 50 dollar discount on a new one which would cost me over $100. I explained to him that I have spent in the last 3 years over $3,000 at his store and that he would would lose me as a customer over $50. He did not care and said it was $50 and nothing more. I left on principle and promptly called corporate and explained the situation and was sent a $100 gift card without any hassle. I promptly went to the local Conn’s and bought the same ice maker for $50. Since that time I have not bought any thing at the store in Beaumont. I now go to Lake Charles. I was very happy with corporate best buy’s handling of my problem.

  210. mistajimmy says:

    Yeah, buy your movies at wal-mart, and target. Their customer service is amazing……


  211. Xerloq says:

    @RvLeshrac: It does not make the ad knowingly deceptive. It means if you want the details of the promotion, you must ask a specialist for details. The specialist gave him the details which he chose not to accept.

    I think we need to impose a 1:1 ratio of dollars to words for stories like this: if you are scammed $25, you may use 25 words to describe it. $1000 lost equals 1000 words to describe.

    This post was pointless. Besy Buy sucks, so do their customers.

  212. brokeincollege says:

    Best Buy will continue this practice right into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Or at least, I hope.

  213. jamesshieh88 says:

    if its DVDs you were looking for, i’m sure everyone would’ve suggested a membership to netflix.

  214. UpsetPanda says:

    @jamesshieh88: Except it was a gift for his grandfather.

  215. Rusted says:

    My eyes glazed over, thought I was reading War and Peace. Why didn’t he just go somewhere else with his money?

  216. wreckstar says:

    I went to Bestbuy recently and purchased a copy of Call of Duty 4. The price on the box said $49.99, but on the shelf there was a small sticker that said Call of Duty 4 $39.99. I figured there was a sale. When I checked out it came up on the register as $49.99. I asked if the sticker I saw on the shelf was still good. The cashier asked me to show her the sticker, so she walked back with me and I showed it to her. She then asked a manager who happened to be standing near by what she should do. The manager said without hesitation give it to him for $39.99. He then took that sticker off the shelf right away. No argument or nothing, he saw that it was advertised as $39.99 and honored it, he also saw that it was a mistake an took it down so there would be no confusion. Sounds like ol Brian has a complex.

  217. donm2303 says:

    You should report the store to the State Attorney General. They are breaking Texas law.


    § 17.12. DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. (a) No person may
    disseminate a statement he knows materially misrepresents the cost
    or character of tangible personal property, a security, service, or
    anything he may offer for the purpose of
    (1) selling, contracting to sell, otherwise disposing
    of, or contracting to dispose of the tangible personal property,
    security, service, or anything he may offer; or
    (2) inducing a person to contract with regard to the
    tangible personal property, security, service, or anything he may
    offer.(d) A person who violates a provision of Subsection (a) or
    (b) of this Section is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction
    is punishable by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $200.

  218. clickable says:

    I had an irritating issue recently with Best Buy that involved lengthy conversations from the store with their customer service people at corporate HQ. Bottom line, the store couldn’t get their register to complete a transaction properly when they were running a certain deal, and it kept coming up as $117 more than it should. The corporate CSR’s finally told me to pay the higher total, and they would send me a gift card for the difference of $117. As with our friend in the story, by this time the manager and other clerk had long since disappeared.

    Here’s where my story ends differently. Unlike our stubborn friend, I knew a good thing when I saw it. As soon as I heard that offer, I said “thanks” quite cheerfully, and ended the call. I made the purchase and left the store. Got into my car, drove five minutes down the road to the next Best Buy, walked in, and returned the item for a full refund. Then I went home, ordered my widget from Amazon, and waited. The promised gift card arrived about two weeks later, and I spent it in due time on something entirely different. Hey, free money, I don’t turn that down.

    The extent of my inconvenience was that I had to wait a couple of days for my widget to arrive instead of being able to use it immediately; price was the same.

    I realized immediately that I didn’t owe Best Buy nuthin’. No one in the store gave a shit about me. I probably didn’t even have to go through with the farce of buying and returning the item. I could’ve just walked out of the store without buying anything and just waited for the gift card. But it wasn’t a big deal. Fifteen minutes later I had my refund anyway.

    In the end, I got my widget at the price I wanted to pay, and I got a little $117 gift from Best Buy, which I consider decent compensation for irritating the feck out of me for a good 40 minutes. And now, I am the legal owner of Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition (I added a few bucks to make up the price). Thank you Best Buy!

  219. ldavis480 says:

    I hope this doesn’t come across as flamebait or trolling. I’m really astonished that there are Consumerist readers that will even consider stepping a foot into Best Buy and here we have a guy who faithfully purchases once a week and continually shops at BB for 4 years.

    How long have you been reading The Consumerist?

    Seriously folks. Don’t shop at Best Buy, I don’t know how many times it has to be said…

  220. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @arkaycee: was legendary; it had some of the most consistently horrifying customer service stories ever to populate the internet. Last time I saw it, there were probably a thousand complaints and the site drew a ton of traffic. The bad publicity eventually drew the attention of the Best Buy Muckety Mucks who tried to bully the site owner’s host into taking it down, but since the stories were true, Best Buy was not successful.

    The complaints kept flowing in until eventually, Best Buy stockholders started to take notice. There were even some articles about it online (I believe, my memory is hazy on the particulars) and dozens of copycat sites sprung up. Since Best Buy couldn’t keep a lid on all of the horror stories people were relating, they threw piles of money at the site owner to sell the domain name to Best Buy. (The amount was rumored to be in the hundred thousand dollar range.) The guy took the money and Best Buy wasted no time in publicly fellating themselves with the site you see today.

    /End of history lesson.

  221. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Oh yeah, here’s one of the sites that hasn’t been bought off… yet:


  222. wethackrey says:

    I would check with the Better Business Bureau. In most states it is illegal for a store not to honor in-store advertising. They do have the right not to honor typographical errors in printed advertising (the newspaper or printer makes an error) but they are generally required make a public correction immediately. Often, when there’s an error in a newspaper ad, as store will post a correction in the store. To simply refuse to honor an in-store ad or price tag is, as I say, simply illegal in most states. I recently purchased a DVD player that had been priced incorrectly. It had a price tag that was $70 less than the price in the store’s computer. They honored the price tag for two reasons: good business practice and the law required them too. In this case there may be a bit of problematic wording on the sign. That “see Customer Specialist for details” wording make give them an out. Again, contact the BBB in your area.

  223. ghostofczolgosz says:

    For what it’s worth, I e-mailed Best Buy about this situation and pointed them to this posting. I hope at least a few other people have done the same.

  224. ampersand says:

    I think the store won because they treated the guy like crap yet he still gave them a purchase. Honestly, was there really no where else to buy that birthday present? If you’ve already spent an hour and a half on this, what’s another twenty minutes to drive somewhere else and buy the movie? DO NOT give your business to stores whose policies you do not agree with!

  225. ryan.elliott says:

    Jason, sorry bud, you got screwed by Best Buy. Last weekend, my wife and I were in Menards Home Improvement store in Richmond, IN. My wife was over looking at the christmas clearance that they still had, while I was looking at tools. She came over and said “I want that tree they have on clearance.” “That tree” being a 9 foot, pre-decorated, pre-lit christmas tree. Original price of tree – $389.99. Decorated price – $499.99. Clearance sign in front of tree – $182.87 plus an addition 75% off. I find 2 employees of the Hardware Dept. and proceed to ask them if they have any boxes because I would like to purchase the tree and put it in a box for storage when I get it home. The hardware manager (the 3rd person to enter the situation) asks if she can help, I then tell her that I wanted the tree, and she said, “I am sorry, as we do not save boxes.” I then go with plan B – come back the next weekend with some storage tubs. The manager of the Hardware Dept. then tell me that the sign is in the wrong place, but since it was brough to her attention, she would honor the price. Final price of tree – $45.72. Point of the story – Screw Best Buy, shop at Menards Home Imporvement Store, they have DVD’s there as well.

  226. Balisong says:

    I’d be pissed too if someone tried to get me to buy Saw IV.

  227. Balisong says:

    Aaaaand to whoever said “who buys dvds anymore?” um ME for one and millions of others. Have fun wasting all your dollars buying into that HD and Blu-ray hype.

  228. clickable says:


    eggzackly. After all the bitching and the whining, this idjit still bought the item from them, when the same damn product can be purchased at the same price (give or take a buck or two) at five or six other stores within a stone’s throw. Where there’s a Best Buy, there’s a Target, Circuit City, and all their cousins. Not to mention the online options.

    Of course Best Buy won. And then we lose too, because after giving them his money, he comes back here to whine to us some more about how Best Buy screwed him and he bent over and let them. Well, we didn’t really lose, because we sure got our money’s worth in entertainment value, LOL. This item’s got 225 comments so far.

  229. Daniel-Bham says:

    It really is “silly Jason” because after that runaround anybody who would still pony up a dime is a tool.

    You could have purchased the DVD from Amazon, from Wal-Mart, from Target, from any other competing retailer.

    Even if I had to pay more, I’d have done it on principle. Hell – I’d have taken a copy of the ad to Wal-Mart and had a price-match with customer service that probably would work smoothly as they are too bored to fight you.

    I’ve shopped in my local best buy a few times, and recognizing one of the managers each time I come in the store has gotten me a price match + a discounted product on two occasions.

    YMMV, but I’d have told Brian “The Manager” to piss off.

    Try reporting it to the BBB and consumer affairs or whatever you can in your state. It is likely Best Buy could be fined for failing to honor an in-store price.

  230. shadow735 says:

    you still bought the dvd? Stupid you, I would have bought it somewhere else. Then wrote a letter, also ripped off one of those tags and sent a photo copy of it to corporate, posted your internet story and sent a letter to Better business breau.

  231. rmgustaf says:

    Good job, dude.

    And good God, does Best Buy suck.

    This story seems like something straight out of “Brazil.”

  232. firesign says:

    @82300sd: if nobody bought dvds snd ripped them, where would you steal your movies via the internets?

  233. kocurejd says:

    I agree that the best choice would have been to say “screw it” and go buy your birthday present elsewhere. However, this is a total bait and switch. People have been doing it for years, and it is in no way legal. Call the Better Business Bureau.

  234. Jim says:

    Before Christmas I picked up Talladega Nights and Casino Royale on a similar sale.

    No copies of C.R. were on the shelf though, so I asked a kid for a rain check (my experiences’ sign didn’t say “No rain checks”). The manager came and told me I could only have it if those movies were the ones listed in the circular.

    I found a copy of Casino Royale on an end cap, so problem solved…except she told me that excluded it from the offer.

    That’s 2 attempts to avoid honoring the in-store ad in 2 minutes.

    I told her she was wrong on both counts, it didn’t matter what the circular said, or where in the store the DVD was, and I had nothing better to do with my time than see that it ended that way – be it in the store that night, or with lawyers later.

    I won.

  235. aCigarette says:

    I once bought a Digital Camcorder at Best Buy for around 500 dollars many years ago when they were still rather expensive. Of course, having never worked Retail before, I got tricked into buying the $100 for year Best Buy replacement plan warranty on it.

    Meaning if somehow the Camcorder broke for good and the manufacture warranty had expired, Best Buy would replace it.

    So one day the Camera stops working correctly. I’m living in Jacksonville Florida at the time, so naturally I bring it to a Jacksonville Best Buy, where they ship it to the manufacturer for me. A few weeks later I come in and they tell me “We sent it to the manufacturer but they said it was a busted mother board and can’t be fixed.”

    So they gave me store credit and I didn’t find a camera I liked that day. I ended up moving back to Georgia and tried to go get a Camera from the local Best Buy. They said I couldn’t get a Camera there because I brought it into a Jacksonville Best Buy. But they never gave me my camera back as it was still at the manufacturer’s! So after 2 hours of waiting around aimlessly at customer service, they gave in and let me leave with a Camcorder. Worst retail experience I ever received.

  236. benko29 says:

    BY TOPGUN AT 01/26/08 07:04 AM
    Repeat after me:
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy
    I will not shop Best Buy

    i vote this to be on the next consumerist t-shirt.

  237. BugMeNot2 says:

    Worst Buy pissed me off a long time ago. Back before teh internets, I ordered a couple games from them through one of their advert circulars. A “snail mail” send-in. After waiting over two months with no response, I called them. They were holding my order because I didn’t include tax. Of course I didn’t: my state was NOT listed as one of the states to include tax for. I remember that clearly. Of course arguing this was fruitless, so I asked for a manager, and still lost. I still wanted the games, so I gave them my CC# for the miniscule charge and told Worst Buy I’d never patronize them again. Neither drone made any attempt to apologize or do anything for me as a customer. So I’m no longer a customer to this day.

    But that doesn’t stop me from going into the Worst Buy stores in the mall and being a prick. Wasting their time with questions amid jabs of ‘your prices are high’ , ‘what a poor selection of DVDs’, etc.

    Google BB if you want to see other examples of their unsavory tactics. But do the right thing and never buy from them again!

  238. consumingall says:

    That’s ridiculous – the sign was clearly misleading.

    But I still can’t believe you bought the movie anyway.

  239. tekumseh says:

    I always save my returns without receipt opportunities for situations like this. It always works like a charm…

  240. zyodei says:

    No, the customer is not always right. Brian is always right. He’s the Manager.

  241. Black Bellamy says:


    2864 word “story” on how HIS Best Buy screwed him out of sixty five cents

    i wonder how many revisions it took to gather this mighty epic into it’s current stab me in the fucking eyes please form

    all this over yuma too

    i only wish i could have been that manager

    i would have followed Jason out to the parking with that sign

  242. strider_mt2k says:

    All that BS and he still gave ’em money.
    Good way to get them to stop, genius.

    After reading articles like this I want to kick someone in the shins really hard.

  243. Oracle989 says:

    Honestly, I can say that in the 2 BB’s in my area, I’ve never encountered a problem. Is it because I only go in there when I’m right in the area and needs something RIGHT THEN? Is it because the Best Buys around me DON’T suck? Is it because I know when to walk out? No idea… But in this case, the OP is just another BBslave and now, oh, he’s locked in omre with his BBbucks!

  244. ajones4 says:


    All I read on this site is complaint after complaint about Best Buy, moreso than any other company hands-down.

    Why do you people still shop there?

  245. futonhead says:

    Everyone complaining about how long this is…you’d be the same ones asking for more information about what happened. Just because he d1dn’t wr1t3 w/733t sp3ak and use abb. means ur gonna have 2 use ur brains for longer than the 4 seconds it takes you to read subtitles on your japanese tentacle porn cartoons.

  246. LightningCrash says:

    @TPIRman: Hate to burst your bubble, but diffuse is actually valid. Diffuse is often used as a verb meaning ‘to soften.’

  247. CyberSkull says:

    I think that the policy of “the customer is always right” is one of the biggest mistakes made in retail. That said, the customer was absolutely without a doubt correct. Stores need to honor their advertising, and this is a clear case of a manager’s personal power play.

  248. PappyBlueRibs says:

    I made the mistake of buying software there, some cheap Macintosh game for the kids, $5. Got home, it wouldn’t install (the Mac install wasn’t on the CD).

    I took it back. “Sorry sir, we don’t take software that has been opened.” I argue with them for about 10 minutes, and finally say to the teenage clerk, the Geek Squad guy, and the store manager, “I’ll pay you $100 dollars if you can successfully install that game on a Mac” and remember, all of this was for $5 in store credit.

    Finally they did it, but made me feel like they were doing me a favor.

  249. KimballCastor says:

    I would have at least been kind enough to help them with their false advertising by destroying it for them on the spot. After all, we wouldn’t want other customers to get a bad taste in their mouths too over deceptive advertising, right? I’m sure the store would thank you for your help!

  250. Anonymous says:

    Should’ve emailed the bbb, had something similar happen at kmart with a grill, long story short they wouldnt honor the ad I made the email and 2 days later I had my grill
    + an extra 25% off