Verizon Call Center Manager Found Asleep On The Job

This is a picture of a Verizon call center manager sleeping on the job, according to The Call Center Blogger, who writes:

Mr. Operations Manager with last name Changco ( previous from Sykes! Anybody know him? ) is always in the habit of sleeping on the floor during work time and could care less if others, especially his agents, see him on the floor dozing off to Lala-land. My friend says he also has a penchant of passing his deliverables to his subordinates while he comfortably takes his shut-eye. He also reminds the poor agents to submit the reports to him instead of his boss supposedly so he can take credit for the agents’ work! Ang sabi pa “Ang dali lang pala nito!” Nyahaha!

If you’ve ever wondered why outsourced customer service sucks, maybe it’s because they’re hiring jokers like Corey Changco to run their call centers.

Verizon OM Caught Sleeping On The Floor! [The Call Center Blogger]


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  1. hi says:

    so what? he’s tired… who isn’t?

  2. TCameron says:

    In all fairness the gentleman could:

    a.) be Narcoleptic
    b.) finding it tough to adjust to hours he has to be away for the time difference in India.

    c.) Burnt out from skateboarding to earn a free Thrasher T-Shirt.

  3. snoop-blog says:

    i love their work attire. especially for a manager.

  4. saintjohnson says:

    What does “Ang sabi pa “Ang dali lang pala nito!” Nyahaha!” mean?

  5. bbbici says:

    good for him. i wish.

  6. snoop-blog says:

    @TCameron: you forgot d.) burnt out from smoking too much pot.

  7. KogeLiz says:

    I have narcolepsy and have dealt with nasty comments throught out my life (school, work) about being “lazy” and “not giving a shit.”

    Before being diagnosed and treated, I was suspended a lot from high school and work, I was laid off, I was written up a slew of times, etc.

    Other sleep disorders and medical conditions can also cause daytime sleepiness.

    I wish people wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

  8. Parting says:

    Someone will get fired…

    However, if my superior would take credit for my work, I’d skip, and go see HIS superiors.

  9. Parting says:

    @KogeLiz: I guess it’s not as much sleeping, as taking credit for his employees work that bugs everyone.

    Usually employees prefer ”sleeping boss” than one that pushes everybody around for wrong reasons.

  10. Zimorodok says:

    Nah, it’s gotta be:

    e.) burnt out from trying to fathom the difference between 0.02 dollars and 0.02 cents.

  11. number8 says:

    What does “Ang sabi pa “Ang dali lang pala nito!” Nyahaha!” mean?@saintjohnson:

    “ang sabi pa” = He even said
    “Ang dali lang pala nito” This is very easy.
    “Nyahaha!” = Hahaha with an evil tone

  12. KogeLiz says:

    “Supposedly” he takes credit.

    A lot of times, coworkers would decide not like me and I’m guessing it was because I would come in late or fall asleep occasionally – and yet still had a job. Sometimes co-workers would make things up about me, too. It can get ridiculous.

    I have been known to hand work to others because my brain was just too foggy to think well. It look really bad to others — like I was just lazy and ‘not doing anything’

    I mean, no one really wants to be caught sleeping on the job.
    If you’re tired – you fall asleep.

    I never understood why people get so upset about finding someone snoozing during work hours rather than being concerned.

    In any case, who knows, i guess he could just be… not tired and a complete dick.

  13. ldavis480 says:

    What does “Ang sabi pa “Ang dali lang pala nito!” Nyahaha!” mean?

    I recognize the language as Tagalog, spoken in Philippines. Perhaps the call center is in Manila instead of India?

    It translates to:

    “Also, they said ‘this is really easy’ LOL”

  14. TCameron says:

    @zimorodok: Well Played, well played.

  15. ConnerC says:

    One random photo doesn’t mean much – he’s leaning back in his chair much like I do all the time… does that actually mean he’s Sleeping? I would guess not. And even if he was, if it’s his lunch break I no issue with him taking a nap.

    As for his work attire, it may be a dress down Friday or a holiday (usually one need not wear a collared shirt if they are working on Christmas day… I didn’t at least).

  16. m4ximusprim3 says:

    @KogeLiz: Maybe, I dunno, its cause THEYRE PAYING YOU. YOU’RE SLEEPING.

    I don’t think people would resent you as much if you clocked out for a 15 and slept. JAT.

    PS. If you’re salaried and getting it done, this doesn’t apply to you. Unless you’re having other people “get it done” and then passing it off as your own work. Then this applies to you again.

  17. KogeLiz says:


    I havent been at a job where i “clocked out” since I was 21.

    I don’t know if you read what I wrote, but I have a BRAIN DISORDER. I AND OTHERS CANNOT HELP WHEN I FALL ASLEEP, SIR.

  18. forgottenpassword says:

    WOW! This guy must not be very smart! When you are a boss… you NEVER allow yourself to be this vulnerable to the people under you. Even if you are a good & seemingly “loved by all” boss….. because there is ALWAYS at least one underling in an office who is out to get you . Even if you are technically off the clock & snoozing… just the appearance of inpropriety can easily get you fired if some little resentfull underling catches you off guard.

    You’d think the guy would be smart enough to catch some Z’s where someone cant find you & snap a picture of you. Office supply closet?

    True… this guy could be innocent, but not very smart IMO.

    BTw…. I have caught plenty of Z’s at work & have never been caught. I even have a gadget that calls my cellphone when it detects motion so that it can wake me up just in case someone is looking for me. [] Sadly its hard to find anymore & has been replaced with the cybereye or something similar.

  19. traezer says:

    Who hasnt fallen asleep at work? I kid, I kid!

  20. I used to work in a mailroom, and in a 20×20 room, had 4 cameras in each corner trained on the room. And yes, since I didn’t take a normal lunch, I would take about 45minutes a day to pass out w/my feet up on my desk. It helped that they only checked the cameras if something happened, and my office was behind 2 security doors which each beeped when you flashed your badge.

  21. youbastid says:

    @KogeLiz: You would think that he would make it clear to his subordinates that he’s suffering from narcolepsy (if he actually was) to clear up any assumptions that they may have about him. It’s not like it’s an embarrassing syndrome to have, like uncontrollable pants-blowing diarrhea syndrome. UPBDS affects me greatly, but I’m not exactly comfortable explaining why I go home 3 times a day to my coworkers.

  22. @forgottenpassword: There was a guy who worked at a railyard who had something similar. Got away with it until someone thought it was a bomb.

  23. Greeper says:

    Consumerist, meet The Oniuon. Onion, Consumerist. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  24. ncboxer says:

    @KogeLiz: That sucks. Off-topic: how do you prepare for driving anywhere? Do you take a short nap beforehand? Or do you mostly control everything with medication?

    On-topic: I’ve had plenty of managers that could get away with anything they wanted because they were friends with a higher up. You never know what your boss is telling their boss about you. They could just omit you altogether and say they did everything themselves.

  25. Ayo says:

    i don’t blame him… i’ve napped it up at work too. And i think it increases productivity in the workplace.

  26. pestie says:

    Sleeping on the job, eh? I have two words for these people: air horn. The big ones are $13 at Wal-mart, in the sporting goods section. You can thank me later by posting videos to YouTube.

  27. snoop-blog says:

    i shouldn’t expect commenters on the consumerist to understand about being professional in the work place, seeing how most of you are probably at work right now playing on here. that catagorey does indeed include me as well.

    but i don’t think ben put this on here to draw awareness to ‘narcolepsy’. i think ben was trying to show us why we get crappie customer service. and i’m sorry but if you have narcolepsy, you shouldn’t be in customer service, as i would not be so understanding when i’m pissed at your companies crappy service, and ask for a manager and then you fall asleep during my call. that doesn’t help verizons cause much.

  28. wimpkins says:

    My cell phone is full pics of my co-workers asleep at their cubes.

    I’m got a great review last December.

  29. forgottenpassword says:


    IBS? Yeah, I too fear the office pricks who would be unmercifully cruel IF they ever found out. I dont even claim it on my employer’s insurace, because the head office people read EVERYTHING you put down as a pre-existing condition (& “let slip” any juicy gossip they can).

    @GitEmSteveDave: LOL! You have to be smart about where you put it (hidden under a desk). You can also stick it camoflaged in another device (computer speaker). Thanks for the link, but it didnt work for me…. I had to find it myself… [] lol! looks like the guy LEFT it there permanently! LOL! NOT SMART! I take mine home with me. :)

  30. snoop-blog says:

    i would imagine narcolepsy would limit the kind of job you could work the way kogeliz describes it. there would have to be jobs you obviously couldn’t work.

  31. snoop-blog says:

    @wimpkins: don’t make fun of them for they may have a brain disorder.

  32. snoop-blog says:

    sorry for the ‘tude, but how many times do we get on here and bitch and moan about cell companies terrible customer service? and today, were defending them? i must have missed the memo somewhere…..

  33. matt1978 says:


  34. FLConsumer says:

    @m4ximusprim3: Some of us get paid to sleep…and paid to eat as well! Ah, the corporate life. It’s not all evil.

  35. Coder4Life says:

    So what.. it’s his decision to do that. No big deal..

  36. SacraBos says:

    @KogeLiz: Friend of mone recently got diagnosed for sleep apnia. Her brain was waking up every minute or so at night, which is not good for the noggin. However, I’m not sure it’s the case with this guy!

  37. @forgottenpassword: It appears it was to give him some warning before they got to where he was. A computer speaker in a railyard would be suspicious. I learned some nice tips from a Scott Adams(Dilbert) book. One of the best was if you are in a office, close the door, lie down on the floor with your feet against the door, throw some paper clips on the ground in front of you, and go to sleep. If someone opens the door, it will wake you up, and you can pretend you were picking up the paperclips.

  38. @snoop-blog: NFL Ref? No wait, they are allowed to do that.

  39. ExtraCelestial says:

    Commenters on this site will argue to the death the exact opposite of whatever is in the post. The actual subject is a minor detail. Half the time I’m rather sure they never even read the article.

  40. forgottenpassword says:


    Yeah I have used my device for the same purpose on different occasions. The speaker was an example…. you could concievably hide it in MANY seemingly innocuous items. I bet the guy who used this device didnt even paint it or attempt to keep it hidden/camoflaged…. NOT smart in a railyard where suspicious devices could be considered a bomb. If I were him I would have bought it with cash, kept my fingerprints off of it & kept it a comnplete secret to all just in case it was found. And I CERTAINLY would have never mounted it permanently somewhere & left it there when I went home! Which is what seems the guy did.

    P.s. I like the paperclip trick! Funny, but you better make sure you dont have sleep-creases in your face when you are discovered. SLeeping on the job is often a tricky business. Personally I prefer nearly foolproof strategies. Like using my device & secluding myself in a little used area where I can lock the door from the inside using a small portable door lock (that are used by travelers to lock their hotel room door from ANY entry by anyone with a key). I have been doing this for a long time. ;)

  41. @forgottenpassword: The article said he worked for a security company too, so I’m guessing that he had to have hidden it somewhat well, and it was just a lucky find by someone. Like they dropped something, and in bending down to pick it up, they saw it. He also fessed up as soon as he realized, which was good, because the police were going on alert for terrorists.

    You could also build a bed under your desk like George did in Seinfeld. I always idolized his character for the sneaky things he did, like pretending he was handicapped for the sweet bathroom.

  42. Cameron Fredman says:

    File this under “articles you wouldn’t want showing up in a job-interview google search.”

  43. forgottenpassword says:


    LOL! Same here! George was my hero!

  44. @Cameron F.: Which is why I google my email name every so often to see what comes up, and make sure it doesn’t appear on the same page w/this name.

  45. KleineFrau says:

    @forgottenpassword: IBS? Yeah, I too fear the office pricks who would be unmercifully cruel IF they ever found out. I dont even claim it on my employer’s insurace, because the head office people read EVERYTHING you put down as a pre-existing condition (& “let slip” any juicy gossip they can).

    Yeah, how about, I hear about any one of my pre-existing conditions (and there are several), my lawyer will also be hearing about this situation. The privacy violations there are a huge problem, and while you may find it mildly amusing, someone else might find it otherwise. I would suggest putting down something outrageous that you never talk about to anyone, and see how fast it gets around.

    On sleeping in the office, I have slept under my desk many times, but I also worked in a position with no customer contact, completely salaried, and usually finished everything well ahead of deadlines.

  46. snoop-blog says:

    @KleineFrau: well when you put down erectile dysfunction as a pre-existing condition, you are kinda asking for it. lol.

  47. wring says:

    The only reason this ended up in the Consumerist is cus it involves Verizon. Otherwise, it’s just office gossip/drama documenting a coworker’s douchebaggery.

  48. snoop-blog says:

    @wring: not true. it would’ve still been on here if it was best buy, blockbuster, american airlines or sprint. or comcast. or gap. or mc donalds. or starbucks. okay i can’t continue doing this, not enough time in the day. lol.

  49. KleineFrau says:

    @snoop-blog: well when you put down erectile dysfunction as a pre-existing condition, you are kinda asking for it. lol.

    Nope, medical records are supposed to be completely confidential. Not even for erectile dysfunction.

  50. CurbRunner says:

    Maybe he’s not actually sleeping…. just checking his eyelids for light leaks.

  51. UpsetPanda says:

    …I’m at work. Not sheepish about that at all, since we have a ton of downtime and can usually pass the time by being on the internet. I’m reading an ebook and looking at today’s posts. *shrug* I’m sleepy too, but it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep. It doesn’t mean I’m going to snooze at my desk, since everyone would notice, but the very large cup of coffee on my desk hasn’t kicked in.

  52. wring says:

    @snoop-blog: erhhh i should’ve written “verizon and USA mega corporations n such”.

  53. dgcaste says:

    Tagalog has got to be the silliest sounding language in the world. I mean, how can you take someone seriously when they speak something like baby jabber? Maybe that’s why it evolved that way – people are so short there that it was hard to discern when they reached adolescence and adulthood and the cute talk just stuck around.

    (standing by for flame)

  54. Blackneto says:

    I work 3rd shift in a corporate datacenter.
    If there’s no work and i’m done surfing that picture may very well be me at about 4 am.
    Except i’m fatter and darker.

    but anyway. if you can do it and work/cs doesn’t suffer WGAF.

  55. snoop-blog says:

    @KleineFrau: dude its a joke. i make funny you know ha, ha? i find that comedy is very hard to express in blogs though.

  56. clocker says:

    Maybe he’s “ideating”.

  57. KarmaChameleon says:

    @dgcaste: I can’t take people seriously when they post racist stupidity on blogs.

  58. dgcaste says:

    @KarmaChameleon: Clever! (not really)

  59. Aphex242 says:

    @KarmaChameleon: Tagalog is a race?!

  60. mikelotus says:

    @snoop-blog: he’s not that over dressed.

  61. jjason82 says:

    @hi: He’s also on the job. So what? If he was YOUR employee, would this be acceptable?

  62. StevieD says:

    When I was 19 I worked as a hospital medic on the 11-7 shift. I slept in lazyboy chair in a backroom between patient runs. As long as I responded to my beeper the Nursing Supervisor had no problem with my “sleeping on the job”. Hells Bells she was probably asleep in her office the same way.

    My first out of college job was working for a company… the owner liked to take an after lunch nap. So we had an 1.5 hour lunch break. MSG in Chinese food makes for a great after lunch nap.

    So is the guy allowed to nap on the job? Maybe he is, which makes their entire thread a non-issue.

  63. KogeLiz says:

    @youbastid: “You would think that he would make it clear to his subordinates that he’s suffering from narcolepsy (if he actually was) to clear up any assumptions that they may have about him.”

    He may not know. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 25 after living a life of it. Some people don’t know what narcolepsy really is.
    Also, a person does not have to disclose any disability or health information to anyone they don’t have to.
    I learned to just have a sense of humor about it at this point.

    I’m not syaing he IS narcoleptic, but he might be.

  64. KogeLiz says:

    “Off-topic: how do you prepare for driving anywhere? Do you take a short nap beforehand? Or do you mostly control everything with medication?”

    I live in Boston and use public transportation.
    I did drive, but (luckily) my car was stolen and torched. Maybe that was a good thing. But I knew when I was tired… I would just pull over in a McDonald’s parking lot and nap. (pre-medication)

  65. KogeLiz says:

    Who said anything about him falling asleep on the phone?

  66. Myotheralt says:

    @saintjohnson: cat on the keyboard?

  67. rolla says:

    he’s not gonna be there for long after this story

  68. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @KogeLiz: My mother had narcolepsy from high school on. She was tentatively diagnosed when she was nearly 30 (I was about four) and given medication (Ritalin), and the diagnosis was confirmed when she was in her early 40s on the EEG by the Sleep Disorders clinic at Emory University, IIRC. We all lived with it as a real presence in our family life until Mom died of unrelated causes a few years ago.

    Mom worked as an extremely professional executive-level administrative assistant until she retired. Once she knew the name of her condition, she informed her supervisors and co-workers of her condition, the fact that she was on medication for it, and the fact that her sleep attacks took about the same time as coffee breaks. She never had any problem getting her work done (she often finished early and helped the temps or new people).

    Mom would have slit her wrists before she dumped her work on someone else and took the credit. She would have had the greatest contempt for this disgusting slacker, narcolepsy or no narcolepsy.

    Oh, if you have trouble at work, read the poster in the breakroom that deals with the equal opportunity employment law. Pay special attention to “reasonable accommodation.” If your narcolepsy is reasonably under control with medication, a spare office with a door, a powder room chair, or the ability to step out to your car when you feel an attack coming on can be made available to you. Worked for Mom.

  69. Balisong says:

    @speedwell: Thank you. This thread needed that. If someone might by any chance have a disorder that is interfering with their work, it is their responsibility to find a way to deal with it, through medication or otherwise. Example: “Gee, I’m sleeping on the job an awful lot, and I know that’s not acceptable. Maybe there’s something wrong with me?” You can’t just take naps on the job and pass on your work to your co-workers and say “oh um maybe I have ______? So deal with it.” Whether or not this guy has narcolepsy isn’t the issue – the issue is he isn’t doing his job. There’s no excuse for that.

  70. TheNubble says:

    Verizon customer service sucks, plain and simple, awake or asleep, they suck. They are friendly and sound intelligent, yet not one of them has the power to do anything positive to help a customer when they call with a problem. In my experience, I would prefer to speak with the guy shown sleeping in the picture. The result would be the same and i would save a lot of time…

  71. icarus130 says:

    kinda funny.. Verizon only uses Corporate call centers. They Don’t outsource, so all employees directly work for Verizon. The reason i mention this is because all call centers have a dress code at all times. This is obviously not a Verizon employe, as his clothing is completely in violation of dress code