Verizon Call Center Manager Found Asleep On The Job

This is a picture of a Verizon call center manager sleeping on the job, according to The Call Center Blogger, who writes:

Mr. Operations Manager with last name Changco ( previous from Sykes! Anybody know him? ) is always in the habit of sleeping on the floor during work time and could care less if others, especially his agents, see him on the floor dozing off to Lala-land. My friend says he also has a penchant of passing his deliverables to his subordinates while he comfortably takes his shut-eye. He also reminds the poor agents to submit the reports to him instead of his boss supposedly so he can take credit for the agents’ work! Ang sabi pa “Ang dali lang pala nito!” Nyahaha!

If you’ve ever wondered why outsourced customer service sucks, maybe it’s because they’re hiring jokers like Corey Changco to run their call centers.

Verizon OM Caught Sleeping On The Floor! [The Call Center Blogger]

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