NFL Shop Sends You Their Catalog In A Huge Box

This is just madness, I tell you:

I would like to add another story to companies using boxes to send small items or in this case, boxes to send a catalog. I recently ordered a free catalog from I was thinking like any catalog, it would come as is with my name and address printed on the back. This morning I got a knock on the door from a Postal Worker holding a cardboard box with my name on it. Funny, I wasn’t expecting any packages in the mail. I opened up the box and yup, it was the NFLShop catalog I had requested online. It seemed odd to put a free catalog in a box. It also came with a packing slip and a return label.

Another thing, when I was filling out my address online to receive the catalog (last week), it’s almost like I was purchasing merchandise. After filling in my shipping info, the site goes to a Payment screen and asked for my credit card information. I wasn’t about to give them my credit card info for a free catalog and somehow by refreshing the page or going back, the credit card screen disappeared and my ‘order’ was confirmed. I don’t really know how I bypassed it.

Anyway, I’ve attached a couple pictures. One of the catalog in the box as it arrived and one of the packing slip. FYI – the catalog is only 24 pages and it’s dated October 2007…so very thin and outdated. Not what I expected.

The best part about the packing slip is that it had a return shipping label so that you could send the catalog back if you didn’t like it. stupidshipping.jpg

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